Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iran is NOT pursuing nuclear weapons

A news brief for all Zionist warmongers working overtime to convince the gullible American public Iran is a dangerous threat set on developing nuclear weapons:


  1. Even if Iran did have a nuke, which they don't and since they've only been able to enrich uranium to less than 20%, which is a far cry from the 90%+ needed for a bomb, anyone who thinks Iran would lob it into Israel is either a Zionist whore, a Zionist war monger or one of the nuttier Evangelical Christians eagerly awaiting WWIII so they climb a 'Stairway to Heaven' built out of the radioactive corpses of billions of humans.

  2. John, the key is the Petro-dollar, and America's total dependence on it to stay afloat...Even to the point that any nation that ends their trading of oil in Petrodollars is attacked and destroyed...

    Libya, and Iraq are the prime examples, where both countries moved away from the criminal Petrodollar and were invaded and destroyed as a result...

  3. NT, I'm pretty sure that there is no "American" policy at work and the Zio-banking satanists are not primarily concerned with America's finances. Moving finances around is how there feed themselves.

    Yes, Libya and Iraq were outside the banking system, but "revolution" in the Arab countries was the program all along.

    John, how'd the show go? Give us some details.

  4. Hey everyone! The presentation/discussion went really well! Here is the PDF of the outline I made for the presentation.

    Video should be up soon, hopefully.


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