Thursday, February 16, 2012

One of the only patriots on TV AXED from Fox News

Whatever you think of Judge Napolitano, he was one of the ONLY commentators in the mainstream media that stood up for the Constitution and American values.  His show was recently cancelled, probably because of the things he said in the videos below.


  1. Oh please.
    All show.
    Leopards can't change their spots.
    After taking $$$$$$ shilling for Rupert Murdoch, for how many years, all of a sudden this zionist shill has a change of heart?
    What next? Jerry Rivers having the Star of David removed from his hand
    ON AIR? OMG!!!
    How about Dennis Miller screaming mea culpa LIVE for selling his soul.
    They're ALL CON MEN.
    They gain you're CON fidence.
    To CON you.
    "By deception shall we wage war".
    Nikola Tesla, who was cheated by jews out of virtually every invention he ever made, said "never trust a jew".
    (he left out "and all of their henchmen").

    Jewllywood even made the movie
    "The Prestige", with jew David Bowie as Tesla to gloat over their victory.

    You're waiting for the wolves to
    lead the flock out of the valley.

    They already are.
    Into the Pit.

  2. Nap's guest, former CIA Michael Scheur isn't a full friend of say, 911 Truth- but I do enjoy this classic where he handled an "anti-Semitic C-Span caller", < 2 mins:

    "Zionist claim truth about Zionism is Anti-Semitic"

  3. As I posted on my blog on this video yesterday, this is just scrambled eggs. There is no "Saudi Hand", they don't take orders from Israel (they all serve the same master)they don't control anything. The video had me LMAO. The Mexican Drug Cartels, they are organized and controlled by the US, are they not? Scheuer's function was to promote the bin-Laden myth. How far can we take this guy? I don't know anything about Napolitano but
    pass me the ketchup...

  4. Good points raised by everyone. Judge Nap, Scheur, and Anthony Schaffer aren't going anywhere close to the truth, and the talk of Saudi involvement in 9/11 (other than playing the patsies) is laughable and a major distraction.

    Judge Nap is a Constitutionalist, which I applaud. He is not a truth teller.

    You will never find the truth in the mainstream. You can find facts and good information in the mainstream press if you know what to look for, but that's about it...


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