Sunday, June 10, 2012

Elie Wiesel Cons the World - new video

One of the biggest Holohoax actors, Elie Wiesel, is completely destroyed in the following video, which can be found at Carolyn Yeager's excellent website dedicated to exposing this fraudster, Elie Wiesel Cons the World:


  1. Hi John,
    Nice vid. Have you seen this article? I'm not a big Duff fan, but this is interesting:


  2. Hey EV, yeah I did read that this weekend. I found it quite interesting as well. It made a lot of sense to me.

    That being said, Duff is a mixed bag, sometimes good info, sometimes strange info, sometimes misleading info. That's just how Veterans Today is overall, to be honest.

    Good to hear from you, hope all is well.

  3. Good vid John.

    If you missed it, you just made the A list.

  4. Hey John. Good vid. Good for archives. The liars are going to be scrubbing these wherever possible.

    Keep up the 'good' work.



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