Monday, February 13, 2012

The Protocols explained

Anonymous, a group that tends to be pretty popular with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, uses Dr. William Pierce to explain the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in the video below.  This is the sort of information that has typically been suppressed by most in the Occupy movement because it's "racist" or "anti-Semitic" or "distracting".  

Maybe Anonymous will help break the Occupy movement's reluctance to address the issue of Jewish power and supremacy?  I remain skeptical, but who knows?


  1. Fine video. Complete and concise. I checked on the NYT cover for May 10, 1943 (Warsaw Ghetto Uprising an Over-reaction) and that seems to be a satirical piece of some sort. Otherwise, A-OK.

  2. why do we need someone (no one) who is hiding behind this ANONYMOUS BANNER to present this information to us?... complete with caveats and apologetics right up front?

    'don't be too distracted by the use o f the word jew'

    this is the shell-game. this is a tip-off about the real intent of this production. isn't it? and yes, as the robot guy says... it is 'tricky'.

    'fellow anonymous digital evangelists of truth'

    the robot guy encouraging people toward cowardice with religious fervor no less!. when one is anonymous - one is NO ONE. this applies to stage names as well, obviously.

    dr. pierce used his real name and was real person... as did henry ford... so does john friend.

    remain skeptical JF.

    'we are anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget' .

    as the old dictionary puts it - anonymous: lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction

  3. I'm glad anonymous has addressed the International Jew issue. The Jewish people (so-called) are brainwashed to believe the protocols is just anti-semitism so they avoid and deny it. It would seem that anonymous is trying to include them in the education. After all, they were sacrificed like sheep in WW2 (not 6 million or the ovens but enough horror and mayhem to make them flee) most are so deluded they live in a parallel universe which keeps them alienated from the rest of us. Clever, Or..."tricky" as anonymous says in the video. And which is why I can't stand them. But they are on the Titanic too whether they know it or not. It needs to become part of the occupy movement. What I like about the movement anyway is that people do take the message around, like you did. Like others have. The names Rothschild and Rockafeller need to become a common mantra. I figure it will happen soonor or later so I keep supporting the movement.

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by. brian I completely agree man. And I definitely remain skeptical.

    Hey Genie, very well said. I'm glad to see Anonymous addressing this "tricky" issue (although I do not think it's tricky, it's pretty plain and simple when you actually read the Protocols). In my experience, most of the OWS people are communists, socialists, or LGBT activists - all Jew World Order useful idiots. There are some people who know what's up in the OWS movement, but they are few and far between, and don't seem to be in any leadership roles. At least from what I've seen and read about.

    We need a large movement against the Jewish supremacists, the pedophiles and Satanists, the Israeli whores, and the banksters, not so much against the vague, unidentifiable "corporations" or "lobbyists". Let's get specific here, and not be afraid to call a spade a spade. Now is the time.

  5. We may need to ask "will the REAL ANONYMOUS, please stand up!"

    Anyways, this has been attributed to anon. via the jewish rag "Forward":

    "Hackers Threaten To Wipe Israel off Cyberspace"

    This blogger is (eternally) skeptical:

    My sense is, the CIA IS ISRAEL, at least they work firstly for the int'l zio banksters.

    Hard to say if they're a "single-moving-part" with mossad, and/or what to make of the occasional tales of disagreement between the 2 nations. Actually hard to imagine that CIA, State Dept etc don't have a few patriots esp at the lower levels, critical of israel & the West's debt servitude to the zio-banksters.

  6. Hey anon, I think Anonymous is being used by certain spooks, just like Wikileaks. Both organizations, while not outright intelligence operations, are being manipulated and used by the spooks, at least in my best judgement.

    The thing about Israel, is that they have dirt on everyone. They also have spies working all throughout the government (sayamin, blackmailed puppets, ect.), not to mention they basically control all of our communications. I'm sure there are plenty of insiders at the CIA, State, Pentagon, White House, ect. that are sick and tired of the bullshit from the Israelis and their puppets in the US government, but there is little they can do. If they speak out or try to change anything, they know they will be purged, outcasted, or killed. Besides, very few in American have any sort of backbone these days. We're a nation of cowards by and large. We can't even recognize 9/11 for what is was, and it is so fucking obvious at this point.

    The Jew World Order is here, and it ain't going anywhere until we arrest these bastards. The pedophiles, the Satanists, the banksters, the war profiteers, the traitors, the Israel firsters - all of the scum bags must be arrested for treason and high crimes against the state.


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