Thursday, January 5, 2012

Israeli thugs

Video found at Sabbah Report:
"Animals. Animals. Like the Discovery Channel. All of Ramallah is a jungle. There are monkeys, dogs, gorillas. The problem is that the animals are locked they can't come out. We're humans. They're animals. They aren't humans we are."
- Israeli border police (you can find at 5:03 of this video)

"We let them suffer, in the sun, in the rain, that's it. That's what I wanted to say. Let the whole world know."
- Israeli border police


  1. Whoa and I used to think that israhell being the only civilized & demoncrappic country in the M.E.?

    Apparently not.

    John, did you get to see a docu came on RT not to long ago and I think it is called "israel vs. israel" something. Anyway watching that docu made me sick and deals with similar checkpoint related issues.

  2. Hey musique! I didn't see that on RT... do you have a link?

    It makes me sick watching anything these criminal fraudsters over in Israel do. Can we please stop bombing and making war against the Muslims and direct our forces against Israel?

  3. 3 years ago JEWS where killing Palestinians in the Gaza Massacre. Man, woman and children killed, destroying hospitals and food storages.

    Lets NEVER FORGET that Jews created supported and financed communism that resulted on millions of corpses

    Every one that support Jews and Israel is responsible for this situation that we live today.

    Time to wake up

  4. Hi John,

    Send you an email with D/L links with mediafire.

    Yes, it is virtually impossible to watch those criminals in action for more than a minute. I too become extremely irritated.

    The whole fear mongering industry will collapse without the "evil muzzies".

    The old rhyme with a israhelli fear mongering twist:

    I smell evil muzzie blood everywhere!

  5. You'd think that, being Jews, they would have washed their hands before eating. Perhaps they forgot.

    "Listen and understand. What goes into a man's mouth does not make him 'unclean,' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him unclean." -- Jesus (Matthew 15:10-11)

    I tell ya, the more you read the New Testament, the more it becomes apparent that Jesus knew these people pretty well. I mean, here they are, literally with filth coming out of their mouths.

  6. New York wants a mandatory DNA bank

    Escape from Jew York
    Notice the twin tower silhouette.
    And jewess Jamie Lee Curtis voiceover.

    Shades of THEY LIVE.

  7. And they want to nuke some 19 year old in Mexico for horning in on one of their best scams.

  8. Can we please stop bombing and making war against the Muslims and direct our forces against Israel?

    Oh Happy Day when that Zionist entity is either held accountable and brought to justice or the Muslims in that area get totally tired of having a Star of David bulls-eye painted on their backs and finally take care of that festering boil....

    If that happens, then the world will see first-hand that Apartheid Israel does have nukes.


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