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9/11 Vancouver Hearings Updated

“It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you, it’s what you think you know that ain’t so.”
— Will Roger

This will be an interesting event, and should set the record straight on some important aspects of 9/11 that are often misunderstood and/or dismissed by many people, including the (misnamed) "planes/no planes" debate, how the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed, issues relating to the alleged passengers, and many other important angles of the 9/11 puzzle. If you are really serious about understanding what did and did not happen on 9/11, you will want to attend this conference. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it, but am looking forward to seeing the videos of the event and will post them here on this blog when they become available.

The Denman Theatre
15-17 June 2012


  • The official account provided by the United States government is false
  • The search for truth requires that all possibilities be considered without prejudice
  • Theories must be compared on the basis of the relative probability of the evidence if they were true, where those with higher likelihoods thus defined are preferable to those with lower, where, when the evidence has “settled down”, the theory with the highest likelihood is “acceptable” in the tentative and fallible fashion of science
Theories in science consist of sets of laws combined with dictionary definitions, where the laws of the sciences can be used to explain and to predict the phenomena of experience. Establishing laws entails a process of sorting out the relevant properties from irrelevant via controlled experiments. Applying them entails deriving what happens when their initial conditions are realized, given the initial conditions that were present at the time. In this context, think of these theories as causes in relation to the evidence as their effects. The question thus becomes, “Which of these causes would have the greatest potential to explain the evidence as their effects?”, as an inference to the best explanation.

In case that sounds imposing, it is the same pattern of reasoning that police employ in the course of their investigation of crimes. Suppose that we have a male corpse with bruises around its neck, but no bullet holes or knife wounds. What is the probability that he was stabbed (shot or strangled) relative to that evidence? Because the probability of having no knife wounds if he was stabbed is zero, the likelihood that he was stabbed is also zero. Similarly the probability of having no bullet wounds if he had been shot is zero, so that he was shot likewise has a likelihood of zero.

Given the presence of bruises on the neck, however, there clearly would be a non-zero likelihood that he was strangled. With the accumulation of more evidence during an autopsy, it might turn out that the bruising was not the cause of death but that he was actually poisoned. The same pattern of reasoning applies to the events of 9/11. Ask, for example, if the Twin Towers collapsed, what is the probability that they would blow apart in every direction from the top down? Insofar as gravity works in only one direction, down, while explosives blow out in every direction, the likelihood that the towers collapsed is low, while the use of explosives is high.

Knowing that the Twin Towers did not collapse does not explain exactly how it was done, much less by whom and why. Consideration of the rate of destruction and of various residual effects, including upon other buildings and vehicles in the vicinity, offers clues as to how it was done which, in turn, can provide clues about the who and the why, where this conference will compare conventional explosives with exotic accelerants, including nano-thermite, with mini-nukes and with directed energy devices to determine which can best explain the totality of the evidence.

Similar questions will be asked about the hijackers, the planes, and the passengers. What is the probability, if the hijackers were real, that five or six would show up alive and well? If the flights were real, what is the probability two of them were not scheduled to fly that day and the other two not deregistered until four years later? If the passengers were real, what is the probability that all of their phone calls were faked? If these planes actually crashed, what is the probability of no evidence of plane crashes at Shanksville and elsewhere? We will address these questions and more.

Perhaps the most encompassing description of The Vancouver Hearings, therefore, is to expand the boundaries of 9/11 Truth by exploring the most complex and controversial of the issues confronting us, from what did or did not happen at the Pentagon, the possible use of exotic and unfamiliar technologies to destroy the Twin Towers, the exploitation of the mass media to convey false impressions about what happened that day, and up to a consideration of the motives and ideologies that brought 9/11 about to instill fear into the American public and manipulate them for political purposes.

The Denman Theatre, 15-17 June 2012
1737 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Organizers: James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., and Joshua Blakeney

McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Jim is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, edited its first book, THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY (2007), organized its first conference, “The Science and Politics of 9/11″ (Madison) and produced its first DVD.

Graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, 9/11 activist, Staff Writer at Veterans Today, and now the Canadian correspondent for PressTV, Josh was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship to study “The Origins of the Global War on Terror”.

