Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Will the American people buy the obvious attempts to discredit Ron Paul?

The Jewish-owned, establishment revering corporate owned media is going all out to discredit and dismiss Ron Paul.  Will the American people buy these obvious attempts to sideline him?  Take a look at this brief sampling of videos from the YouTube channel MOXNEWSd0tCOM:

How fucking pathetic, huh?

I have my concerns about Ron Paul, considering he's thus far been unwilling to address the fact that 9/11 was an inside job.  And I suppose I understand why he won't address it, but I certainly don't agree.  We need to be talking about the most important issues facing our country and world, especially 9/11.  Also, james from Winter Patriot has a well established critique of Ron Paul's economic policies, including this important observation that I agree with:
Ron Paul with his 'gold backed currency' is playing directly into the hands of the bankers he says he is against. He should be avoided for that very reason regardless of what anybody thinks of his motivation and whatever else he might say.
With all that being said, he is clearly the only candidate that is NOT a deranged, psychopathic Zionist puppet.  He has my support, and every other clear thinking American should support him, too.



  2. My Brother,

    I am writing something at this moment that may cause your ire towards me. I'll post it soon.

    Yes, the nut cutting issue is 911 and Paul is a massive failure. To some, it may be ok that he skirts the issue, but to me it is THE issue that separates the men from the boys.

    I notice that most of the videos are from the Dem-side of the controlled media. But have you paid any attention to the "other side"? Cavuto, Napolitano, even Sean Hannity has warmed up to Paul a bit. The rest will fall into place as they are told to.

    This is not a good thing. It tells me that the controlled opposition is taking form. Compare his platform to ANY of the other R maniacs and it becomes quite clear that the Elites WANT Paul to come in.

    Now, why would that be?

    Because the Rothschild control is also control over the gold.

    The Central banker controlled fiat money system is crashing all around us. From a global perspective, they don't care if The Fed stays afloat or not.

    They know its time is over and they WANT the gold-backed system implemented. What better way to do so, than to have a person like Paul (and I assume he actually believes the stuff he espouses) come in and give the hurting citizenship what they have been brainwashed into believing they need.

    But, let me caution you. What will be done, is embracing the austerity portion of his ideas and they will ignore/fight the other things (like Empire). Of course, we are broke and can't afford it any longer, but that never stopped them before.

    aangirfan, Twelfth Bough and others have some excellent thoughts regarding Paul, who I believe to be the consummate controlled opposition to bring in a world gold-backed currency (exactly what the Central bankers want) and the worst austerity measures imaginable.

    Think about what has been done to the image of the presidency over the past couple of decades (especially the last one). I propose that this is all orchestrated. They have torn down the image and prestige of the presidency in hopes of dismantling the people's self-image as Americans.

    The next step is to bring in the last savior of "free market capitalism", which is simply and completely a means to destroy any remaining regulation that exists.

    How do I know all this?

    Paul still lives. They wouldn't let that happen if they didn't want the message out there, nor him elected.

  3. He's a shill John.
    They first started pimping RP WAY BACK on Alex Jewnes.
    They're saying what you want to hear.
    It's what they do.
    "by deception shall we wage war".

  4. Thanks argh, I'll listen to it tonight.

    Hey Buelahman! I have no ire towards you brother! I appreciate and value your perspective, especially when it does not align with my own! It's good having these discussions.

    We need real patriots willing to talk about real history and real facts if we are going to take this country back. Ron Paul failing the 9/11 litmus test is a major disappointment.

    I completely disagree with you regarding the Cavuto/Hannity/Fox News types- they are doing all they can to discredit Ron Paul from what I've seen.

    I totally hear what you're saying regarding the gold standard system, and it makes sense to me. BUT- Paul is not campaigning on the gold standard to my knowledge, he's talking more about Wall St. greed, criminality, and most importantly ending the Fed and closing down this empire. Those last two points we all need to be on board with.

  5. Dude, the people want any excuse they can get to avoid the whole Ron Paul thing. They don't wanna face it. They will welcome his demise. They are already brining up his "racist" newsletters from the 80's.


  6. John.

    Skip over all the lies.

    Kill them.

    Or sure as Hell they intend
    to kill you...and everybody else.

    It's just that simple.

  7. Ron Paul's not perfect but WHO ELSE is there?

    Newt Ginrich? 4 more years of Obama?

