Tuesday, March 13, 2012

International Jewry, the one "group" you aren't supposed to talk about

“If you want to identify the real rulers of any society, simply ask this question: Who is it that I cannot criticize?” 
-Kevin Alfred Strom 

Why is it we can openly discuss and make generalizations about virtually any group - especially demonized groups, like Muslims in this country - except for one: Jews? If you say the word "Jew" or "Jewish" in public, more often than not people look at you funny, distance themselves, and think, "What a racist, anti-Semitic Nazi!"

You aren't allowed to question or scrutinize Jewish political or economic power, or Jewish control and ownership of the mass media and entertainment industry.  You aren't supposed to analyze the extremely well-organized and financed network of pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli lobby groups operating in this country, which basically control the United States government.  You can bash Christians and Muslims, but certainly not Jews.  You can demonize any country in the world, except for Israel, the (fraudulent) "homeland" of the Jews.

Why is that?  It's a question I've often wondered about, even before I woke up to 9/11 and began blogging.  Well, the tide is turning, and more and more people around the world are beginning to question and scrutinize "the Jews" these days, even Jews (or former Jews) themselves.  It's about time.

The blogger xymphora has written one of the best blog posts I have read anywhere in quite some time relating to all of this.  The post, titled 2012 or 1984? discusses the hysterical reaction Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli Jewish writer and musician, has received in the Jewish and non-Jewish community alike as a result of his exploration of Jewish identity politics, and expands on the subject of Jewish power and manipulation.

If you follow his website, you'll soon discover Atzmon has been attacked relentlessly by Jews and non-Jews alike for exploring the subject of Jewish identity politics - an extremely important topic for those of us interested in how this world really operates. Of course he's been smeared with the typical anti-Semitic and racist accusations, none of which have hindered Atzmon's ability to expose the Jewish mindset and tribal identity. In fact, these attacks often give Atzmon more material to write about, further exposing various aspects of Jewish identity politics and their impact on our world.

xymphora makes a number of profound observations about all of this, which I'd like to highlight here:
As I keep saying around here, the one thing we seem to have trouble with is understanding power. The Jews have amassed so much power that they even control how we think about them (and certainly how we talk or write about them, of which the constant slagging is just a small part). [...] 
How did the Jews amass so much power they even control the way we think about their power and how they use it? That's the interesting question. It is an amazing accomplishment, so amazing one would think it would be the subject of much intellectual debate. It is one of the most interesting questions of our time, with massive implications in terms of general political control. Of course, we're not allowed to ask it, or even think about it. [...]
Theoretically, what if a group of people who think of themselves as distinguished from the larger group of human beings acted in concert, often covertly, to accomplish group supremacist goals, all of which are completely evil? What if they were able to use their power, and their covert exercise of power, to control even the way we think about them? What would we, could we, should we, do to stop them?
International Jewry is the one group, the only group really, we should be talking about. And yet, we're so conditioned into thinking that any discussion of this group is "hateful", "racist", "anti-Semitic", ect. We really need to get over this silliness. After all, the whole "anti-Semite" canard is one of the oldest tricks in the Jewish playbook, meant to demonize and render illegitimate the person being attacked - regardless of what they have to say.

International Jewry, which literally controls the United States and much of the Western world, not to mention the state of Israel, is on the verge of destroying the planet, and we're still too afraid to talk about it. This is the one group we need to be talking about, criticizing, scrutinizing, and organizing AGAINST.  9/11, the Global War on Terror, the criminal usurious banking system, the control of our media, government, and entertainment industry - all roads lead to the same group.  We can no longer afford to let them control the conversation, and hinder us from discussing their criminality by labeling us "anti-Semites" or "racists".  


  1. Excellent post, especially that portion which portrays Gilad Atzmon in a favorable, honest light. He has been doing some very heavy lifting and he represents a decent man who has been able to see the hypocricy from his own personal history and has sought to educate. Through his personal history, he becomes unshaken. He is truly a treasure.
    One needs to understand and be sensitive to the plight of a population which has been victimized by perhaps one of the most encompassing and destructive psyops in the history of mankind to the population of individuals it was supposed to benefit (but always results in retribution for the impassioned collective guilt by the society at large). This has been revisited over and over and over again in a hugely diverse number of states and cultures throughout history.
    The huge problem is the leadership and the reliance on a racist, supremacist ideology (which bases its legitimacy on the foundations of a religion and therefore must be seen as beyond reproach) which is fostered within the population at the same time that various criminal acts of terror are committed by that same leadership in order to terrify that population to constantly keep them in a state of intense anxiety and neurosis. For example, the caricaturing of WWII and the holocaust is particularly important to this approach as the descendents of victims of that event and those of the same class as those victims are exposed and constantly bombarded to a narrative which is designed to serve two purposes: the first, to continue to completely brainwash those who identify with the victims to the point where they are terrorized and paralyzed to make certain that no lamb strays, and second, to induce a filial response in those not part of the group identifying with the personal victimhood so that the crimes and undermining of those at the top of the pyramid can be performed with less scrutiny because the victim must always be given the benefit of the doubt.
    It is therefore not surprising for example, that the FBI and other government agencies working in concert to terrorize the population will go out of their way to do everything to entrap young Arabs and Muslims of cognitive impairment in various stunts of putative terrorism (terrorism theatre) to show how these individuals wish to attack the population at large or a special group of putative historical victims. Also note that when there is an attack at a synagogue and a swastika is drawn on the building, it is often a member of the congregation or similar group, perhaps even government agencies often trying to evoke victimhood as an attempt to distract the general community from other activities.
    The SPLC and ADL, two groups whose actions are quite suspect often go out of their way to attack individuals who question their motivations or motivations of leadership.
    The mistake that is consistently made is to attack people in general, to instill collective guilt without understanding the underlying cause of the brainwashed thought process.
    Attacks do not work as Gilad Atzmon shows. But education clearly does.
    We can do much to cure the pathologies of our own thought processes by reading, educating ourselves and understanding Mr. Atmon's writings and thought.
    He represents a way forward and should be lionized.

  2. From Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man:
    Very important topic. How they make Non-Jews afraid to speak ill of the Chosen Ones. Hey, there is a clue! The Jews are tight with God.
    You don't want to mess with God, do you?

    The answer to this is: How do we know you are
    God's Chosen People, Abe?
    Abe says: "It's right there in the Bible and you Christians revere the Bible, don't you?
    Then you say: "Who wrote the Bible, Abe. You
    Jews wrote the Bible, Abe. I am not impressed.

    Here is a quote that I find useful:

    “If you want to identify the real rulers of any society, simply ask this question: Who is it that I cannot criticize?”
    -Kevin Alfred Strom

  3. I have updated this post to include the quote from Kevin Strom.

  4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwnpokN77EM


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