Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Vancouver Hearings

This should be an interesting event:

The Vancouver Hearings
The Denman Theatre, 15-17 June 2012
Organizers: James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., and Joshua Blakeney

PROGRAM: 5 PM—Doors Open. 6-10 PM—Speakers, Discussion, and Debate

Friday, 15 June 2012:

Master of Ceremonies: Jack Etkin
6:00-7:00 PM: Orientation and Keynote Address: Splitting the Sky
7:00-9:00 PM: Session 1: How were the Twin Towers destroyed?
  • *Charles Boldwyn, “Conventional Explosives and Nanothermite?” (40 minutes)
  • *Kurt Miller, “Mini-Nukes or Directed Energy Weaponry?” (40 minutes)
  • *Dwain Deets, “Alternative Theories about the Twin Towers” (40 minutes)
9:00-10:00 PM: Discussion and Debate

Saturday, 16 June 2012:

9:00-11:00 AM: Session 2: Video Fakery and Planes/No Planes
  • *Morgan Reynolds, “Some Problems with the Plane Stories” (40 minutes)
  • *Mike Sparks, “What did and didn’t happen at the Pentagon” (40 minutes)
  • *Jim Fetzer, “Fakery and Fraud in the ‘official account’ of 9/11” (40 minutes)
11:00-Noon: Discussion and Debate
Noon-1:30 PM: Lunch on the town
1:30-4:30 PM: Session 3: The Hijackers, the Phone Calls, and the Passengers
  • *Elias Davidsson, “There is no proof hijackers were on those planes” (40 minutes)
  • A.K. Dewdney, “The phone calls from the planes were faked” (40 minutes)
  • *Dean Hartwell, “If there were no planes, were there passengers?” (40 minutes)
4:30-5:30: Discussion and Debate
5:30-7:00: Dinner on the town
7:00-9:00 PM: Session 4: Who was responsible for 9/11 and why?
  • *Kevin Barrett, (40 minutes)
  • *Joshua Blakeney, (40 minutes)
  • James Petras, (40 minutes)
9:00-10:00 PM: Discussion and Debate

Sunday 17 June 2012:

9:00-11:00 AM: Session 5: The Media and the Intelligence Agencies
  • *Anthony Hall, (40 minutes)
  • Barrie Zwicker, (40 minutes)
  • Webster Tarpley, (40 minutes)
11:00-Noon: Discussion and Debate
* Speakers are confirmed.

I am extremely delighted to see a 9/11 Truth Conference that addresses the more controversial aspects of 9/11, namely video fakery, the role of Israel and a wider network of Zionist Jews in carrying out the attacks, and alternative explanations as to how the towers were destroyed.  I'm a bit disappointed that brilliant researchers like ZionCrimeFactory, Daryl Bradford Smith, Chris Bollyn, and the producers of 9/11 Missing Links are not on the list of speakers. These are the sources, in my opinion, who have thoroughly and incontrovertibly proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Israel and an international network of Zionist Jews carried out, covered up, and benefitted from 9/11 more so than any other entity or organization.

That being said, this may be the most comprehensive 9/11 Truth Conference ever. I know I'm going to need a vacation this summer, and I've never been to Vancouver... road trip anyone?

I would really encourage everyone to read this Open Letter to the 9/11 Truth Community written by the organizers of this conference and published at Veterans Today.  Some brief excerpts:

After considering mixed feedback from prominent members of the 9/11 Truth community, we have decided to revise our proposal for The Vancouver Hearings, to be held at Vancouver’s Denman Theater on 15-17 June 2012. Upon reflection, we believe that our preliminary proposal, which called The Toronto Hearings “acutely disappointing,” was a mistake. Our aim in holding the Vancouver Hearings is not to belittle The Toronto Hearings. On the contrary, we appreciate the efforts of those who organized The Toronto Hearings and agree that the overall evidence presented there does amount to a convincing case against the US government’s version of what happened on 9/11.

