Thursday, April 5, 2012

Age ain't nothin' but a number!

This made my day!  Video found at Russia Today:

German gymnast Joanna Quaas has stolen the show at the latest World Cup for elderly sportsmen in Cottbus. At 86 she demonstrated no signs of ageing as she amazed the home crowd with her anything but simple program. 

Videos of her performances have made her many fans around the globe, but the luckiest were those who witnessed it firsthand. 

The public was literally stunned by the agility and apparent simplicity of her movements, as they warmly cheered the German super-veteran. 

Frau Quaas has collected 11 world titles and continues to insist she does it just for fun. 

Well, before you start watching the video beware, she is about to make you feel really bad about your current fitness level.


  1. That is quite remarkable, well done lady!

    Moves like that, at such an advanced age, should be a great inspiration to us all, quite amazing stuff.

  2. Hey guys, this video is really quite incredible! Definitely an inspiration!


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