Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Les Visible says it all

Unless you are dumber than a retarded rock, you know by now, that whatever viral life form is occupying the land of what was formerly Palestine and is now called Israel, is the most pernicious enemy of human freedom on the planet.
-- Les Visible
Les Visible, in his usual fashion, explains things quite nicely in his recent blog post The Terrible Specter of the Dreadful Few., and asks:
Yeah, what about it? Prove me wrong. Defy the clear imprint of their cloven hooves upon the pages of history. Show me where all of this is not true. I hunger for it not to be. Shall it go on and on forever? Shall it never end? So long as the much, much vaster numbers of humanity submit, it will continue. On that you may depend. What is it that spellbinds the minds of so many of you? What is this force that makes you doubt what is right before your eyes? What is this power that can hypnotize? It is a form of blood magic. It is the exercising of certain rites. It includes not only these viral specimens of a certain race but their associates in crime. They are engaged in magic. All wars are magical wars. [...]

Show me that they did not cause these last wars. Show me that they do not comprise the neo cons. Show me that they do not murder the Palestinians for sport. Show me that they do not use children for target practice. Show me! Show me that they do not run the international organ harvesting racket simply because their own organs reject the corruptions of the bodies that contain them. [...]

I don't want to have to tell you these things but this is my world too. I won't be staying long but I will not be silent on the way. You must collectively wake up to what is happening to you, or far worse is around the corner and on the way. You need to get a clue but... in the meantime. Please disprove what I have said. Please disprove what you have read. Please present the overwhelming argument... to the contrary. Please refute case by case. Please use what history and direct present evidence provide and show me how it is otherwise. I'm waiting to hear from you.
Reading this post made me think back to all the efforts I made trying to reach out to friends and others on Facebook, email, and direct communication. It's amazing how few people want to discuss these subjects rationally. I have had a number of lengthy email exchanges with some pretty intelligent friends, and yet none could honestly face up to the facts I was presenting. At first I would simply ask them if they have ever looked into the overwhelming evidence proving 9/11 was an inside job, then would move on to who pulled it off and who controls the government, banks, and media. It's simply inescapable that the Jewish criminal syndicate operating around the globe is behind virtually all of the major problems in this world.

So please, someone, somewhere, refute Les and refute me.  We'll be waiting.  


  1. John, now you know why they're called cattle.
    And slaughter day is right around the corner.

  2. Hey John Friend,...Do you follow the writings and ethos of Manly P. Hall, arguably the foremost intellect of modern Freemasonry in the 20th Century?

    Vis does!

    Do your research brother...


  3. They understand human psychology very well. They are the only people(they are not a race) who collectively engage in deceiving humanity. It is not magic. Their ideology force-fed to them since their first blowjob at birth(by an old man) makes them who they are - pure unadulterated filth.

  4. Veritas, love your work, but please explain what punches Visible pulls. If he's not who he says, due to "Masonic" influence, then it should show. I've been looking and finding nothing of the sort.

    Hope everyone has this to share with all:

    It's a dazzler!

  5. Hey John Friend,...vis espouses the virtues of reading and accepting the teachings of Manly Palmer Hall: A self-proclaimed luciferian and 33rd degree mason.

    Research is everything out here John.



  6. It's like the video of the US marines urinating on the Taliban corpses. Reading the comments at youtube: "The people who got urinated on in that video are the same people who believe that if a woman gets raped, she should get stoned to death. Go fight for your country before you judge those who do it for you. You want all the benefits of society, but don't have the courage to fight for it. Better to die quick, fighting on your feet, than to live forever, begging on your knees."
    Like visable's's all the same mentality. They use upside down logic to justify evil. It's not about what the Taliban do, who cares! Nevermind Israelis kill Palestinians because the Jews are white and Palestinians are not (nevermind real Jews are not white) and the orientalists have been demonizing Islam for centuries just to make white Christians feel superior so that when brown skinned people are slaughtered it's ok. It's about the scum of the earth who sell their souls while decent folk are restricted by moral code. That's why they always have the advantage. Satanists do use magic, it's my belief that the Khazar king met up with a Satanist Jew who taught him and that's why he chose to convert the kingdom to Judaism. And behold the synagogue of Satan.

