Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The world must declare war on Israel!

There is no reasoning with these barbaric people.  Israel is an illegitimate, rogue state founded on lies, deception, murder, and terrorism in the heart of the Middle East and is a threat to all of humanity.  The world must declare war on Israel and eliminate this criminal, genocidal enterprise from the pages of history!  

Enough is enough!

Video and article found via The Ugly Truth:

From Haaretz:

A senior IDF officer was filmed hit a leftist activist in the face with an M-16 rifle on Saturday.

In the video, which was posted by the International Solidarity Movement on YouTube on Sunday, Lt.-Col. Shalom Eisner is seen beating youths who took part in a pro-Palestinian bike ride in the Jordan Valley.

On Saturday, a group of some 250 activists, mostly Palestinian youths from the West Bank, went on a bike ride in the Jordan Valley in a silent protest. At a certain point, several dozens of IDF soldiers stopped the activists, and events quickly escalated into a confrontation. IDF soldiers hit the activists and threw their bikes over a tunnel across the road. [...]


  1. Good luck John.

    They've castrated the American male
    with satanic musak, booze, drugs, sex and the ULTIMATE ZIONIST DREAMBOX PACIFIER...Tell Lies Vision.

    Nothing short of extreme violence
    will change that.


  2. That is an unbelievable video isn't it?

  3. Hey guys, it really is an unbelievable video. Shows the true nature of these criminals occupying Palestine.

    It was JFK who said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." You may be right Anon... the criminals controlling the government, media, and banking system WILL NOT allow any sort of peaceful revolution, that much seems clear.


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