Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deanna Spingola interviews ZionCrimeFactory

Deanna Spingola, one of the most fearless truth tellers out there, interviewed the outstanding researcher, writer, and historian ZionCrimeFactory today on her radio show, Spingola Speaks. I called in to commend ZionCrimeFactory for his excellent work and website, and to make a few comments. I come on at roughly the twenty minute mark in the second video.

Please take the time to listen to this entire interview if you haven't already. These facts need to be understood by as many people as possible if we are ever going to overcome the criminal Jewish crime network that has control over our country, media, and banking system. We cannot let their lies and propaganda dominate the political discourse of the Western world any longer.


  1. Greetings John.

    Taking stock of where the world is today February 11, 2012.

    1) "those who say they are jews but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan" refers to, with 99.9% probability, to the zionists. They are a political not religous group. Some zionists, like Biden, Clinton, Bush, Rockefeller are not jewish. All jews are not zionists. Some jews condem the secular state of isreal because it should not actually exist until after the messiah has returned. The present bain of civilization is zionism.

    2) Zionists control private central banks and thereby the governments in 193 of 197 countries of the world. Lead by the Rothschilds, the international usury bankers are now actively implementing a one world currency and thereby a one world government. The unfolding zionist NWO intends to have the a 1% of mankind, the zionists, as feudal lords, over the 99% of mankind, the people.

    3) To achieve the zionist NWO two actions are presently coming to a climax. i) the fiat world money system is being bankrupted to be replaced by a singel world currency based on gold of which the zionists have 500 billion dollars of real gold deposited in Switzerland. The zionists will print/issue the SDRs or equivalent to lend to all governments with usury. ii) the international border system, demarcating separate sovereign countries, is being abolished by fomenting a third world war wherein the christians and muslims will drag all countries of the world into a nuclear thermal armageddon. The zionist NWO will be offered as a solution to end WWIII.

    4) There are tens of thousands of individuals around the world who are afflicted by electronic harassment. Over 80% of those targetted are peace activists, anti-war, anti-zionist and/or anti-government. In other words those being irradiated or 'cooked' have taken the red pill and are discussing with other people what they see - the truth about the world we live in.


  2. Hey Mouser, interesting perspective, I would point out that the Jewish religion is, at it's core, supremacist in nature and has called for Jews to control the world. Zionism is just a recent manifestation of Jewish supremacism, or another tool for the Jews to use on their way to world domination and control. They've used Communism, capitalism, multiculturalism, feminism, Zionism, ect. to advance their agenda. Anything to keep people from looking at THEIR actions and agenda, which is where the focus needs to be. We should all be uniting in our distain for Jewish power and supremacism, which includes Zionism of course.

    Your 4th point is quite startling and I have no doubt that is happening, maybe even to me at times. Sometimes it feels that way...

  3. Amazing interview. Nuff said. Thanks loads for posting.

  4. Hey Noor, it was quite an excellent interview. ZCF was also on Charlie Guiliani's show yesterday. You may be interested in downloading it.

    Hope all is well! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. John, is this a second show with DS? Thanks,

  6. Hey Anon, yup it is the second show.


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