PROGRAM: 5 PM—Doors Open. 6-10 PM—Speakers, Discussion, and Debate

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth” — Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and to move beyond the “official account” of 9/11:

  • That 19 Islamic fundamentalists hijacked four commercial carriers–Flights AA #11, AA #77, United #93, and United #175–outfoxed the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, and perpetrated these atrocities under the control of a guy in a cave in Afghanistan.
  • That two of those planes, both Boeing 767s, were flown into the Twin Towers, where the combination of damage from their impacts, the jet-fuel based fires and those that endured, weakened the steel and caused both of them to collapse in about 10 seconds apiece.
  • That at 5:20 PM that afternoon, another enormous building in the World Trade Center complex, known as WTC-7, also collapsed due to fires inside the building, even though it had not been hit by any plane and had no jet-fuel based fires.
  • That the Pentagon was hit by a Boeing 757 that approached on a northeastern trajectory at around 500 mph and, just skimming the ground and taking out multiple lampposts, created a spectacular fireball and extensive damage, with 125 casualties at the building itself.
  • That another Boeing 757 crashed in Shanksville, after the passengers heroically attempted to regain control, which we know from phone calls they made–as others had made from other planes–where this plane virtually disappeared into the very soft earth.
  • That the government identified the 19 hijackers almost immediately, where 15 were from Saudi Arabia and the number from Iraq was none, where these events were used to justify wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, the passage of the PATRIOT ACT, and the on-going “War on Terror”.

The probity of these sworn presentations will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will swear in our speakers, offer informal opinions at the conclusion of the conference and prepare their evaluation of the hearings in formal opinions for later publication, including:

* Constance (Connie) Fogal, LLB – Judge at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings

Former leader of the Canadian Action Party, former Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner, former Director, Kitsilano and Vancouver Community Resource boards; lawyer with the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee to oppose what Fogal sees as threats to Canadian constitutional sovereignty.

* Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd – Judge at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings

Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Webre submitted a Memorandum to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate 9/11 and was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty endorsed by more than 270 NGOs worldwide.

Friday, 15 June 2012:

Masters of Ceremonies: Jack Etkin (odd sessions) and Greg Felton (even)

Television talk show host and media activist, Jack has been keenly involved with the 9/11 Truth movement and has interviewed many of its leaders from Wayne Prante to Dr. Neils Harrit on “Face to Face” and authored “Dick Cheney, Burning Korans, and the Media”.

An award-winning investigative journalist, Greg was a long-time political columnist for the Vancouver Courier and for the Canadian Arab News. He is the author of THE HOST AND THE PARASITE (2nd edition, 2010) and of EXPLODING MIDDLE EAST MYTHS (2011).

6:00-7:00 PM: Orientation and Keynote Address: Splitting the Sky

Activist and author who attempted a citizen’s arrest of George W. Bush in Calgary in 2009 and was near the Twin Towers the day before 9/11, STS participated in the Attica Prison rebellion and has become a staunch advocate for the marginalized and the dispossessed.

7:00-9:00 PM: Session 1: The Pentagon, the Witnesses, and the Passengers

* Enver Masud, “What didn’t happen at the Pentagon” (40 minutes)

Founder and CEO of The Wisdom Fund, recipient of the 2002 Gold Award from for THE WAR ON ISLAM. An engineer by profession, he was residing near the Pentagon and observed its condition immediately after the hit, which he wrote about in 9/11 UNVEILED.

* Mike Sparks, “What the Pentagon witnesses did and did not see” (40 minutes)

A 30-year U.S. infantry paratroop officer and military efficiency reformer, he is the author of magazine articles, web pages, videos & books on military technology. Mike has interviews on his book, James Bond is Real (2011), and the Pentagon witnesses on “The Real Deal”.

* Dean Hartwell, “Planes and passengers: What became of them?” (40 minutes)

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Masters in Public Administration, and law degree, J.D., Dean is also the author of PLANES WITHOUT PASSENGERS: THE FAKED HIJACKINGS OF 9/11 (2011) and DEAD MEN TALKING (2009) on JFK, RFK and 9/11.

9:00 PM-9:30 PM: Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

9:30-10:00 PM: Discussion and Debate

Saturday, 16 June 2012:

9:00-11:00 AM: Session 2: How were the Twin Towers destroyed? Part 1

* Nicholas Kollerstrom, “The Nine Keys to 9/11” (40 minutes)

Ph.D., historian of science, including articles on Sir Isaac Newton, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, founding member of the UK’s 9/11 Truth movement, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, author of 7/7: TERROR ON THE TUBE (3rd edition, 2012)

* Charles Boldwyn, “Why the Twin Towers could not have collapsed” (40 minutes)

M.S. in chemistry, 2-years in a Ph.D. program in polymer science at University of Akron; 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, Special Forces; more than 20 years as high-school math, physics, and chemistry teacher; and Chuck has fifteen (15) interviews on “The Real Deal”.

* Jeff Prager, “Proof of Ternary Fission in New York City on 9/11″ (40 minutes)

Founder of an award winning magazine for Senior Citizens, in 2002 he tried to prove 19 Muslims hijacked four planes and attacked us. By 2005, he realized this was false, sold his business, left the US and began to investigate 9/11 full-time. See 9/11 America Nuked.