  8. Judge: Iran, Taliban, al Qaeda liable for 9/11

  9. buelahman said everything for me. I agree 100%

    I suggest not voting. It's a parasitic system and there's only one way to kill a parasite- starve it.
    Jim Fetzer said that Obama was a major letdown for him- he had sent the Obama campaign money on more than one occasion! Can you imagine? At his age to be duped.

    here's our choices-

    pick a Rothschild agent....
    any Rothschild agent

    or register your disaproval by not voting

    At this time of year some of us celebrate the birth of Christ, but we can ALL curse the brith of the Federal Reserve System, concieved in stealth while the nation was distracted 'making merry'.
    What's the number one rule of the pick pocket?

    To quote Eustace Mullins-
    'every government is an occupying government'


  10. Anon's second comment is the problem in a nutshell. There are still far too many people that fall for the meme. Far too many people who agree with the choices put out there FOR us.

    Yes, the lesser of two evils is the best choice we have (when there hasn't been anything except the obvious maniacs being given us).

    RP is the ONLY sane one for a reason. It is he THEY want us to vote for.

    Now, can a smart person tell me WHY they would want Paul in?

    I have the answer.

  11. "Hanukkah is a celebration of a military victory and massacre against the Greek Syrians whose only crime was to be tolerant to the Jews of Jerusalem and accept them freely. Jewish leaders could not accept this because Greek tolerance and friendship posed a danger of assimilation so they massacred them!"

    Not much has changed for the synagogue of Satan (zionist false-jews) since.

    Now it's global a la Rothschild NWO.

  12. Respectfully; No. Americans won't buy the discrediting of Ron Paul, but it won't matter.

    My opinion (with reasonable factual backup ...) is the elections are (have been for long) completely rigged -at a minimum for federal level politics (regional politics are non factor in the scheme, so don't need to be rigged).

    Besides - when are we gonna realize that we don't need 1 person in the white house, or 535 in congress, or 12 in supreme court to fix the problems? And blogging has made a great difference, but it's now time to put action behind our words - or reap the benefits - the virtual benefits - i.e. same old same old...except very shortly, we won't even be able to blog about the situation

    We all need to actively make the changes we want - requiring much more than "democratic" voting in "free elections".

    Likewise - even if Ron Paul gets into the white house - what will one man do against the hidden machine that really runs the show?

    The only way Ron Paul might make any difference is if about 10 million souls - do whatever it takes to make sure Ron Paul makes necessary changes. That means - total commitment - such as leaving your comfy way of life - likely forever - and literally forming any army to accompany Ron Paul in DC ... and much more.

    Anyone ready to do this? Time is now, now, now. If not then gracefully accept your coming slavery.

    thanks for opportunity to communicate.

    i'm anon 'cause i'm too lazy to "sign up" and yes i know - no one is really anonymous anymore, why does it matter (or is that a contractual thing, self-incrimination kinda thing...)

    when, if time is right, millions will come out of the shadows and no longer lie in wait for the correct time to attack

  13. "or register your disaproval by not voting"

    This is a fallacy.

    Problem is, the anti-Americans love it when Americans don't even bother to vote.

    It seems clear to me if Ron Paul is the "lesser evil" then vote for RP unless, of course you prefer the "greater evil" to win.

  14. The Jews are still the gatekeepers, therefore I can't trust Ron Paul.

    Here is something interesting. I like things out of the ordinary to maybe shake things up, scuttle elite plans etc. I like things that maybe they don't anticipate. We need to keep doing new things, experimenting, stirring the pot, keeping the people involved instead of letting the elites run everything. Anything to throw things off and keep them guessing. maybe that is an overstatement, but anything is better than nothing. We have to "make it ours."
    Occupy Members Plan to Vote "Uncommitted" at Iowa Caucuses

  15. Hey everyone, thanks for all the thoughtful comments. Although I do have my concerns about Ron Paul, I am not willing to dismiss his candidacy just yet. I think there is real potential here. I am hopeful, but cautious and realistic. Like any politician, we will need to hold his feet to the fire, and make sure he addresses the most important issues facing our country, including 9/11 and the Zionist death grip, which has reduced this place to utter ruins.

    Merry belated Christmas, and best wishes in the New Year!

  16. I wanted to puke when I read what this apologist had to say about Paul's distancing himself from 911 Truthers (please don't become this dude... ready to give up any and all attempts for an elected official to get to truth, just to get Paul elected... in HOPES that he will THEN tell the truth after he is elected).

    I call major bullshit.

    Paul FAILs the nut-cutting issue and I refuse to play the gullible, Sheople-like games that Saman does.

    These kinda people need to grow some balls (and add just a tad bit of integrity and honor).

  17. I will never become this dude. Come on now man! :)

    You will like my post on Ron Paul. Working on it now.


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