Friday, June 1, 2012

What, if anything, crashed into the WTC on 9/11?

Very interesting discussion between 108morris108 and Nick Kollerstrom:

I don't think anyone really knows exactly what happened on 9/11, especially in regards to what, if anything, actually struck the World Trade Center Towers.  However, there are plenty of very serious scholars, investigators, and researchers who are trying to get to the bottom of 9/11 and clearly establish what did and did not happen.  I don't agree with Kollerstrom's trashing of September Clues, but he does make a number of interesting points and observations in the interview.  

Consider the following facts regarding the "planes/no planes" issue:
  • American Airlines flights 11 and 77, which allegedly crashed into the North Tower and Pentagon respectively, were not even scheduled to fly on 9/11 according to the official Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  • United Airlines flights 175 and 93, which allegedly crashed into the South Tower and Shanksville, Pennsylvania respectively, were not "deregistered" and remained on the "active flight" list of the Federal Aviation Administration until September 28, 2005
  • According to Col. George Nelson, the government has not produced even one piece of hard evidence positively identifying the four aircraft that allegedly crashed on 9/11 (they have produced fake evidence, of course)
  • The government has never produced any credible evidence proving Muslim fanatics hijacked any commercial airliner at any point in time on 9/11 (they have produced fake evidence, of course)
  • All of the phone calls from the allegedly hijacked airliners on 9/11 have been proven to be fakes

In case you missed it, I laid out a lot of this information in a post titled PYSOP aspects of 9/11 back in February.  Check it out if you haven't already.  

So, the question then becomes, how can planes that never took off have been hijacked on 9/11?  Additionally, how can planes that crashed on 9/11 still be in operation for four years after their alleged destruction?  

What exactly did people see on 9/11?  What did they hear?  Did a guided missile made to look like an aircraft hit the World Trade Center Towers?  Did a remote controlled drone or aircraft hit the World Trade Center Towers?  Maybe nothing hit the towers, and bombs were strategically placed in the towers to make it look like an airplane crashed?  Who really knows?

I'm afraid this may be one of those issues that will never be solved... 

But I do think it's important to investigate and understand these concepts to fully appreciate the fraud that 9/11 was.  In any case, we know for certain that 9/11 was done by Israel and her criminal network of Jews that have infiltrated and largely control the United States government, media, banking system, and economy.  This simple fact is far more important for everyone to understand than the "plane/no plane" aspect of 9/11.  


  1. This is pretty simple, and has been amply proven by numerous web sites. There were explosives detonated in the towers, and then "planes" were superimposed on the videos. Remember, there is a time delay between when something happens and when you see it, even if it's "live."

    Here's one link to ponder:

  2. Thanks for that, I tend to agree with you, but I'm open to other ideas, too. The eye witnesses on 9/11 were all over the place in their description of what actually happened. Some said they saw a small plane or what looked like a drone, others said they saw what they thought was a missile, others say they didn't see anything, and the fake, planted witnesses said they saw a hijacked Boeing 767! LOL, it's all ridiculous, I don't think we can take their testimony too seriously.

    Here is a study of the eye witnesses:

    To me, it's clear that 9/11 was a staged Hollywood style PYSOP full of special effects, video fakery, scripted witnesses, ect. I don't know why people have such a hard time understanding this. Look at the fake moon landings, or all the fakery involved in the JFK assassination for the historical precedent. And then take a look at all the fakery and blatant manipulation in the media today. This type of stuff is a major weapon in the PTB arsenal of control. It's important to recognize if you want to really understand what is going on and how events like 9/11 are really done.

    Again, thanks for that link, very good perspective on this subject.

  3. I don't know if you've seen the movie 9-11 the Great Psy-Opera by Ace Baker aka Collin Alexander yet (yes, the guy who faked his own suicide on Fetzer's show, here's the link to that famous audio):

    but if you haven't (it's a very long movie in 9 or 10 parts he worked on for some 3 years and also a musical of sorts and satire) this particular chapter of only 45 minutes is absolutely essential viewing:

    The Key - Collin Alexander

    now, you have to understand that Simon Shack and Collin Alexander started off on the same team but have now for many years been calling each other 'shills' and 'agents' and 'plagiarists' and what not. What else is new?

    I think they're both great, both legends of the half-truth movement on its way to three-quarters truth and have a lot to offer and the bottom line is that they both prove through somewhat different methods that, given even only part of the evidence at hand, there is no question whatsoever of any 'planes' being used on 9-11 and it is this deliberately created ABSURDITY, even more than the holohoax and the faked moon landings before it, that has created the 2+2=5 world that we currently find ourselves in.

    No-Planes is also gatekept from ALL of GCN (Fetzer got fired from there for bringing on no-planers), most of RBN (Deanna Spingola is the only no-planer there, she posted the Naudet exposes way back in 2007, but she needs to have more no-planers on besides Judy Wood since Wood doesn't really specialize in No-Planes but in DEW theory; Ralph Winterwood also brings on Judy Wood but I don't know if he's a no-planer) and most of Oracle broadcasting (Giuliani is the only guy there to have had a No-Planer on, Chris Holmes, but, after agreeing with Holmes when he was on, he's since gone back to the usual bullcrap about planes, I guess he couldn't stand the criticism from his audience. Celtic Rebel, Lee Rogers and Kyle Hunt are agnostic, i.e., plane or no-planes, bottom line is they lied etc. DBS is a dishonest gatekeeper I'm sorry to say, since I learned a ton of stuff on his website in the past but he completely ignores, without even considereation, any no-plane info and what is a person that ignores? Ignorant, that's what !

    keep up the great work

    I link to your blog every chance I get on conspiracy central


    p.s. here's a little gif that by itself shows how easy it is to fool people with images:

  4. Hey negentropic, thanks for the link over to Ace Baker's film, I haven't watched it yet. I remember listening to that show where he faked his suicide, lol, what a clown! I agree with pretty much everything you wrote.

    My favorite hosts are Spingola and Giuliani, and I think both of them are on board with the no plane info, but they just don't focus on it. Which is fine by me, as long as they don't allow people to spout the "planes hit the WTC" BS meme unchallenged.

    I woke up big time after finding DBS's site, but lately, I've come to the conclusion that he is not the truth-teller I once thought he was. I still visit his site, and listen to his radio shows when he actually does them, but there is way better info out there than what he offers. His collection of books and old radio shows are great resources though.

    Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your insightful comments.


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