11:00-11:30 AM: Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

11:30-Noon: Discussion and Debate

Noon-1:30 PM: Lunch on the town

1:30-4:30 PM: Session 3: How were the Twin Towers destroyed?

Part 2

* Donald Fox, “Mini-nukes used at the WTC and the real ‘untold story’” (40 minutes)

Don has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices.

* Clare Kuehn, “Were DEWs used to decimate the Twin Towers?” (40 minutes)

A University of Toronto graduate in history and student of philosophy, mathematics and the arts, she will discuss Judy Wood, WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?, and will present evidence for the use of “DEWs” as “Directional Free or ‘Low-Input’ Energy Weapons”.

* Dwain Deets, “Assessing Alternative Theories about the Twin Towers” (40 minutes)

The former Chief of Research Engineering and Director for Aeronautical Projects at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Dwain has evaluated alternative explanations of the WTC-7 in “Approaching the Puzzling Destruction of WTC 7” and of the Twin Towers.

4:30-5:00 PM: Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

5:00-5:30 PM: Discussion and Debate

5:30-7:00: Dinner on the town

7:00-10:00 PM: Session 4: The Fabrication of the Atrocities of 9/11

* Christopher Holmes, “Fabled Airplanes and Scripted Witnesses” (40 minutes)

Ph.D., a clinical and forensic psychologist, the director of the Zero Point Institute and author of THE MADNESS OF HUMANITY (2011), Christopher has a psychological and forensic examination of Simon Shack’s “September Clues” studies in “Fabled Airplanes”.

* Dennis Cimino, “The ‘official account’ of flights on 9/11 is a fantasy” (40 minutes)

A.A., EE; 35-years EMI/EMC testing, field engineering; FDR testing and certifications specialist; Navy Combat Systems Specialist; 2,000 hours, Pilot in Command, Commercial Instrument Single and Multi-Engine Land Pilot, Eastern Airlines 727-200, Second Officer

* Jim Fetzer, “Fakery and Fraud in the ‘Official Account’ of 9/11” (40 minutes)

A former Marine Corps officer, Jim has given hundreds of interviews and lectures on 9/11, including a 3.5 hour interview on television in Athens (2006), which was broadcast worldwide by satellite, in Buenos Aires (2008 and 2009), and in London (2010).

9:00-9:30 PM: Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

9:30-10:00 PM: Discussion and Debate

Sunday 17 June 2012

9:00-11:00 AM: Session 5: Who was Responsible for 9/11 and Why?

* Kevin Barrett, “9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda” (40 minutes)

Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist and one of America’s best-known critics of 9/11, is co-editor of 9/11 AND AMERICAN EMPIRE: CHRISTIANS, JEWS AND MUSLIMS SPEAK OUT (2006), and author of TRUTH JIHAD (2007) and of QUESTIONING THE WAR ON TERROR (2009).

* Alan Sabrosky, “Genesis of Deception: Israel and Its Friends on 9/11″ (40 minutes)

Ph.D., Michigan; held MacArthur Chair of Research and was Director of Studies, US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. 10-years USMC, has had adjunct appointments at Georgetown and The School of Advanced International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University.

* Joshua Blakeney, “The Likudnik Origins of 9/11” (40 minutes)

Graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, 9/11 activist, Staff Writer at Veterans Today, and now the Canadian correspondent for PressTV, Josh has made numerous appearances on radio and television discussing current events

11:00-11:30 AM: Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

11:30 AM-Noon: Discussion and Debate

Noon-1:30 PM: Lunch on the town

1:30-5:00 PM: Session 6: The Media, the 9/11 Myth, and the Message

* John McCarthy, “US government involvement in 9/11 is no surprise” (40 minutes)

Combat veteran in Vietnam and Nuclear Weapons qualified, John coordinated war plans for Special Forces ops behind the Iron Curtain the CIA and will address the role of the DoD and the CIA in false flag terrorism and the double-edged sword of “plausible deniability”.

* James Tracy, “9/11 Truth and Publicity in an Era of Mass Deception” (40 minutes)

Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University, his scholarly work in the area of media history and political communication has appeared in numerous articles and book chapters. His recent research on 9/11, media and politics at www.memorygap.org.

* Anthony Hall, “How the Media have Failed us All” (40 minutes)

Ph.D., Founding Coordinator of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge, Tony is the author of THE AMERICAN EMPIRE AND THE FOURTH WORLD (2003) and of EARTH INTO PROPERTY (2010) and has been studying the impact of 9/11 upon globalization.

