Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Viktor Bout: the man who knew too much

A US judge has sentenced Russian businessman Viktor Bout to 25 years behind bars - the mandatory minimum for such charges. His defense plans to appeal to the Supreme Court. 
In addition to his prison term, Judge Scheindlin sentenced Bout to five years of supervised release. She also ordered him to forfeit US $15 million and immediately pay a US $400 special assessment fee. 
The prosecutors had been calling for a life sentence for Bout. However, the judge said there was no proof he had been looking to deal with terrorist groups or kill Americans. She also said Bout had not been an active arms dealer since 2003. 
The 25-year imprisonment that Viktor Bout has been sentenced to is in connection with the third count – the acquisition and use of anti-aircraft weapons. 
Bout’s lawyers now have 14 calendar days to file an appeal. It may then take The Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit about one year to review it. The attorney has also requested that the judge keeps Viktor Bout in the tri-state area. The judge recommended that the businessman would remain in general population and not in a solitary confinement. 
Bout has told a judge at his New York sentencing on Thursday he is “not guilty” and the allegations against him are lies. Earlier, he called the trial “hypocritical” and an example of “double standards.” [Read more here]

What we’ve been told about Viktor Bout is yet another fabrication concocted by the government and media to cover up the 9/11 deception, thus perpetuating the false Global War on Terror paradigm that is instrumental in the New World Order we are currently living in. Viktor Bout is a scapegoat, a man who knows too much about 9/11.

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today recently wrote about the Bout case:
Bout’s conviction is false. His crime is a simple one, he supplied the Bush administration and its Israeli assault team headed by Mike Harari, Mossad Operations Chief, with the missile used to attack the Pentagon on 9/11. [...] 
The operational headquarters in Bangkok is also responsible for aiding in the Oklahoma City bombing blamed on Timothy McVeigh, the Bali bombings and other “false flag” terror attacks. […] 
VT correspondent and former member of the Soviet 12 Nuclear Directorate, Dimitri Khalezov has confirmed his meetings with Mike Harari of the Mossad. He was with Harari and his son at a celebration of the 9/11 attack on September 12, 2001 in Bangkok. 
Harari took full credit for planning the attack and spoke openly of it during the celebration, a breakfast in Bangkok. 
Our VT correspondent took down every word and, in 2007, made a full and detailed report of this and the Bali bombing to FBI agents. 
The agents admitted they were aware that 9/11 was an “inside job” and knew Harari was involved, admitted they had known for years. 
Bout stated that a Granit missile, a Soviet cruise type missile was sold to the US for the Pentagon attack. Films of the attack made by NORAD satellite show a missile but it is impossible to differentiate between a Granit or one of the American varieties.

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