Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wise Old Man interviewed on Truth Hertz Radio

Zan Overall, known as the Wise Old Man, was interviewed by Charlie Giuliani of Truth Hertz Radio on Monday, February 27, 2012 about his protest at the Academy Awards the previous day.  Check out these two videos of his interview that I made, and also check out some of the other protests the Wise Old Man has done in the past.  Zan is also a leading member of Rediscover 9/11, an organization dedicated to exposing the true culprits of the events of 9/11.


  1. The wise old man is a smash hit here in Britain, he has almost hs own fan club, with offers of marriage, and offers for him to father children of young women.
    We are so grateful for his vews on the bollocaust, just love this guy.

  2. This is the Wise Old Man, responding to this news of my popularity in Britain. I must say these offers from ladies warm the cockles of my heart and other areas of my old body.

  3. The Wise Old Man again, correcting one of the placards shown on this wonderfully done video that John Friend put together. The placard says
    It SHOULD say:

    It's my mistake. I claim to be wise but I don't claim to be smart.

    If you go there you will get to my "channel" and you will get to my other videos.

  4. And from the UK...

    Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government

    But a government susidized, satanic, star of David
    tattooed on your ass?
    You betcha!

  5. It's getting more divisive and confrontational in the public sphere as more citizens are dumbed down by centralized imposed school curriculums and ever more electronic gizmos that inhibit concentration and critical thinking and provide a substitutes for real time socializing. There are also the prescription drugs and propaganda keeping people stupified. It takes courage to go out and do what the The Wise Old Man does. I hope he doesn't get hurt.


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