Monday, February 27, 2012

A Wise Old Man visits the Academy Awards Ceremony

Zan Overall, a Wise Old Man and good friend, visited the Academy Awards Ceremony yesterday in Hollywood.  He wrote the following review of the 9/11 Propaganda Movie of the Year, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
"Extremely Loud" is beautifully written, acted and produced. I like that! When I am being propagandized I like to see them do a good job of it. It shows a modicum of respect for their target.

The film perpetuates the lies about 9/11 we have been told by the government and the media. Unfortunately for them, millions of Americans now see through the official fairy tale. Millions know the buildings came down as controlled demolitions, a feat beyond the powers of some "Ayrabs" operating out of Afghanistan.

"Extremely" uses a personal sob story to reinforce the failing official lie.

Let's have a sequel!. The boy Oskar is very intelligent. In the sequel let's have him use that intelligence to learn the truth about who did 9/11 and killed his father. It wasn't "Ayrabs," folks!
Below are some photos taken yesterday in Hollywood. You can see the entire gallery here.  Zan Overall is a man with courage, conviction, and honesty, traits sorely lacking in the United States these days.  God bless him.


  1. Thanks for sharing John. I had a good day at the Academy Awards. I've been shooting photos of Zan's one-man demos for about 5 years now.he is a real inspiration to me. I've learned alot from him.
    It seems to me like more and more folks are starting to read and listen to what the wise old man says, some even go out of their way to thank him.
    I gave him a ride back to his car, near the Hollywood Bowl...Zan did 4 hours on the blvd. he was really tired. I know i was.

    Outside the Oscars the security gets tighter and tighter every year . I could not find the Ron Paul banner or Occupy LA folks due to all the street closures and chain link fencing.

    Zan joined me later in the day, south of Sunset blvd w/his "NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL" placard, We held our signs for the limos to see. I got a big thumbs up from one of the drivers but the windows are all tinted on the sides...would be interesting to see and hear what the passengers/celebs are saying.
    Last year some rolled down the windows and shot pics of us.
    Its important we keep the 911 Truth topic visible, especially now, more than ever!

  2. Chic, thanks for sharing the report on working with Zan. Great to hear that the tide is turning.

  3. Thanks to everyone brave enough to be out there spreading the truth. I salute you!

  4. Do I need to say he's a souless jew?
    But, then...if you know you're going to hell anyway....

  5. Here is a comment from Zan Overall:

    Thanks, John for helping me spread the message.
    I intended to concentrate on the movie “Extremely Loud” as
    propaganda but the “NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL” got so much more response that I did more on that. Here are some comments on the pictures.

    #1: I have learned that standing with a sign gets you nowhere.
    People ignore you and the message. You have to be like a barker. As a would be comedian I put together this spiel once I got there:
    “NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!!! (Pause) Well, maybe one more. One more little one! And then THAT’S IT!!!!! THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!
    We took out Iraq for you, Israel. We took out Afghanistan.
    Well, we tried. And we even picked up the tab for these crazy
    wars. There’s no satisfying you, Israel! Now you want us to attack Iran!!!! That’s not the “one more little one” I was talking about.”

    The humor got people’s attention. Tuxedoed journalists going
    by heard and smiled or laughed. They heard me and will remember what I said. They didn’t stop and interview me.
    They have to think of their jobs.

    On “Extremely Loud,” I spieled: “Even the sheep are coming out of their sleep and learning the official story is bogus. When a hypnotized subject starts to come out of their trance, the hypnotist has to deepen the trance. That’s what this sob story
    movie is meant to do…..Propaganda disguised as entertainment.”

    #2 This woman came up to me, looked in my eyes and thanked
    me for doing what I was doing. Very moving for me. I told her to talk it up, that’s all we have: the internet and word of mouth.

    #4: I would like people reading this to look at my (twelve) “Wise Old Man” videos on the net. This sign has a mistake in it. Please go to: Would be great if you would comment and “like.”
    Speaking of comedy, please check out a sketch I wrote and
    read. It’s called “God Is a Goy? Oy!”

    #6: The wonderful photographer, Mike Chickey, took closeups of all the flyers I handed out, like this one. I would be glad to send you attached copies of any that interest you. Go to: to see them and all the photos he took that day.
    I wrote them all except for the one using Architects and Engineers information.

  6. check it out:

    Why is ICNC so afraid of people who say Jews and Israel were behind 9/11?


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