Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ben Fulford on Fukushima, boycotts, staged North Korean rocket launch, and more

I don't know how much of this I buy, but it is certainly quite interesting.  What do you think?  

Is it possible that Fukushima (and the BP oil spill) could be a major PSYOPS?  


  1. One thing you can take to the bank John...Fulford is 100% full of shit.
    On par with David Booth aka Sorcha Fal.

  2. I have seen disinformation described as 95% truth and 5% lies. Disinfo is mostly truth.

    In the video Fulford debunked fukushima radiation and said the N. Korean missile test was a hoax.

    Who knows? he might be right! IMO, since we don't know what the truth is it is good to keep an open mind and hear all sides.

    I like to listen to Fulford and read Sorcha Faal. If you know to watch out for the 5% bs you can actually gain insight from the lies.

  3. Ever since I started blogging, I've always tried to keep an open mind - about everything. I've changed my mind about a lot of things, and have learned a lot because I have kept an open mind. It seems to me most people, especially in the "Truth Movement", do not have an open mind and are quick to judge others as "disinfo" or whatever else they want to label someone. I think that is the wrong approach to take when trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

    I've been thinking a lot about this Fukushima situation. I think the entire thing was a sabotage mission by Israel. I posted Jim Stone's article here almost a year ago when I first heard about it. I found it completely convincing, and still do.

    That being said, Deanna Spingola has mentioned a few times on her program that the BP oil spill may have been staged. She has also hinted that Fukushima may have been as well, and that the entire situation may not be what the alternative media is claiming it is. I just don't know to be honest...

    I sure hope Fulford is right about the Fukushima disaster not being as bad as everyone is making it out to be... I guess time will tell.

  4. Hey John Friend,...It is late here in Oz, I will get back to you tomorrow, with my full comment, it's not about Fulford we all [?] know he's a red herring, it's morris...morris!


  5. corbett can live in canada, he stays in Japan, fulford too......??????

  6. Without even viewing the video, from my own research, I think several things happened at Fukushima:

    1) Definitely a nuclear reactor meltdown, caused by something internally (likely the stuxnet virus originating from Israhell)- definitely not caused by tidal wave (laughable official explanation)

    2) No 9+ earthquake whatsoever. There was a tidal wave, so likely man-made explosion off coast caused it . . . visual estimate of actual tremors on coast are about a 4.5 or less on the richter scale, so that's very easy to verify

    3) Easily verifiable increased radiation all over, just do the research John. Contamination all over west coast of US for some time now, effects already shown once you look.

    As for the BP oil spill . . . I think the "clean-up" was the only real disaster there, combined with a coordinated effort to simply release oil on purpose. Stunt to give bad publicity to oil . . . dual purpose is to raise prices (more profit) and at same time hype alternatives (nuclear, solar) which fit illuminati agenda

    I will view the video quickly to see what he says later, but I find it's better for you out there to do solid research FIRST, then view your videos (which are condensed Readers Digest notes essentiall anyways, most often to sell you on something which may not be true for the m,ost part). Armed with as much knowledge as possible, it is much easier to disseminate truth from fiction.

  7. Another truther of dubious repute, Clif High of webbots/, was just on Red Ice Radio, for the purpose of debunking Fulford/Wilcox claims. Read about it, and hear first hour, here:

  8. Ugh... its so easy for some of us to see the reality of Israel and this whole N.W.O., Zionist, Communist, satanic, etc. plot to further enslave /destroy us yet almost impossible to speak of it to our family, friends, and neighbors without at least being labeled a nut-job, and possibly losing a job or worse. Its truly an amazing psyop that has gone on for probably many centuries. I've gone through several stages of frustration already and since we live among the masses that refuse to give up their bliss, it will continue.


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