Monday, January 23, 2012

Suggestions for Ron Paul

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the more sober and straightforward political analysts around, has some suggestions for Ron Paul:
Ron Paul should be making the point that Social Security and Medicare are threatened by multi-trillion dollar wars that are funded by debt, by bailouts of a deregulated banking system, and by money creation to keep the banks afloat. [...]

Instead of hitting hard on the serious threat to Social Security and Medicare posed by Obama and Republican candidates for the nomination, all of whom serve Wall Street, the military/security complex, and the Israel Lobby, Ron Paul has been positioned both by his supporters and his opponents as the danger to Social Security and Medicare. This is an amazing strategic mistake by the Ron Paul campaign. [...]

Many libertarians regard Social Security and Medicare as welfare handouts and as Ponzi schemes, when in fact these programs are a form of private property. People pay for these programs all their working lives, just as they pay premiums for private medical policies and make their deposits into private pension plans.
I agree with Dr. Roberts' suggestions.

Cutting or otherwise reducing (by increasing the age requirement for retirees to claim their Social Security or Medicare benefits, for instance) the already extremely meager social services that Americans pay specific taxes for in order to "balance the budget" is a ludicrous idea and way off the mark.

How about cutting off the trillions of dollars funneled into the manufactured "War on Terror"? How about cutting the billions of dollars annually sent to Israel and other foreign nations and organizations, which in no way, shape, or form benefit the American people? How about expropriating the trillions of dollars the banksters have stolen from the American people, starting in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act?

Mark Glenn and Mark Dankoff discussed Ron Paul and his candidacy in their recent podcast over at The Ugly Truth. I'd like to expand on their discussion, and offer a few suggestions of my own to Ron Paul and his campaign.

For starters, Ron Paul should be pointing out that the most influential -- and insidious -- political lobby in the United States today is the network of think tanks, lobbyists, journalists and organizations compromising the Israel lobby.  He could point to various scholars, academics, and journalists who have thoroughly exposed this lobby and its domination of American politics and discourse to the detriment of the American people.  He could very easily point out the fact that Zionist stooge Newt Gingrich is being backed to the tune of millions of dollars by a hardcore Zionist Jew and Israel-Firster, Sheldon Adelson, who just pledged yet another $5 million to the Gingrich campaign after his recent South Carolina primary victory.  He could also point out the recent brief filed in the DC Court of Appeals claiming (correctly) that AIPAC is a foreign agent of the Israeli government.

Instead of cowardly dismissing the idea that 9/11 was indeed an inside job, why doesn't Ron Paul cite the countless scholars, scientists, architects, engineers, and other professionals who have not only thoroughly refuted and debunked the official government conspiracy theory explaining the events that day, but have also explicitly identified the prime suspects behind the attacks? The next time Ron Paul is asked about 9/11, why doesn't he pull out a copy of the police report documenting the fact that the only individuals arrested on 9/11 in connection with the attacks were Israeli Mossad agents, and explain that there were over 200 Israeli spies arrested in the weeks leading up to 9/11? Why doesn't Ron Paul explain the Gerald Shea Memo, which clearly documents this Israeli spy ring, and the fact that its members were actually monitoring and controlling the Arab "terrorist hijacker" patsies that took the blame for 9/11?

Why doesn't Ron Paul mention the USS Liberty, an outrageous attack carried out by the Israeli military, which killed 34 U.S. sailors, but was covered up by the Zionist-controlled U.S. government and media? Ron Paul could point to other examples of Israel's dirty dealing when it comes to the United States, including the countless examples of Israeli espionage, theft of classified information and technologies (including military and nuclear technologies), and murder of American citizens, to name just a few examples.

Why doesn't Ron Paul call for the immediate arrest of President Obama and every member of Congress that voted for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which officially sanctions the U.S. government to indefinitely detain any American citizen accused of terrorist associations (whatever that may mean)? In the next debate aired on prime time television, why doesn't Ron Paul suggest that the FBI arrest President Obama and Congress for treason and high crimes against the state? There is sufficient evidence to convict the entire federal government of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul will not do anything discussed above for reasons laid out here and here.

And here in his own words:


  1. Again, thanks to anonymous for sharing that video here. I, in turn, shared it at my place and come to the same basic conclusion.

    Paul is flirting with the Zionists and has the inability to call a spade, a spade.

    How many nails does a person need to close the coffin on RP? I have been everywhere trying to get SOMEONE to hold Paul's feet to the fire he ignited and thus far I have been unsuccessful).

    I do appreciate you holding him to scrutiny.

    911 is enough for me, but with this, I need no more nails.

  2. Thank you for keeping up your informed work in the pursuit of truth.

    The "voting" fraud, as exposed by Gingrinch "winning" in a state he couldn't get sufficient supporter turnout to even hold a rally meeting, means Diebold and company will determine the results - not the voters.

    We are in totalinarianism (sp?). The 1% is now deciding via manipulation of voting machines who will be the next front-man puppet.

    We now live under tyranny.

    My $00.02


  3. The Arabs have always said exactly what Ron Paul says; cut off aid (the umbilical cord) to Israel as well as the Arab states. They have no doubt that on it's own, Israel by nature will disappear (not nuked). So will the British puppet regimes. In other words, the western artificiality imposed upon the Middle East will dry up.
    It bugs me how Ron Paul defends his call on Iraq 1981 when by violating Iraq's sovereignty, what Israel did was against international law. Iraq's nuclear program was legal. He can't rightly defend it.

  4. Close Buelaman...nails....

    Edge of Darkness.

    Look real close at 1:22 at the pictures in the background.

    "You had better decide, whether you're hangin' on the Cross, or bangin' in the nails".

    See "The Passion of the Christ".


  5. And for noobs on voting...

  6. Hey Genie, Paul has a few major issues completely backwards, like 9/11 and Israel/Zionism. It's absurd. He basically says, "Sure, Israel can commit war crimes if it's in their national interest, like bombing Iraq or Iran." Give me a break.

    That second vid is amazing, thanks for sharing that anon.


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