Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video: Evidence of false flags planned for 2012?

This very interesting video was found at the excellent blog Facts not Fairies:


  1. well we are all watching now!

    1. Exactly! People are awakening to their shenanigans!

  2. this was fabulous and confirms what we all beleive already

  3. John,
    Did you read "curse of canaan" yet by Mullins (posted by K a few days ago)?

  4. A lot of top people live near Big Ben.

    - Aangirfan

  5. ALL sides are zionist controlled.
    WWIII will begin when THOSE zionists in charge see no other way of hiding their massive crimes.

    Why they wanted Bobby Fischer dead...


  6. Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by.

    Yes EV, I read Mullins' book a while ago, probably over a year or so. I read it when I first started this blog actually. There is an extremely interesting quote in the Preface that I am going to be using in a future post. What do you think of the book?

    Zionist have always controlled both sides of every debate, every political faction, ect. They control and shape the narrative. More and more are breaking free of their spell though, thank goodness!

  7. Hi John,
    I just finished reading it. It was pretty confusing in parts. I get the gist - that "canaanites" behaved badly (Ham, son of Noah, 1) mating on Noah's arc, and 2) with a female 'pre-adamite') were cursed by god, and so turned against god and all the "adamites" (or people of Shem). Canaan was the son of Ham and this pre-adamite female, Namaah (or something like that).

    I've been reading books by Joseph Farrell, too, and trying to reconcile the biblical accounts with the idea that humans were created by an alien race for unknown purposes. Some aliens rebelled, mating with the "daughters of man" and got in trouble with the reining alien authority. Perhaps there is a link. Perhaps aliens are still with us, pulling strings, warring with other factions of aliens. I am certainly in the dark, that's for sure.

    Anyway, it was hard to read the book since it decidedly paints a horrible picture of blacks and jews. I also found the parts about the French revolution and the Bolshevik revolutions very painful to read. It's like war makes all hell break loose, reminiscent of what seems to be happening on the modern battlefield today.

    His thesis, however, does seem to make sense of wars and conflicts in a way that nothing else does - I always wondered why did the first world war happen? Why do these bloody revolutions break out but then the new gov't is as bad as the old one? People appear addicted to power, nothing ever changes, and there are masons everywhere. It was pretty depressing reading about the tactics used to fight truth-tellers. Probably depressing because it does seem like evil always wins.

    I'm also not religious, so if his book is true, then I'm definitely on the sidelines watching this ugly conflict (and am headed for eternal damnation). I want truth and goodness to win, I just have a hard time believing in deities. I actually think it makes more sense to consider the idea that there are/were aliens controlling human affairs.

    Also, the parts about Masons -- man, is RP is a Mason? So it's not just 9/11, but his intention to move to the gold standard, and his being a Mason. It figures that someone real is not allowed to stay on the political scene. I wondered how he could stay alive and in politics.

    What do you think? What is in the preface that struck you? I'll wait to see in your upcoming blog.


  8. John,
    You might find this interesting:



  9. John, I finally got-around to seeing this, and YES!, we are all watching these demons walking-on-two-legs, and they know that if they pull anything openly they will not get-away with it.

    Thank you for your efforts, and the more that we provide evidence and show them for the evil creatures that they are, the greater the chance of the human-race saving itself from their intentions of destruction and en-slavement in their "jewish-Utopia."


    ExposeTheZionists YouTube/ADL Channel


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