Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chem trails in San Diego?

I took this short video of what appeared to me to be a massive chem trail near my house in San Diego today:

Here are some more pictures from today:

Alan Roland recently published an article in Veterans Today titled, "Numbing Out Of America - Public Apathy Explained," arguing that a combination of chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere, in conjunction with GMO foods and fluoridated water, are hindering the vast majority of Americans from waking up to the New (Jew) World Order and their agenda. He writes:
Let’s get something straight, what the global financial elite fear more than terrorism or any foreign threat, is the people armed with the truth. What better way to keep the masses at bay than spraying them with immune system weakening aerosol, sedating them with fluorides and finally slowly weakening them with genetically modified Foods ~ which are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
I'd add that the constant barrage of propaganda in the media, entertainment, music, and school system has essentially vaccinated many Americans from even understanding the basic truths of this world, like the obvious fact 9/11 was an inside job done by Israel and an international network of (mostly) Jewish criminals that has control of this country.

Check out this excellent documentary for more on chem trails:


  1. And non-stop bullshitspraying John..

  2. About once or twice per week, we get it here in very rural TN. A sure sign is that normal air traffic is hardly noticeable.

    However, on the spray days, traffic is unreal in comparison.

    I probably need to record the off days (5 of 7, anyway) and then compare to the heavy days.

    Fluoride helps aluminum cross over the blood brain barrier, allowing it to infiltrate and destroy brain tissue.

  3. John, I live in Carlsbad and I saw the same stuff you did. They've really been having at it lately, haven't they? We took 28 pics of chemcrap yesterday!

    My wife and I got a countertop water distiller. It's fun to crack your own H2O and know it's pure. You should see what's left over in the boiler afterwards. SD water is harsh.

    I like and respect what you stand for in life, Mr. Friend.


  4. John did you see this? This is up in my area. I am use to seeing military transports because of Moffet field. This would have been interesting to see anyway.

  5. Hey Buelahman, I think they're spraying this shit everywhere, no one is immune unfortunately...

    Hey biggee, thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it. They were chem trailing the shit out of San Diego until about 1pm, then most of it went away, at least in my area of town.

    Hey Genie, I did see that video, I actually posted it here a couple weeks ago. Crazy stuff... it seems they really are going to go ahead a invade Iran and possibly even Syria. Maybe they needed that equipment transported over there?

  6. Heavy spraying in the LA area also John! made an interesting backdrop for the "No War on Iran" Protests

  7. It's obvious that those are chemtrails, and it's also obvious that there is no public benefit to be identified with them, for this simple reason.

    The local SD rag, the Union-Tribune, has its tongue so far up the military's ass that you would need explosives to knock it loose. If there were anything beneficial about these sprayings, the UT would be gushing all over on the front page about it. And yet, to my absolute shock -- SHOCK, I tellz 'ya -- and amazement, the birdcage liner called the UT has ZERO to say about any of this. It has also had ZERO to say about the goings-on at Fukushima. Is it possible that I'm shocked?

  8. Hey Genie, I did see that video, I actually posted it here a couple weeks ago

    oh then I prob got it from you! Don't you love people who inform you what you've informed them? lol

  9. I agree with you Anon, totally agree. If you haven't already, I would recommend you take a look at the post I did on Fukushima, in which I basically posted a lengthy article by Jim Stone, who alleges that Israel played a role in the disaster. It's titled, "Israel behind Fukushima?"

    Hey Genie! LOL! No worries!

  10. Add in the followers of the 'Prince of Peace,' the rabid Bible thumping Evangelical Christians who are some of the biggest fans of these endless wars and the task of getting Americans to see and understand that they're being taken for suckers, that makes for one helluva mountain to climb to get out the REAL truth, but it must be done, no matter how long it takes or the personal costs to those trying to pry off the blinders from soulless American eyes.

    Around here, the chemtrails have been increasing in frequency and size. Sometimes, the damned things fill the entire sky, making it look like someone's playing a psychotic game of "Tic-Tac-Toe' where no one wins, except the PTB.

    The largest one I've seen so far had 10 chemtrails criss-crossing the sky and they lingered there for at least 20 minutes.

    During WWII, both the USSR and Germany put fluoride into their POW's water, since they knew it helped make them passive. With more and more American towns no longer adding fluoride to their water, are these chemtrails the replacement to keep us POW's passive?


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