Saturday, March 31, 2012

Toulouse shooting - wag the dog, Jewish victimhood, and fraudulent War on Terror

Here is an excerpt from Mike Rivero's What Really Happened radio show. I called in Friday, March 30 to discuss the Toulouse shooting in France, which has all the hallmarks of a false flag/PSYOP intelligence operation. French President Sarkozy recently compared this event to 9/11, and has used it to advance his presidential campaign. The Toulouse operation has served multiple agendas, which Mike and I discuss in this segment.

Here are some of the agenda's being advanced by this intelligence operation in Toulouse:
  1. Distraction from Afghan massacre (Wag the Dog) and flawed War on Terror
  2. Jewish victimhood (Were there even any real Jewish victims? Or was the entire thing staged?)
  3. Perpetuation of fraudulent War on Terror paradigm in which fanatical Muslim extremists are out to destroy Western society through terrorism
  4. President Sarkozy's presidential ambitions


  1. Excellent. I'll link to this.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Great job, John. Wish Mikey would step up to the Jewish issue and give up his Nazi Boogie ("Nazi style collective punishment"), Inquisition pity propagandizing.

  3. Thanks Aangirfan, I appreciate it.

    And thanks Anonymous, I really was considering calling in to call him out on that. I don't know how productive it would be to do on the air though, he'd probably freak out and never take my call again.

    I'll send him an email about it later today. He harps on the Nazis as much as AJ, it's absurd.

  4. Mikey keeps several important fictions going as I see it:

    1) "McCarthyism" aka "We're too intelligent to EVER go down the road of looking for Commie/Jewish traitors again

    2) Hitler Boogieman.

    3) Evil Catholic Church & Inquisition

    He does a fine job of detailing recent criminal activity without ever informing people that it's part of a much older pattern. He muddies things constantly with "corporations," "money-junkies", "fundamentalists" "warmongers" etc. He can say that the media kowtows to Israeli interests but never explains why. Never publishes key historical documents or links to sites that detail the Jewish role in all the wars and revolutions of, at least, the last 200 years.

    A real, bigtime shill who like his old buddy Jones steers people away from the critical issue

    1. I'm afraid you are right... although WhatReallyHappens provides a lot of good information, that website and Rivero's radio show will never explain the entire story, will never connect all the dots. I don't know if you listen to the show, but I used to call in all the time. When I called in on Friday, it was the first time in probably 4 months or so. I like to call in and expand the boundaries a bit, by actually saying the crime network in charge is Jewish in nature, a word he rarely uses. I do like his radio show and website, but you're right- he will never give you the whole story unfortunately.

  5. mikey is:
    a hollywood special effects award winning sephardic jew cointel hangout operation in a hawaiian shirt -
    hang loose bra. ha ha

    1. Hey b, you really thing he's some sort of COINTEL limited hangout operation? I don't know if I'd go that far, but you never know....

    2. go that far, john.
      perhaps it's easier to see him as as free agent in the grand judaic confidence trick? perhaps it's best we see all jews in this light and alleviate for ourselves the (self)imposed, debilitating burden of always needing to be inclusive and tolerant of the 'good jew'. playing with these odds is foolhardy when the foremost problem facing mankind is jewish perfidy. you know what's happening on the planet. when is a jew not a jew? that is the question. the answer is ez - never. (oh yeah... it's genetic. tay-sachs, aspergers, cohens, blooms...)


  6. Question: What do Monica Lewinsky, the Shoe Bomber and the Toulouse gunman all have in common?

    Answer: All of them visited Israel before they made it to the Hall of Fame.

  7. Question: What do Monica Lewinsky, the Shoe Bomber and the Toulouse gunman all have in common?

    Answer: All of them visited Israel before they made it to the Hall of Fame.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    Retried USAF Veteran

    1. Mahmoud, thanks for that info, I wasn't aware of Monica and the Shoe Bomber visiting Israel prior to their operations, which both clearly are linked to Israel and her global agenda. It's amazing- any time you look closely into any event it seems to go back to the same group of criminals. Maybe we should start arresting these assholes? I've said repeatedly the only country the United States has a legitimate reason to go to war against is the criminal, rogue, illegitimate state of Israel.

  8. John, I think you're right to call and stretch him. I think he's actually tortured by the thought that people are going to start calling him out.

    I've listened to his show a few times and his delivery is good. Website is useful and I visit daily and have for years. My feeling is that he is the back "leader" when AJ's audience has disappeared.

    I keep track of the manure he drops. Here's a recent gem which is opaque but gets across the evil Inquisition:

    "My ancestors were victims of the Spanish Inquisition. If it weren't for the Catholics, I would be a rich Hollywood Jew today!" -- Michael

    E Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit is an outstanding book which would help Mikey understand "what really happened" across the centuries. Maybe the best book I've read in 11 years since 9/11

  9. Hmm. Interesting, that comment about his family being victims of the Inquisition. It seems that he isn't happy as a "Truther" but hankers after being part of the elite Jewish NWO.

  10. Rivero is just one of their better liars....sometimes.
    Good Propaganda=90% truth.. 10% lies.
    Great propaganda= 99% truth..1%lies.
    Go listen to Mike Malloy for some real PRO lies.
    Or Amy Goodman or Racheal Maddow...the list is endless.
    They have a list of paid liars miles long.

  11. Mikey is great with all the jew memes.
    Like "word softening".
    Instead of thieving dirtbags, Mikey uses "money junkies" know..the poor jew darlings can't help's the addiction's fault.
    Instead of homosexual or "fill in the blank"'s
    "gay" as in happy party time.
    Instead of drug addict it's "tweaker" or some other watered down phrase.
    But if a gentile does it?
    Throw it in reverse!!!


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