  7. Hey all, thanks for the input.

    Yo veritas, I was not aware of that. I haven't read anything or heard anything from Les that would indicate what you are saying. Maybe you have a link or could point me in the right direction? Either way, Visible is communicating some of the most important messages in human history, at least in my opinion.

    Hey Genie, I totally hear you. It's amazing hearing what people will say to justify the unspeakable, just because we're "American" and our military "fights for our freedoms -- so shut the fuck up and don't criticize them." It's so ridiculous, makes me sick to be associated with this country.

  8. Causing a little distraction here...

    John, send you another email, make sure to check it.

    Okie,back to the original .....

  9. Keep in mind..ALL police worldwide, are paid with jewish taxes
    on gentiles to protect jews from prosecution of their crimes.

    After that, it's all gravy for the bastards.

  10. John, they have levels of distraction for everybody.
    "wrasslin" for the knuckle draggers,
    MSM for the next level up, then "The History/Science channel for the next level up..then CNN/C-Span for the
    "intellectual crowd" who is "above it all".

    Anybody pushing the "new age" crap hard, is working for them.
    Zionists, satanist masons (all the same crowd) don't give a damn if they get you "worshipping" a tree,
    another human being, or your navel.
    Hence, the satanic "sports STARS, superSTARS, movie STARS".
    ANYTHING to turn people away from
    the First Commandment.
    False gods.
    Think not? Look REAL HARD at the people in this crowd.
    Talmudic hand signs?
    Gee, ya think?
    Most would kill their mothers if asked by these "performers".
    And some do.

    Who pushes new age crap like there is no tomorrow?
    And drugs?
    Fact; Les Visible was invited by DBS to be interviewed.
    Nada, no response..none.
    And WHO links to Les on almost a daily basis?

    Decide for yourself John.
    But it isn't rocket science.

  11. Wow, I remember DBS mentioning that he would love to have a conversation with Les in a past audio file, but I didn't realize Les totally ignored his invite. That's weak...

  12. Hi Les,
    I happen to agree with a lot of what Les says, but some I disagree with. I used to comment, but any time I disagreed with him (or even failed to be sycophantic) he'd either not post my comment or would ream me out. I began to see a pattern whereby he yells at anyone who disagrees with him. That is not right.

    There is something wrong with someone who seeks to be worshipped and acts like he is a god. He uses very psychotic, immature defense mechanisms -- displacement, for one, splitting, etc. Probably stems from his being cruelly abused by his father, but it's scary to see his defenses in action.

    I like how you are non-defensive, clearly open to finding out the truth, and treat commenters with respect. I've even seen you change your mind, something that, as you know, is a rare occurrence when dealing with entrenched ideology.

    I wish you well,

    p.s. On a side-note, have you seen this film, "what the bleep do we know?" It's fascinating.

  13. Hi John,
    Oops - I didn't mean to write "Hi Les" - interesting slip. I also didn't mean to sound totally disparaging of the fellow. He certainly is a genius at writing. I just think it's suspect that he's supposedly spiritually advanced but has this anger problem. The last straw for me was when he attacked this 11-year-old Palestinian boy who wrote a comment. Les actually blamed the guy for his plight - saying he must have done something bad in his past life.


  14. Les Visible is a classic disinformant. He has been on the "ignore" list for some time for me.

    Like Veritas said (or anon?), anyone seriously pushing all this "new age" crap is a NWO pawn/pusher in disguise. And frankly, I don't get people calling him such a talented writer . . . it's just drug induced free-thought writing straight from the 60s. Much of it nonsensical IMHO.

    For instance, John Friend - you are a far superior writer. Superior writing means that complicated points are stated more simply, in an easy to understand fashion. Not couched in a blur of vague and more complicated terms, sprinkled with a haze of new age shamanism.

    Sure, Les hates Israel supposedly and trumpets it, and he is totally against the NWO. Just like Chomsky supposedly hates warmongers (on the basis that it isn't financially sound, mind you) and constantly criticises Israel. And just like Alex Jones hates the NWO and criticises warmongers.

    Yet, they are all disinfo. They all have an angle, and mix in some good info, with lots of incomplete info, with many pure lies and obfuscations. Such is the way to disinform.

