Friday, March 16, 2012

Occupied Palestine, Occupied America

Is there really much of a difference between these thugs:


And these thugs:

Dozens of cops equipped with shotguns and assault rifles stormed a Miami, Florida apartment building on Tuesday, drawing weapons at peaceful protesters and children with the local Occupy Wall Street campaign that were lawfully residing inside. 
Members of Occupy Miami moved into an Overtown safehouse last month after their previous encampment outside of the city’s Government Center was shut down by authorities earlier this year. Now for the second time in only six weeks, cops donned in SWAT-team style gear and brandishing weapons swarmed the residence of several occupiers again, allegedly acting on reports that the residents inside were stockpiling weapons to use in an upcoming demonstration. 
“They said that they had gotten a tip that we had 'long guns' and were going to use them at our protest," Occupy member Thomas Parisi tells the Miami New Times. "But we are a peaceful movement and told them that we had no intention of doing anything like that." [...] 
"They were pointing guns at children!" Ramy Mahmoud, a member of Occupy Miami, adds to the paper.
Other Occupy Miami members that gave quotes to the paper without attribution say at least six cop cars stopped outside of their building on Tuesday before one officer took out a gun and aimed it at an occupier. "I thought it was either a joke or he was robbing us," one protester tells the paper. "Then an ice-cream truck full of SWAT officers pulled up." 
Parisi, who believes the raid came over false reports of a terrorist threat, says the cops took unnecessary action during this week’s events. "They forced a 57-year-old diabetic woman onto the ground. And they pointed their guns at my wife,” he says. 
"They are calling us terrorists, but what I saw today was demons pointing guns at us," Ramy Mahmoud adds to the account. "They terrified us.” 
Mahmoud also says cops questioned him with inquiries which included “Are you a Muslim?” and “Do you love this country?” 
"I said hell no, I don't love this country, and it's because of shit like this,” Mahmoud tells the paper.
Considering who trains American law enforcement and the amount of money poured into the Homeland Security/surveillance/police state complex following the Israeli false flag event on 9/11, this type of tyrannical, violent behavior is becoming more and more common in the Occupied States of America.

One has to wonder: are there any honest, decent public servants in this country anymore? If there are, why are they not publicly exposing and condemning what is happening here?


  1. No difference and the reason is that Israeli security agents generally teach many of our homegrown police forces.
    Security is a scam, 911 is a false flag, the war on terror was started by Emmanuel Goldstein (1984).

    1. "Considering who trains American law enforcement and the amount of money poured into the Homeland Security/surveillance/police state complex following the Israeli false flag event on 9/11, [...]"

      Let's check where most of that War On Terror Hoax taxpayer terror-and-protection-racket wealth is being redistributed:

      Jewish groups get most money from federal security grants

      DHS partners with Jewish organizations -

      Homeland security releases new funds to non-profits | Nation | Jewish Journal

    2. Yeah, it's amazing - the entire War on Terror is a Jewish racket. I've written about this before, and probably will again in the future.

      So let's see, the Jews have their Holohoax racket, their media racket, their usurious banking racket, their War on Terror racket, the entire medical/insurance industry is a racket (which they had a major role in establishing)... am I missing anything? Maybe education?

    3. ^ yeah, organ harvesting & human slave trafficking. you'd surely find the tops of the leading, most lucrative MIC corps are kosher too. CIA drug trafficking? CIA serves at the pleasure of the Rothschilds. How about tops of the leading corps in the fast-privatizing Prison Industrial Complex? just speculating there...

    4. Ah, silly me! How could I forget their organ harvesting and human slave trafficking rackets! There was a rabbi in NY that was caught with loads of cash, who was involved in a massive human organ trafficking operation. These sick fuckers... and remember what they were doing down in Haiti?

      Also, they basically own and control the pornography industry, right? Yes, they do.

      The MIC and drug running ops are all wrapped up in their rackets, so yeah, they all feed off each other.

      The prison industrial complex... not too sure about that. Wouldn't surprise me though, they do train all the law enforcement and FBI officials.

  2. "what are you prepared to do?"

    1. Stand up for the truth and fight for justice. You?

  3. Education racket for sure as advancement in "higher education" is based upon publications which they control. Don't forget the Kosher tax racket on ketchup and everything else.

    That said, the Holohoax is starting to leak badly. 9/11 is not holding up. Jewish financial criminality is getting noticed. And "No More Wars for Israel" is making more sense. Plus, we're fighting the fuckin' devil's spawn so we got good backup.

    1. "Higher education" is definitely in their hands. Mark Yudof, president of the University of California system, just wrote a letter to everyone saying he will not be tolerating "hate speech" ect. He said he's even going to be working with the fucking ADL and Museum of Tolerance!

      Check this out:

      Open letter to the UC community from President Yudof

      I write today to address, once again, the moral and ethical imperative for all of our University of California students, faculty and staff members to foster a climate of tolerance, civility and open-mindedness. I am prompted to do so because of a number of recent incidents that undermine this imperative.

      University campuses are proper venues for collisions of ideas and viewpoints. Conflicting viewpoints not only are inevitable but also healthy in this context.

      What is not acceptable are acts meant to disrupt the speech of others. What is not acceptable are hate-driven physical and, yes, verbal attacks on any group or individual that are meant to silence or intimidate those who would express differing opinions.

