Wednesday, June 13, 2012

North Korean film exposes Western propaganda


  1. John,

    Thank you - this video is a really great find.

    Public relations = professional liars

    Over 50% of everything in media is propaganda from professional liars.

    What's true? What's not.

    Makes living a life with real respect for all life exceedingly difficult.

    This short film resonated with me intensly.

    Peace and love

  2. Hey Mouser, I thought the video was pretty powerful as well. It's interesting to see North Korean propaganda about our propaganda.

    I think closer to 95% of what the mainstream media says are lies, or at the very least major distortions of the facts, which are used to advance a particular agenda. What the North Koreans don't seem to understand is the Jewish subversion of the West, and the history of the Jewish criminal mafia that largely has control of the West through it's ownership of the mass media, central banking systems, and governments. It is still a very interesting video to watch, very revealing.

  3. As if We Westerners don't know this;But coming from North Korea? Talk about the Pot Calling The Kettle Black

  4. Great find John! This doc is supposed to be 95min in length, and another u-tube user has posted the first 30+ min in one part:

    The doc is very well produced, and since I haven't watched tv for over a decade, found the mainly US tv programme snippets interspersed to be utterly sickening. I can't believe this is how low the human race has sunk, thanks to jooish manufacture of today's western "culture". I have never made any headway with friends, acquaintances, nor family, to make them understand how mind- and soul-destroying the images are that they are glued to, let alone the vacuous commentary that accompany them.

    Even have a family friend whose daughter's goal in life is to be the first "Pakistani" Oprah!! Such people are beyond help.


  5. Hey Rubina, thanks for the comment, I completely agree with you about the disgusting nature of Hollywood and TeeVee. It's literally Satanic if you ask me.

    I've also had difficulty with friends and family... they seem to be the hardest to convert to our side. We gotta keep on keepin' on though!

  6. where are the rest of the video?

    1. Go to YouTube from this video and you can watch all of them.


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