  15. Hey John Friend,...WOW! I used to think there were only a few of the regulars at SM (my favourite was Petri Dish, he utilised a sense of humour there), that saw the change, well, for me it was when he started to "push" the mason stuff that I became disillusioned, as most Blog veterans know, I am pretty coarse with those I find dubious, however, Vis became ruthless in his responses to any question that he might reconsider his position on Hall or the khabbalistic Craft, NO WAY! Many of the best Bloggers I know were regulars then, in fact Les was instrumental in the creation, by inspiration, of some of the best Bloggers out here today; now and then I check his comment sections, I never see any of the old crew comment anymore - I was a regular when he first achieved a million hits. I was addicted to Les's work, it was a watershed in Blogging history, it was like walking into a groovy cafe full of fellow travellers - now it is an insipid hue of its former self. The comments section used to be amazing, now it too, is banal.


  16. Hey EV! Thanks for dropping by and offering your insight, it's always appreciated!

    I understand your concern with Les, especially his constant abuse of commenters who either disagree with him or challenge him. And there is definitely something wrong with a person who seeks to be worshipped and acts like a god. I sense that in Les at times, especially in his writings. At times he seems to act like an all-knowing genius, which just doesn't sit well with me.

    I didn't see him attack the Palestinian boy, that is absolutely horrible to hear! I was not aware of this, and it certainly makes me think twice now about Les...

    I do very much enjoy reading his work though, he is a phenomenal writer and has said some very important things, truly revolutionary things. I'll continue to read his blogs, but will keep your perspective in mind when doing so. :)

    I do try to keep an open mind about things, and enjoy hearing from others and learning from others. I certainly don't have all the answers, and am open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. It's a big reason why I like blogging -- I just like to learn. And the only way to learn is to keep an open mind and be intellectually honest, ie. admitting when you're wrong and being open to changing your mind when evidence is presented that challenges your previous views.

  17. Hey slozo! Interesting comment, as always!

    I do think Les is an extremely talented writer, poet, and musician. I've enjoyed reading his blogs for about a year now, and much of what he writes resonates very deeply with me, even the "New Age" stuff. I don't think he's disinfo by any means -- I just think he has an interesting, unique perspective, one which I find quite valuable. I do have some concerns after reading some of the comments here though...

    Me, a far superior writer than Les?! LOL! Well, thanks for the compliment slozo! I don't have the creative ability Les does, that's for sure! But I do try my hardest to explain, analyze, and expose the geopolitics and history of the Jewish crime gang I highlight here on this blog. Some days I'm OK at it, others not so much, but I try, and will hopefully get better as we continue this struggle.

    Thanks for dropping by, always appreciated! Hope all is well!

  18. Yo v, thanks for the background. It's amazing to me how long some of your guys have been at this. And here I show up, crashing the party and pissing everyone off! LOL!

    I take it you, Timster, kenny, and some of the others were all around when Les first started blogging, huh? Since I've been reading his blogs, I have always found that the messages he is communicating resonate deeply for me. Apparently, he's changed -- for the worse.

    I'm still a bit confused about the Masonic/Hall/Khabbalistic angle to all this... I don't remember Les every pushing this type of stuff. Maybe I missed it? I don't read all of his posts, but I do read most of them...

    In a way, a lot of what he writes is Occult inspired, in the sense that his messages are based on "hidden" knowledge kept out of the mainstream. I like that. I'm inclined to believe that Occult knowledge can be used for both good and evil ends. I'm sorry if I sound a bit amateurish about this stuff, it's a subject I find pretty difficult to put into words. Mark Passio of What On Earth Is Happening explains this stuff a lot better than I can, and I find his work pretty convincing. And a lot of what Les writes about reminds me of Passio's work.

    The comments section is usually pretty interesting when I actually take the time to read them all. Either way, I do find his writings to be enlightening and even inspiring. He always has a good segment on Feet2theFire Radio as well.

    I guess he's a mixed bag, like everything in this world! I need to count my pennies to see if I got enough money to hop on a flight so we can hang out man! A buddy of mine just got back from Australia and he had a blast! One of these days...

  19. Hey John Friend,...You are a welcome guest in my home, I only need you to let me know a few hours in advance, to make up a bed for you.



  20. John,

    About the writing - you said it right there when you said that, "I don't have the creativity of Les".

