Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are preparations being made for full scale Bolshevik-style tyranny in the United States?

By now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the FEMA camp reports, the various tyrannical provisions in the PATRIOT Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and other War on Terror-related legislation, the manufactured “homegrown” or “lone wolf” terrorists "plotting to attack America", and the general preparation for martial law and full scale tyranny in the United States. I’ve always thought that this stuff was more about intimidating Americans rather than a serious effort to prepare for a Bolshevik-style tyranny.

Well, now I’m starting to re-think my position… maybe the traitorous, Zionist subverted U.S. federal government is set on implementing a full scale Bolshevik-style tyranny in this country after all? And we know who was behind the Bolshevik reign of terror, right?  The very same forces pushing for this type of tyranny right here in America...

The knowledgeable and always insightful commenter Mouser pointed out the following video today on a post at kenny's sideshow, which analyzes this military document outlining a general policy for internal internment and resettlement operations in the United States. Describing this document, Mouser commented:
The manual descibes in great detail the physical and psycholological measures permitted to 'facitate internees to develope positive attitudes to American policy. These include non-lethal weapons and silencing internees 'with a soft cloth around their mouth and tied behind the neck (sic)'.

Remember zionist Bolsheviks interred and murdered over 50 million Russian Christians less than 100 years ago.

Can't happen in America? Hmmm...
Hmmm indeed...

All of the detention techniques and policies outlined in the U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations document discussed by Madison Ruppert of the excellent news website End The Lie in the video above have been fully institutionalized and utilized by the federal government and military of the United States as a result of the fraudulent Global War on Terror, which was initiated by the Mossad organized false flag attack on 9/11.

These techniques and policies have been directed primarily towards Muslims in the fraudulent Global War on Terror, but rest assured, the psychopaths running the government and military will have no problem doing this stuff to American citizens. In fact, they already have on numerous occasions over the past 60 years at least, only now, these sorts of atrocities will be an institutionalized endeavor resulting in blatant, open assaults on the American people. That is, unless you follow our Dear Leader Barak Obama’s lead and pledge a loyalty oath to this criminal government.

Is anyone else starting to feel more and more like Winston Smith? I know I am… 2 + 2 will never equal 5 no matter what they do to you!


  1. Dear Amigo, I happen to mirror your post of yesterday to all the 150 Dutch MP's, press etc. in connection with the pathetic utterances of MP Wilders in the US while he presented his new anti Islam propaganda booklet, heavily financed by the Jewish lobby in the US. Wilders and his zionide friends still play the card of the suposed same frequency of Jews and Christianity.

    I mentioned the way Jesus is pictured in the Talmud as hanging for eternity upside down in boiling excreement, while Muslims honiour JC as a Prophet and referred to 911 missing links.

    Certain members of the Christian Democrats faction yesterday who are still in the govt. turned 180 degrees on the subject of burka's, they don't object these anymore.

    So your post hit a target here...

  2. Remember that the Bolsheviks (principally a banker financed Jewish revolutionary group), by Stalin and through his agents(who were primarily Jewish), were able to first take the guns from the population and then murdered (by starvation) upwards of 10 million middle class Eastern Orthodox Christians known as Kulaks.
    The genocide, commonly known as Holodomor, was actual and has been summarily historically buried by the corrupt Zionist controlled media in what could only be described as "Holodomor denial", even as facts and circumstances which lead to exposing the rather embellished history known as the German Jewish holocaust (by comparison) is described as "holocaust denial". Take what you will from this small slice of history, at the very least you must understand that if your government decides to try to take your guns in complete contravention of their oath of office and the founding document of legality in this country, then you know the game is on.
    Note that the IRS/Federal Reserve is taking passports away from citizens for being in the position of putatively owing back taxes and the move has been to increase licensure fees and otherwise try to take firearms from citizens. In addition, your government is beginning to try to secure farming and food supply assets and place them under their wing, much as Stalin did in Soviet Russia prior to starving out the Kulaks. A healthy skepticism about the government's motives is clearly in order and should be monitored. And unlike the citizens of Russia (Stalin), Germany (Hitler), China (Mao) and Cambodia (Pol Pot), who were all victims of mass murder/genocide, American citizens recently have begun buying firearms in historically large numbers. Whether they are on to something will become clear shortly, but they certainly are telegraphing their concerns.

  3. Anaughty MouserMay 4, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    Greetings John,

    The quintessential work on the jewish Bolshevik slaughter of tens of millions of Christian Russians is captured by Juri Lina in his book and videos entitled:

    "Under the Sign of the Scorpion"


  4. Scare the sheep 99% of the time.
    ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING 1% of the time
    just to keep everybody guessing.

    True terrorism.

  5. Thanks for the interesting comments everyone, and good to hear the Dutch are reading my blog! LOL!

  6. Only appropriate:

  7. The traitorous government in Amerika is capable of tracking, and "herding", all "dissidents" to the FEMA camps.....thru satellite technology, coupled with directed energy weaponry (compliments of Russia). This scheme will be amplified by poisoning the masses with heavy metal radioisotopes to facilitate the "targets" movement toward the intended facilities.

    Just to be sure, "cowboys" from the old Soviet Union are strategically located in areas where many "patriots" reside; such as Idaho, Montana, Texas; and to a lesser degree Utah. Oregon and Washington are completely saturated with sayanim, who will gladly direct the bolsheviks herding operation. California is completely ensnared by communists.
    Native Americas will jump on the "revenge" band-wagon in New Mexico; and all along the southern border, the BATF&EXPLOSIVES agents ensured that the Mexican mafia is well-equipped to assist the "round-up". Have a very pleasant day, cheers, equalizer

  8. Hey equalizer, you must be the one who has called in to The Ugly Truth program before?

    If everything you just laid out is correct, we're in big trouble...

  9. I just found your website today. It is interesting that when I look down the list of links to other sites, the ones I have been on are in light blue and the others are in dark blue.
    Obviously I am being tracked. I have a cell phone and OnStar and a computer so I know that I am anyway. I just found this an interesting confirmation.
    I will make it a point to turn the links all to light blue shortly and that will give them more to track.
    Knowing is 50% of the battle. Might as well be open about it. They will find you anyway.
    I have studied these things for years and agree with most of what I have read on your site so far.
    The Jews hide in the open so well that it has taken me a long time to understand just how much I have been deceived. No wonder we are a joke to them.


    Undeniable proof that explosives were used in WTC Buildings 1,2 and 7. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE!!!

    Big fan John Friend, keep it up brother


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