3:30-4:30 PM: The Judges, “Evaluations of The Vancouver Hearings” (one hour)

4:30-5:00 PM: Discussion and Debate: Where do we go from here?

* Speakers are confirmed.

RECOMMENDED READING (for background regarding issues under examination here):

Jim Fetzer, “20 reasons the ‘official account’ of 9/11 is wrong” [a summary of scientific findings that contradict the what the government has told us about the events of 9/11]

Morgan Reynolds, “Five Facts Falsify Five Theories” [a series of arguments advanced to help separate more and less viable theories about the destruction of the Twin Towers]

Judy Wood, WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? [an encompassing compendium of evidence that an adequate theory of their destruction must explain with a defense of use of DEWs]

Dr. Ed Ward, “9/11 Nukes prove US Government involvement” [powerful arguments that the destruction of the World Trade Center is only explainable on the basis of mini-nukes]

Dennis Cimino, “9/11: The “official account” of the Pentagon attack is a fantasy” [a detailed and thorough analysis of the impossible and the improbable elements of what were told]

Jim Fetzer, “9/11: Planes/No Planes and ‘Video Fakery’” [a presentation of the evidence from multiple sources demonstrating that all four of the alleged plane crashes were faked]

Dean Hartwell, PLANES WITHOUT PASSENGERS [a study of the inconsistencies in what we have been told about those planes and their passengers by the American government]

Joshua Blakeney, “An Open Letter to Dr. Paul Viminitz: 9/11 Evidence vs. Straw Man Arguments” [a rebuttal of a Canadian philosopher who defends the official 9/11 account]

David Ray Griffin, THE NEW PEARL HARBOR REVISITED [the updated classic by one of the leading experts, if not the leading expert, on the inadequacies in the official account]

Anthony Hall, “Jonathan Kay Defends the Sacred Myth of 9/11″ [a revealing consideration of the abject failure of the Canadian press to publish responsible information about 9/11]

Barrie Zwicker, TOWERS OF DECEPTION [an expose of the failure of the media to cover 9/11 and of left-wing gate-keepers, including Noam Chomsky, to spread disinformation]

Jim Fetzer and James Preston, “Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots” [an explanation of multiple attempts to cast responsibility everywhere but where it belongs]

Joshua Blakeney, “Israel, 9/11, and Jonathan Kay” [an expose of the attempts by one of Canada's most prominent right-wing journalists to conceal Mossad's complicity in 9/11]

Edward Hendrie, 9/11 ENEMIES: FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC [a comprehensive analysis of the available evidence shedding light on virtually very aspect of the official account of 9/11]

NOTE: None of these studies should be taken as conclusory but are instead being offered as exemplifying the kinds of issues that will be addressed during The Vancouver Hearings.


  1. That's a very diverse group. I'm glad to see Jeff Prager, Donald Fox and Alan Sabrosky there. The big question is "Where do we go from here?"

  2. You're exactly right kenny. I've been saying we should be organizing press releases calling for these bastards to be arrested immediately, and really getting in the faces of our political "leaders".

    We could be calling for all those Israelis arrested on 9/11 to be extradited to the US for prosecution. We could be calling for Dov Zakheim and his missing $2.3 trillions to be investigated and arrested. Same with all the other criminals running the Pentagon. We could be calling for the arrest of Silverstein and his criminal associates who profited enormously off the destruction of the towers. We could be calling for a complete seizure of the corporate Jewish owned and controlled mainstream media for their complicity in 9/11. I could go on and on here.

    We need to do this in an organized way, but I've ran into all sorts of problems bringing this stuff up here in SD. Most seem satisfied pointing out all the obvious flaws and lies in the official story, and trying to "wake people up", as if that is going to really change anything. I suppose we need more people on board with the facts, but we need to take a more aggressive approach in an organized, systematic way.

  3. Isn't it interesting that the Emet Group is never mentioned...in relation to 9/11 ?

    Reported by Joel C. Rosenberg in Worldmag.com - 18 August 2001..in Flash Traffic Political Buzz from Washington...odd isn't it.

    Means - Motive & Opportunity...

    Very Similiar to the fact that the so-called USGOV [ZOG] had already written the anti-terrorism legislation before the OKC BOMBING..


    The Physics totally destroy the Zionist Terrorist Conspiracy theory

    Someone on Earth, in America should send and RSVP to this Buck..


    - In Good Faith.

    Good Luck with that.

    To Quote Wayne Martin..."When you reject Truth you place yourself in Judgement."

    Truth & Justice = Peace


  4. Please listen to my interview with Jim Fetzer, Joshua Blakeney, Webster Tarpley and Greg Felton in support of the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings, an UNBELIEVABLE show:



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