    This is NOT creative writing. If both of you were writing fictional novels . . . he might do very well, sure. But this is REPORTING and ANALYSIS. This is investigative journalism. This should have . . . ZERO creativity in it, seriously. It should involve the ability to clearly enunciate points and logically come to points of view through analysis on what is really happening and who is making it happen. Frankly, as a writer, Les is usually not very lucid.

    If Les is not disinfo . . . then he suuure smells like it.

  21. I am going to throw a word or two in here regarding LesVisible

    I am not going to touch the disinfo angle because this gets tossed around to much...

    My personal preference is being espoused here only.

    He uses far too many words, to say to little and I just don't have the attention span or the time for it.

    In a nutshell.

  22. JF, my two cents on the anti-Visiblism.

    No point in him doing a show with Daryl. Daryl's an atheist and Vis is God-centered. They could agree that the Jews are the prime movers and hang up. I've been a big fan of DBS and started the thread in his defense at WUFYS years ago (Daryl Bradford Smith Indicted).

    I don't see Vis pushing Freemasonry. He mentions he's read and studied lots of stuff. So have many others. Is yoga now evil? Do Christians really understand what Christ was all about? The disciples seemed to lose the thread frequently (not being at the same level as the master).

    What Vis does clearly and repeatedly say is that we can and should pursue a actual relationship with the divine. That we are judged by our good and bad works. That's hardly the workings of an evil mason. It's actually pretty similar to what Buddha, Jesus Christ, or any other person on a spiritual path would say.

    Lot of nitpicking as far as I can tell. Wordy? Hell, he's a poet and a magnificent one who also does some serious savaging of the guilty parties unlike a lot of others.

  23. three strikes, you're out.

    alex jones
    sai baba
    shabtai sisal ben avriham

    smokes screens and confetti... from a 'magnificent' poet!

  24. WTF, b_morrison? provide a little explanation or you'll appear to be full of crap.

    While you're at it, provide examples of Visible pulling punches (Rivero-style) or outright bullshitting a la Death Cult Jones.

    Fact is, Vis names the Satanic Jews as the problem. Fact is all those who have made contact with the divine say the same thing: it is inexpressible, there are many mansions, there are many paths.

    If you CAN'T or WON'T provide examples, beyond his mentioning Masonry, spare us the nitpicking as it is what the hasbara operatives do since they have no genuine ammo.


  25. Sorry this comment is a few months too late but I just happened upon this and needed to voice something.

    I do try to keep an open mind about things, and enjoy hearing from others and learning from others. I certainly don't have all the answers, and am open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. And the only way to learn is to keep an open mind and be intellectually honest, ie. admitting when you're wrong and being open to changing your mind when evidence is presented that challenges your previous views.

    I wanted to highlight this because everything you mentioned there is what Les Visible claims to be but acts completely the opposite of.

    I've seen how he insults people, and how hostile he reacts to anyone that disagrees with his opinions or calls him out. He's made the point that anyone who disagrees with him and posts anonymously is a coward, when the reality is that no one has any way (without hiring a PI) of verifying anything he says about his own birth name or his own past which he's written about at length claiming it's all true. He simply cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with him and most of the time, whether they're anonymous or not he won't publish their comment, but he does publish total nonsense and random ranting that takes up copious space. He consistently says one thing and does another. If someone tries to call him out on the discrepancies he simply will not own up to it, gets hostile, or he just ignores it. I realized all this after reading him for nearly 2 years.

    To sum it up, on the rare occasions I do go there it's to read the comments. I truly feel sorry for the people who go to his blog and get pulled in by a perceived charisma that's, imo, covering up something that they are better off staying far away from. I am RELIEVED to see that other people, not only on this blog but on other forums and the like that I've read, have made observations similar to mine, sometimes to an exact degree... I'm only concerned because some people make donations or purchases or they give him personal information about themselves. PLEASE people, before you make donations, or buy someone's product, or tell anyone about yourself, no matter how safe you think you are or how trustworthy another person may appear, this is the internet. Without the benefit of face to face communication you really have no idea who you're dealing with. And ALWAYS ALWAYS, trust your first instincts about anyone. In my experience (even on the internet), your first impressions are never wrong.

    Anyway, sorry for all that, I really needed to get it off my chest.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the comment E_Marie, I appreciate it.


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