Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Occult ritual abuse and pedophilia

In the early 1990s, John DeCamp wrote The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, which detailed a pedophile ring used to service and blackmail politicians and other elites, engage in Satanic rituals, and other illegal, disgusting behavior.

This pedophile ring was centered in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, but was linked to politicians and other high-profile individuals all across the country, even in the White House.

How prevalent is Occult ritual child abuse, Satanism, and pedophilia? These operations are often very well organized, involving elements of the government, police, judicial system, and other elites and (supposedly) respected members of the community, like teachers. Many participants, especially the high level ones, in these disgusting activities seem to be protected by the media and law enforcement agencies.

Yesterday, in the Jeruaelem Post, we read:

Police rearrested nine people involved in a well-known Jerusalem Breslov cult suspected of sexual and emotional abuse of cult members, after the head of the cult attempted to interfere with the investigation by hiding some of the state’s witnesses, police said Monday.

Four of the men were ordered held in remand by the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Monday, and five more suspects will be remanded on Tuesday. The four men were remanded for five days while police continue their investigation. They are suspected of harassment of witnesses and intention to commit a crime, in addition to multiple counts of sexual abuse, child abuse, slavery, rape and imprisonment from their treatment of the women and children.
In Los Angeles, two teachers have recently been arrested for child sexual abuse:

A second teacher has been arrested at a Los Angeles school after a fellow staff member was charged with taking bondage-style photographs of children.

Martin Springer, 49, is suspected of sexually abusing young children at the Miramonte elementary school over the past three years.

The arrest, on Friday, comes four days after teacher Mark Berndt was charged with committing lewd acts on 23 children at the same school.

Captain Mike Parker of the Los Angeles county sheriffs said the two cases were not thought to be connected. Springer was being held on $2m (£1.27m) bail.

Berndt, who worked at the school for 32 years, was charged with committing lewd acts on 23 children, aged 6 to 10, between 2005 and 2010. It is alleged he photographed and sexually abused the children while they were blindfolded.
Same story, again and again.  Check out Jeff Rense's interview with Linda Stone for more information regarding Satanic ritual abuse and Linda's personal experience with it:


  1. It's good to see this stuff exposed.

    - Aangirfan

  2. John, It goes a lot deeper than even this... The Queen of England is one real sick pedophiliac for example, along with most of the twisted sickos in the Rothschild clan.

    You are just starting to scratch the surface, my friend... This information is something that I and others have been well aware of for years....

    Most of your government is also involved and they have murdered thousands of innocent children in not only pedophilia rings, but as ritual blood sacrifices to their jewish god.... And they have murdered hundreds of people who have spoken out against their criminality.

  3. This stuff is real. And it really does go back not just decades, but centuries. Believe it or not I have first hand knowledge of that fact. It's just another method of human control.

  4. Icke's article is good, overviews status of Holly Grieg case as well,

    And how about this CO ex-sheriff, once national "sheriff of the year", sitting in the new jail which bears his name?

    Video search "Brian Gerrish", UK Patriot who's exposing UK's NWO front group "Common Purpose", and the Elite ped circus which CP appears to be knee-deep in. And they're breaking up families on bogus allegations, and taking the kids away for this! There are numerous great speeches & interviews with him. His sites are:

    here he speaks last year in London rally against child abuse, 17 mins:

  5. Hey Aangirfan, thanks for dropping by. This stuff has to be exposed. You really woke me up to a lot of this. Thanks for all the excellent work you do to show the world just who these sick people are.

  6. Hey Jody and Northertruthseeker, thanks for the input. I agree. And the worst thing is that they have the ability to cover these disgusting crimes up. The entire judicial system is involved in many instances.

    It's funny - right when I started looking more deeply into 9/11, I ran across DeCamp's book at my parents house when I was visiting. I had never heard of any of this pedophilia, Satanic stuff - it took me a while to settle down after discovering this information. It still makes my blood boil.

  7. Hey Anon, thanks for all that info and the links. I will check out Icke's article now. I am familiar with the sheriff in CO - Jonathan Elinoff broke this story a couple months ago. It's amazing how often the judicial system and law enforcement are involved, not to mention high level politicians, intelligence agencies, and other elites. It explains how they continue to get away with these crimes...

    I was also familiar with Gerrish, but thanks for those links. I'll check it out soon.

    If we can't stand up for and protect our children, we have failed collectively as human beings.

  8. I will wait to comment more, right after Nobody gives you a shout out for piling in on pedophiles. ;)

    You will get the reference, I am sure . . . other than that, good work as always.

  9. LOL, hey slozo! I hear you loud and clear buddy! Blog drama...

    Thanks for the compliment! Much appreciated! May these pedo/Satanist fuckers roast in hell!


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