Sunday, January 8, 2012

7/7 documentary

I listened to Jim Fetzer's interview with Tom Secker, who made the film below, and Nick Kollerstrom, who has investigated the FALSE FLAG attack in the United Kingdom on 7/7, and found it quite interesting.  Tom discusses his film, 7/7: Crime and Prejudice, with Dr. Fetzer and Nick Kollerstrom in the interview.  Thanks to aangirfan for originally posting the video below.


  1. Sorry for the subject change John.
    Thought it needed to get out....

    Forced prostitution.

    Israeli sex slavery....

    Chabad Lubavitch

  3. vidreb knocks it out John!

    Pass everywhere!!

  4. Hey John Friend,...Whew, I managed to open a comment section somewhere, what a pain in the ass, I've been getting hacked for about twenty-four hours now and I am getting knocked down every time I fix something back, hopefully this comment will get through, my feedjit service was crashed and has not been recording any hits, I can't get into my Posts from the homepage, I have to go in through settings edit: Anyhoo, great Post, I haven't seen anything on 7/7 forever, I was fingers crossed hoping it would be something I haven't seen and Bam! Coooeee, I'll grab it and watch it now.

    Cheers brother.


  5. Hey veritas, sorry to hear about that man! Hopefully you'll get everything straightened out! Keep pluggin' away bro!

    This is a pretty basic, straightforward documentary here. Secker does a good job, it's quite thorough and details the history of false flag terrorism and infiltration/manipulation of "terrorist" groups by the security services in the UK. It's worth checking out for sure.


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