Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chutzpah and Jewish thinking

Quotes from Israeli officials regarding Gunter Grass, the German poet who dared to correctly state that Israel is a threat to world peace due to her not-so-secret nuclear arsenal and constant threats against the state of Iran:

"His declarations are ignorant and shameful and every honest person in this world must condemn them."

"It is Iran, not Israel, which poses a threat to world peace. It is Iran, not Israel, which threatens to destroy other countries. It is Iran, not Israel, which supports terror organizations that fire missiles on innocent civilians."

-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

"Grass' poems are an effort to raise the flames of hatred against Israel and the Jewish people, thus promoting the idea he espoused in the past when he wore the SS uniform. If he wishes to continue disseminating his false and contorted works, I suggest he do so from Iran, where he can find a supportive audience."

-Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai

"The German author's words express the cynicism of some 'intellectuals' in the West who, for publicity and with the hope of selling a few more books, would wish to sacrifice the Jews, for the second time, on the altar of anti-Semitic lunatics. We've seen before how tiny seeds of anti-Semitic hatred are transformed into a huge fire, harming all of humanity." 

-Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Check out this poem written by Israeli poet Itamar Yaoz-Kest in response to Gunter Grass:


I want to be a danger,

I want to be a danger to the world,

so that after my destruction, not a single blade of grass will remain on the face of the Earth,

or a single blade of grass for Gunther Grass's pipe,

upon the Earth where, since I was born, I pose a danger to the world.

Because it is my right!

It is my right to live or die while annihilating my annihilators, without riding again as a crying-boy in a transport train,

Into the world-vacuum, while placing my head in the lap of a mother who is disappearing into the fresh air of the Land of Wotan,

and the urine tin darts dark-yellow specks onto the walls of the cabin – like gunshots that spray

a yellowish-reddish liquid from besides the train guards, and among them – maybe – the soldier G.G., also, wearing a steel helmet.

And so, as the strong light of the Land of Israel enters my home, I turn on the radio and cannot help listening to the sermons of the ayatollahs of Iran and to the words of the respected Iranian minister, who shows the map of the Land of Israel with his two hands, to say: "It is so small… Within six or seven days it can be erased from the map", or in your language: "ausradieren". And here I am listening to the sermons of the imams in the mosques of the Land of Israel and the Arab lands as they declare "ausradieren!", but they are always referring to me and not to you, Gunther Grass.

And yet, there is a right reserved only to us Jews (if indeed any human on Earth has this right): to be destroyed and to take the weary and sated world with us to the non-existence, along with its wondrous libraries and heart-stirring tunes – just so, after we descend to the grave, while the ground emits radioactive rays to all four winds.

Indeed – we have the right! It is mine, too!

For it is the right of the Nation of Israel to finally shut the gates to the world after it leaves this place (not of its free will!), and we have the right to say, at the price of the 3,000 year old fear: "If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to the depths of the Earth – let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness."

All these people can do is invoke the Holohoax, and hope to fool the gullible goyim. I'm getting really sick of their bullshit to be honest with you...

Gilad Atzmon, who originally brought this information to my attention, got it exact right when he concluded after reading this outrageous poem: "The message for the rest of us is clear- Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. Time is overdue to discharge the Jewish State of its destructive power." Enough said.

Finally, take a look at this news clip that aired on CBS:

Unbelievable stuff, huh? Can you believe the nerve of these people? I hope we are all starting to recognize the dangerous and twisted nature of Jewish thinking...


  1. "sacrifice", "altar", "fire" - all images straight out of Moloch/Holocaust inspired Talmudic thinking. These images are obsessively used over and over again and brainwashed into Jewish people constantly by the Talmudic Rabbis. Their ethnocentric persecution complex is clearly out of control. They are also encouraged to be rampant narcissists (the Chosen people etc).

    Sociopathic fear-mongering. All over a poem.

  2. Exactly right Snakey... thanks for dropping by.

  3. John...Is it just me? Or does everyone see by this "anti" Grass writing a people suffering from suicidal psychosis to the point that they are threatening to destroy the entire planet if they are in danger of going down!

    But is that not what their entire "Samson Option" is all about?

    Dangerous thinking of these sick criminals is an understatement!

  4. The tide is turning. This time lets exclude JEWS from our world heritage. They claim to be 'different' anyway. End the Jewish MAFIA.

  5. All the responses are ad hominem - none address the issue.

    Ironically, Stein's position that "if jews are to be saved, they have to save themselves" (supporting the idea of a pre-emptive strike against Iran) will result in certain destruction of Israel. Those in power provoking such a state of affairs must not live in Israel, which they treat like an expendable little colony. If they really cared about Jews and Israel, they would listen to the 80% of Israelis who want peace with Iran, not war, and who don't believe that Iran has weapons of mass destruction.

    Those same entities in power surely must not care about the earth, already poisoned with DU particles from the middle-east warzones and radiation from Fukushima. The vile "poem" in response merely confirms Grass's contention that Israel is in fact the biggest danger to the world.

    Hopefully, clearer heads will prevail. Beware of false flags. Beware of propaganda, attempts to foment outrage, etc.


  6. Isn`t it strange. according to the post by anonymous, 80% in the parasitic entity occupying Palestine, don`t believe Iran is developing nuclear weaponry, whilst 84% of Americans do..

  7. If Americans read Haaretz, they'd know a lot more of what is going on.


  8. why do I, time and time again, end up thinking and getting the impression, that this site is about spreading jew propaganda while pretending to oppose jews?

  9. No nation during WWII did anything to save the Jews? Is this guy crazy? All of the Allies defeated Germany, sir. As for your ending statement, yes, it's time for the Jews to quit living off of the funds of US Taxpayers and "save" themselves. The holocaust is so mischaracterized it's a joke. Treblinka, for example, had no mass graves as ground radar has found. There were no 300,000 deaths at lie. These Nazi camps were "slave-labor" camps which included many non-Jews. If you take the 6 million as the truth, which I don't, that's still only 10% of all of the deaths caused by Hitler....what, the other 90% don't matter? Israel has an estimated 400 to 800 nuclear weapons...Iran has -0-. Iran has attacked no one in the past, Israel and the U.S. have. Iran has signed the Nuclear-Non-Proliferation Treaty...Israel refuses to sign and refuses to allow AEIA inspectors into its nuclear facilities.

  10. well, you're probably preaching to the choir, rtaylortitle. My favorite bit about the Holohoax is the demographic aspect. The entire population of jews during WWII in the areas controlled by Germany was about 3-4 million; world-wide jewry actually increased from pre- and post-WWII...hmmmm. Something is indeed amiss.

  11. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. I've been really busy this weekend, and probably will be for the next few days.

    rtaylor and EV- you both raise very good points, and are exactly on the money with your comments.

    @Anon 10:56- LOL! You're exactly right! But don't tell anyone- I think I've got some people fooled!

  12. It troubles me greatly that for Zionists Humanitarian has come to mean Anti-semite


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