Monday, April 23, 2012

Young Canadian girl exposes fraudulent banking system


  1. Isn't she amazing. I don't know a single teen that thinks like this.

    I am bringing my 7 year old up to think this way, tho.

  2. As above (the 49th parallel), as below.

    The zionism banksters.

    Thank you John for this find.


  3. Hey fellas, awesome video. It was a good way to start the day!

    And B'man, I'm going to be raising my daughter the same way man. She will not be learning fake history, that's for sure. She's still a little one, but she'll be a rebel before we know it! LOL

  4. Great find John. This young gal is Bernacke's worst nightmare. I'm sure your daughter will be too. lol!

    I did did the Earth Day 911 outreach yesterday at Balboa Park...even after 10 years folks are just as interested and curious as ever...over 500 DVDs handed out.
    Hope to see you at the next Midway!

  5. I really have an incredible amount of respect for this girl's parents.

    It starts with parenting, and hopefully this young girl can spread the information among her peers, and so on. I cringed a bit at the need for including the biblical reference, but it was a succinct and well-explained shortened version of the Zeitgeist films explanation.

    Good to see. Key to seriously understanding the concept of "information is power", is APPLYING that knowledge to put yourself ahead of the game, and teach/help others to do so.

    Good luck kid - we all need it.


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