Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Serious "journalists" talking about Super Serious Stuff

In all seriousness: is there anyone anywhere on this planet that thinks this stuff is for real?  What a joke...

Are the alleged Muslim 9/11 conspirators even real?  These guys look like actors.  The entire narrative sounds scripted...

Another fake terrorist plot... this stuff is just laughable anymore.


  1. Delusion will continue until it is smacked in the face by reality, long in the making, soon coming.

  2. I have video of Al Quida driving tanks into a Christian church - day care facility outside Waco, Texas on 19 April 1993...while the Al Quida "Media" was parroting the Al Quida FBI {ADL} talking points...!

    See also Al Quida operative Byron Sage in the photo with the "Cult" compound burning in the background..!!

    Then check out the emet group...setting up a war room in Washington D.C. {Tel Aviv west} 18 August 2001.. reported by Al Quida superstar Joel C. Rosenberg in Worldmag.com...

    Those Al Quida's ...they sure have good scriptwriters...right Mel ?

  3. Good ol' Al Kader.
    One bs story fits all.

    What's really amazing is that they can all do this with a straight face.

  4. My sister who doesn't go along with the so called "conspiracy theories" even said herself that it seems like it is a script from a get Smart episode.

  5. Wow, here's a good one:


    These Jews and their puppets in the media are psychos.


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