The purpose of The Vancouver Hearings instead is to critique and supplement the Toronto Hearings, not undermine or dismiss them. The Vancouver Hearings will feature experts who will analyze and question certain aspects of the evidence presented at The Toronto Hearings—as well as other experts who will argue in favor of The Toronto Hearings’ evidence. [...]

The Vancouver Hearings is designed to expand the range of inquiry in relation to the issues addressed at The Toronto Hearings. Those hearings limited themselves to presenting what the organizers considered the “best evidence” against the official version of 9/11, without considering questions of who actually perpetrated the attacks and why. [...]

The five areas in which we believe a supplemental conference of this kind can make a constructive contribution include especially these:

(1) how the Twin Towers were destroyed through a comparison of the explanatory power of alternative theories of conventional explosives, exotic accelerants including nano-thermite, mini-nukes and directed energy devices;

(2) the role of the planes in these events, where there is a noticeable absence of debris of the kinds and quantities expected at all four of the alleged “crash sites”–and where there are even indications that some kind of video fakery may have occurred in New York;

(3) the absence of proof that the alleged “hijackers” were aboard any of the planes, that the purported “phone calls” were faked, and that even the passenger manifests are suspect and cannot be taken to be authentic;

(4) who was responsible and why it was done, including an evaluation of evidence that implicates neo-cons in the Department of Defense and other—surprisingly extensive—indications that the Mossad had an important role in this; and,

(5) the role of the media in collaboration with the intelligence agencies in covering up what really happened, typified by Jane Standley’s early report that WTC-7 had collapsed, when the building was visible over her shoulder and would not occur for nearly 30 minutes more.

For these and other reasons, we believe that a follow-up conference like this one, which addresses both the accomplishments and the limitations of The Toronto Hearings, will be a worthwhile exercise. We invite those who disagree with us on any of these issues to submit suggestions of names for potential speakers at The Vancouver Hearings. We have a tentative line-up representing alternative positions, but we are open to additional participants representing alternative points of view. [...]


  1. I sent Dr. Jim Fetzer a message just now asking him to consider inviting some of the sources exposing Israel's central role in the 9/11 attacks.

  2. Jim Fetzer is Craig Lazo's close friend and mentor. Not surprising he's involved with the group(s) putting this event on.

  3. And Craig Lazo is... who exactly? Killtown's real name?

  4. R You for real to ask that question? Why do you think Blakeney and Fetzer have not asked "real" truth seekers to join them? Any idea at all? Those cowards are purposely shooting arrows, but never pointing at the target. They are both pathetic jokes of the real truth. You gotta come outta your trance John Friend. Also, you may want to print rather than have a little kid draw your next 911 poster. It would have a better effect. Don't ya think?

  5. LOL- obviously I disagree with you. Fetzer and Blakeney have both exposed Israel's central role in 9/11. Both of them are pretty weak when it comes to the Holohoax though, I'll give you that.

    I have a question for you: do you actually read Fetzer's writings? Or listen to his podcasts? If you did, I'm sure you would understand that this man is a truth teller and a true scholar.

    Haha, what's wrong with the poster? I thought it was pretty appropriate for this post.

  6. Years ago JREF found out Killtown's name was Craig Lazo. Probably because his gf told "Unsecured Coins" and he told everyone else. But somehow Lazo's ID was kept secret from truthers for a couple more years until 2010 when everyone knew:

    It's part of the reason Lazo had to move back to California.

    Fetzer was one of the people who always knew Killtown was Craig Lazo and supported him no matter what Lazo did. Considering Lazo's obnoxious history as "Killtown", anyone supporting Fetzer needs to think about that.

    A better, more objective blog about Lazo/Killtown:

  7. John,

    I have never heard the name "Craig Lazo", which means this is fabricated out of thin air. I do know killtown, whom I regard as among the very best students of 9/11 in its history.

    For someone who is unwilling to use his name to post such rubbish has to be deliberate and is itself a nice example of a cowardly act. I guess the psyops are neverending.

    You might want to update the program, John, because it has been considerable revised and expanded. Go to for more.

    We appreciate your support. And you are right: Josh and I are also doing what we can to expose the role of the Mossad in 9/11. See, for example, "Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots" (with James Preston).



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