      It was wrong for hecklers to disrupt speakers on the UC Davis campus at an event titled “Israeli Soldiers Speak Out.” It was reprehensible that one of these hecklers accused the speakers of being associated with rapists and murderers. Under the direction of Chancellor Katehi, campus officials dealt appropriately with this individual, moving him out of the room and barring reentry. But I want to make this clear: I condemn the actions of those who would disrupt this event. Attempting to shout down speakers is not protected speech. It is an action meant to deny others their right to free speech.

      It was wrong for a vandal or vandals on the UC Riverside campus to deface the Israeli flag displayed by the Jewish student organization Hillel, scrawling the word “terrorists” across it. I applaud Chancellor White for his rapid and vigorous condemnation of this cowardly act. And I join him wholeheartedly in that condemnation. The chancellor was right to assign campus police to investigate.

      Two years ago, at UC San Diego, it was African Americans who were vilified by words and images that mocked their heritage and who felt threatened by the hanging of a noose. Around the same time, derogatory and profane words were spray-painted across the entrance to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center at UC Davis. Likewise, swastikas scrawled on campus walls or doors have made Jewish students feel unsafe.

      Since then, among other initiatives, the system’s central office has worked with the campuses and various groups, including students, to revise policies on student conduct; the new provisions strengthen prohibitions on threatening conduct and acts motivated by bias, including religious bias. We also are working with the Museum of Tolerance and the Anti-Defamation League to improve campus climate for all students and to take full advantage of our marvelous diversity. [...]

  4. Good post John.

    By the way, the whole Kony 2012 ruse was propaganda for US Africom to go into Africa and steal oil. Humanitarian concern? Yea like Hilarious bombing civilians in Libya for peace.

    I actually want to see Russia and China kick USrael and Zatos ass not because I am pro Russian or Chinese but because I am so bloody fed up of the zio main stream media lies.

    I want zionism defeated and it has now reached a point I no longer care by who.

    No, I don't want war, I want peace. I am anti-war. There can never be peace as long as <2% of the world continually foments disharmony, oppression and murder.

    The zionists - in every single form, not Kony, need to be stopped any and everywhere they exist around the world.

    I believe the zionists are the Synagogue of Satan mentioned by Jesus in the book of Revelations.

    There can be no peace until they are neutralized completely.

    1. Hey Mouser, good to hear from you, hope all is well!

      The Kony thing was a major scam, huh? I haven't followed it too closely, I smelled a rat from the very beginning. The clown who made the video was just arrested here in San Diego for being drunk in public and jerking off! I'm not making that up!

      I don't know what is going to happen man... I don't see anyone standing up to these psychopaths, even the Russians and Chinese I don't trust. You are correct- there can be no peace until these people are neutralized completely. First, we have to defeat their lies. How anyone can buy into their bullshit propaganda anymore is simply beyond me.

    2. No More Jew Wars !

  5. Peace and blessings brother John,

    Simple but brilliant and remarkable comparison; illuminating too.

    Many Palestinians who were expelled from their lands during al-Nakba and al-Naksa, in varying linguistic manifestations, have commented to me over the years something along the lines of the following: "I came to America after being thrown out of my homeland by Zionist terrorists only to realize that America was occupied by the same Zionist terrorists." It is thoroughly astounding to me that our brothers and sisters here, of all backgrounds, cannot see what is happening all around them when it is as blatant as blatant can be. The United States, is as the legendary Michael Collins Piper calls it: The New Jerusalem; Ground Zero for the Jewish Power Matrix.

    Just for the record my brother, the crushers of Occupy Miami were trained by the security firm of an IOF terrorist commander:

    Again akhi, great work.


    ~ Ziah

    1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for the compliments man! I think you're Palestinian friends are 100% correct - and this is where oppressed people of all stripes need to unite. Jewish supremacism, Jewish power in all it's manifestations, Jewish tyranny - this is what we all should be fighting and organizing AGAINST. Pro-Palestinian groups, Occupy Wall St, 9/11 Truth, anti-war, anti-GMO/pro-environmental groups, ect. should unite in their opposition to Jewish power. This is the hidden force that has everyone protesting and up in arms.


    1. Holy shit, there may be some very serious civil unrest come election time. I don't support Ron Paul, although I certainly think he is the most rational, sane individual running for office. But there are millions of decent, honest people around the country that do support Paul, and when they finally realize how far we have sunk into absolute tyranny, things are going to turn ugly, even more so than they are right now with the Occupy movements getting abused.

    2. John , the GOP convention is going to be in Tampa in August . I suspect the Police will be used to suppress the Ron Paul supporters with a brutality that hasn't even been seen in their attacks on the occupy groups .
      If you watch the videos , , you will notice that the Ron Paul campaign is made up of the healthiest White people , beautiful White people , unlike the supporters of any of the other candidates .
      These are our people .
      White activists should start planning now to be in Tampa , to be a part of this Ron Paul Revolution .
      This is the beginning of a mobilization of millions of White Americans yearning for a real change , and they are aware of the role of the Jews as their chief opposition . As the system pulls more outrageous attacks against these people , they will become radicalized even more .
      And the Jews have shown clearly that they really fear Ron Paul .They can sense what is stirring as his base of support and they understand it's deeper implications .
      The cat is out of the bag , and the Jew can't put it back in .


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