Friday, May 18, 2012

US government specialities: lies, tyranny, war crimes, mass murder

Your silence, acquiescence, and ignorance renders you complicit in this madness!  


  1. Thank you John.

    There are just no words for these monsters.

  2. This SHOWS why I THINK AND FEEL the way I do......damn the warmongers, all......equalizer.

  3. John, I challenge the description "American". We got no government, we got no foreign policy serving We the People. We got no media or American culture. It's all Jewish.

    Got banned from Rivero's chatroom for ridiculing "the money junkies" too much.

    Love your site.

  4. surely there is a HELL that lasts forever..

    isn't it a bit of irony that the braindeadgoy enablers of this talmudic manifestation of "JEWISHNESS" celebrate "Independence" on 4 JEWLIE....?

    ever wonder how the braindeadgoy got so braindead ?

    ever try to sell shit in a shit storm...?

    imagine my surprise...

    In the OVENS...

    Your friend,


  5. JEWS GONE WILD! It's raining toadies! Jews' "War on Terror". Made in the Talmud. Wilky, found your nut sack, yet? Nope. Deep into 3rd stage Judeo-Syphilitc madness.



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