Monday, March 12, 2012

U.S. officials offer superficial condolences to Afghans after barbaric murder spree

In a typical public relations ploy meant to placate the justified outrage of the people of Afghanistan after an all-too-common murder spree by American military personnel, U.S. officials have offered condolences to the Afghan government. The Hill reports:
U.S. officials worked quickly to calm tensions after an American service member in Kandahar province opened fire on Afghan civilians Sunday, killing at least sixteen. 
President Obama said he was "deeply saddened" by news of the attack, in a released statement.
He said the shooting was "tragic and shocking, and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan."
Is there anyone anywhere on this planet that buys this from Obama? Does he sound genuine to you?

The “exceptional character” of the U.S. military and “respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan” he refers to basically entails a brutal military and political occupation, targeted drone assassinations, wholesale murder and destruction – hardly exceptional or respectful as those words are typically defined.

Sadly, this is standard operating procedure for this government when it comes to incidents like this – commit outrageous atrocities, and then promise a thorough investigation and offer superficial condolences in an attempt to save face.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta released the following statement on this disgraceful incident:
“Today I spoke to President Karzai to offer my deepest condolences and profound regret for the tragic incident in Kandahar province that resulted in the loss of life and injuries to innocent Afghan civilians, including women and children. 
“A full investigation is already underway. A suspect is in custody, and I gave President Karzai my assurances that we will bring those responsible to justice. We will spare no effort in getting the facts as quickly as possible, and we will hold any perpetrator who is responsible for this violence fully accountable under the law. 
“I condemn such violence and am shocked and saddened that a U.S. service member is alleged to be involved, clearly acting outside his chain of command. I told President Karzai that the American people share the outrage felt by President Karzai and his fellow citizens. This tragic incident does not reflect the commitment of the U.S. military to protect the Afghan people and help build a strong and stable Afghanistan. 
“As we mourn today with the Afghan people, we are steadfast in our resolve to work hand in hand with our Afghan partners to accomplish the missions and goals on which we have been working together for so long. This terrible incident does not reflect our shared values or the progress we have made together. As I told President Karzai, I am fully committed to ensuring that our cooperation continues. It is essential to forging a more peaceful future for the citizens of both our nations.”
I’m afraid to say that a pre-requisite for government service, it seems, is a total lack of genuine empathy and humanness. The psychopaths run the show folks. We may want to do something about this at some point…

But what can we do? James Laffrey of The Equal Party USA has a well-founded solution, in my opinion.


  1. John, do you know anything about making bumper stickers and/or decals? Saw some good graphics at a site which I'd love to print and improve upon. Here's one

    1. Honestly, I don't. You may want to check out Liberty Stickers. Just google it. They have commercials on Oracle quite often. They'd probably be a good starting point.

  2. Like running over a neighborhood kid...and it's the 10th kid you've run over since you moved in. What is an apology? Or even compensation? Obviously the offender needs to be locked up or better yet, shot dead.

    1. Yes, exactly right Genie, it's a concept we've both been talking about for quite some time now - accountability. Enforcing the law, whether it be top level Wall Street crooks, Congress members, White House officials, including the president, military officials, ect. - enforce the rule of law. The law is so politicized and corrupted.

      These wars are truly turning this planet into hell on earth.

  3. sorry, i can't buy laferty's jive. He idolizes Adolf Hitler.
    is it credible, that after WWI, TPTB who controlled that bloodbath would let a 'rouge leader' get as far as Hitler?
    No. Hitler was controlled opposition, an agent of the London Banks. I think Laferty is fake opposition, meant to discretit any and all critisism of Jews and Israel.

    "You see they idolize Hilter"

    IMO, hilter is not who he said he was. And Laferty can't answer a the Big question
    'why did Hilter invade poland?'
    a contry of white Christians

    WW2 was a puppet show and Hitler was the biggest puppet

    1. Thanks for your comment, but I disagree with everything you just said here.

  4. These ideas are are not original, they're from Greg Hallett

    click, go down to the bottom of the page-

    Friday, November 27, 2009
    Greg Hallett
    Understanding history


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