Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Intellectual dishonesty and cowardice

I know this is rather old news at this point, but I just wanted to highlight it here. This may be one of the worst examples of intellectual dishonesty and cowardice I've ever seen:

For many years now, Gilad Atzmon, a musician born in Israel and currently living in the United Kingdom, has taken on the self-appointed task of defining for the Palestinian movement the nature of our struggle, and the philosophy underpinning it. He has done so through his various blogs and Internet outlets, in speeches, and in articles. He is currently on tour in the United States promoting his most recent book, entitled, ‘The Wandering Who.’ 
With this letter, we call for the disavowal of Atzmon by fellow Palestinian organizers, as well as Palestine solidarity activists, and allies of the Palestinian people, and note the dangers of supporting Atzmon’s political work and writings and providing any platforms for their dissemination. We do so as Palestinian organizers and activists, working across continents, campaigns, and ideological positions. 
Atzmon’s politics rest on one main overriding assertion that serves as springboard for vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with his obsession with “Jewishness”. He claims that all Jewish politics is “tribal,” and essentially, Zionist. Zionism, to Atzmon, is not a settler-colonial project, but a trans-historical “Jewish” one, part and parcel of defining one’s self as a Jew. Therefore, he claims, one cannot self-describe as a Jew and also do work in solidarity with Palestine, because to identify as a Jew is to be a Zionist. We could not disagree more. Indeed, we believe Atzmon’s argument is itself Zionist because it agrees with the ideology of Zionism and Israel that the only way to be a Jew is to be a Zionist. 
Palestinians have faced two centuries of orientalist, colonialist and imperialist domination of our native lands. And so as Palestinians, we see such language as immoral and completely outside the core foundations of humanism, equality and justice, on which the struggle for Palestine and its national movement rests. As countless Palestinian activists and organizers, their parties, associations and campaigns, have attested throughout the last century, our struggle was never, and will never be, with Jews, or Judaism, no matter how much Zionism insists that our enemies are the Jews. Rather, our struggle is with Zionism, a modern European settler colonial movement, similar to movements in many other parts of the world that aim to displace indigenous people and build new European societies on their lands. 
We reaffirm that there is no room in this historic and foundational analysis of our struggle for any attacks on our Jewish allies, Jews, or Judaism; nor denying the Holocaust; nor allying in any way shape or form with any conspiracy theories, far-right, orientalist, and racist arguments, associations and entities. Challenging Zionism, including the illegitimate power of institutions that support the oppression of Palestinians, and the illegitimate use of Jewish identities to protect and legitimize oppression, must never become an attack on Jewish identities, nor the demeaning and denial of Jewish histories in all their diversity.
The Angry Arab, another intellectually dishonest coward in the same league as the people who wrote and endorsed the letter above, has also rejected Gilad Atzmon for daring to write about, openly discuss, and criticize Jewishness and Jewish identity politics.

What is with these people?  How dishonest and cowardly are their actions and behaviors?  How backwards is their thinking?

If we are ever going to seriously address the problems confronting not only the Palestinians, but all of humanity, we are going to have to openly and honestly discuss Jewish power, Jewish supremacism, and Jewish identity.  I'll be the first to say that Gilad's failure to point out that Israel and Jewish criminals were the prime conspirators behind the events of 9/11 and all that has followed render him somewhat suspect in my mind, but he is certainly pushing the dialogue in the right direction and raising some very important points, especially considering his background.  We cannot allow the criminals to control how we think and analyze them and their crime network.  They have controlled the narrative for far too long.  It's time to call a spade a spade and be truthful for a change.

Check out this interview Gilad did with Cynthia McKinney and see for yourself if he is some irrational "anti-Semitic" racist, as Ali Abunimah and the rest of these shills would have us believe.  Does he not raise valid points that should be honestly discussed?  Or is critical discussion or criticism directed towards Jews, Jewish identity, and Jewishness off limits?  If so, why exactly?



  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  2. jews telling us about jews.
    welcome to the mouse wheel.
    falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.


    hope you are well, john.

  3. I agree. I am reticent to throw my entire weight behind him, although at least he speaks to "jewishness" as it exists. For quite a while he wouldn't even question the holohoax. I dunno....

  4. Hey guys, Gilad is a mixed bag with his limited hangout stance on the Holocaust. Regarding 9/11, i don't know if I've ever even heard him discuss or write about it. Nevertheless, he is challenging the typical Jewish controlled narrative in an extremely intelligent manner. I think he brings a lot to the table, and is a very valuable source of information.

  5. Well John, as a propaganda-inundated jew, I can at least understand Gilad's "limited hangout" stance on the supposed jewish "holocaust". I can get that . . . but then again, as a learned guy questioning all this stuff about zionism and obviously having to have done his research and question everything . . . yeah, maybe I shouldn't be so forgiving for that.

    I think the test, as it is for many, is 9/11. If he even hints at swallowing any of that official conspiracy crap that the msm feeds us . . . he's officially in the "official dissent" camp that folks like Chomsky currently reside in (and anyone else on official opposition sites like Democracy Now et al).

    1. Well put slozo, a friend of mine attended Gilad's speech in Los Angeles on his recent US tour and asked him publicly about 9/11, and Gilad basically dodged the question and tried to make a joke. That's weak.

      He won't go near 9/11 Truth or the Holohoax for obvious reasons. But, like I said above, I do think he is offering us some valuable information and insight into Jewish identity politics. Could you imagine if he came out publicly saying Israel was behind 9/11 or the Holohoax was exactly that - a hoax? Could you imagine the Alan Dershowitz' of the world? These guys would have a stroke!


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