Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A typical Zionist perspective

Noam Neusner has a rather revealing article today in The Jewish Daily Forward, in which he addresses concerns by “Pro-Israel worrywarts” that all the recent Israel worshipping and “neo-Zionism” put on display so blatantly by the Republican presidential candidates may not only threaten the “bi-partisan pro-Israel consensus” but also harm a future Republican administration by “painting a policy picture that is impossible to deliver.”

Addressing the first concern, Neusner writes:
On the first issue, the concern is both misplaced and too late. The Republican love affair with Israel, which began in earnest with Richard Nixon, has deep roots in the 50 million-strong evangelical community. The Democratic love affair with Israel, which dates back to Harry Truman, draws its sustenance from Jews and labor unions, at least for now.

That these disparate groups have not much to do with each other besides philo-Zionism doesn’t trouble me. There are plenty of strange coalitions in Washington around issues such as immigration, race-based redistricting and HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. So, why shouldn’t Israel have a motley group of fans?
Got that? No need to worry about the ridiculous spectacles the Republican candidates are making (save Ron Paul) of themselves and their party. The obvious whoring and pandering to Israel and the Jewish lobby is something both Democrats and Republicans do, and it's even a good campaign strategy! Besides, everyone loves Israel and the Jews anyways. We have so much in common! There are plenty of issues that divide us, but Israel and the Jews are not one of them.

The key axioms lies promoted by the Zionists and their collaborators include:
  1. Israel is the national homeland for the Jewish people the world over.
  2. Israel and the Jewish people have so much in common with America, including the same national interests, ideals, and values.
  3. The Holocaust was really bad, questioning it or anything else we tell you is bad and anti-Semitic, and Iran is the new Nazi threat.  We had better go take out their nuclear weapons or else.
  4. America and Israel are the bestest of friends, partners on the world stage fighting terrorism and standing up for peace and justice.
  5. 9/11 was a ruthless attack against American ideals and freedom by Islamic extremists.  We now face a common enemy: a global network of Islamic terrorist organizations.  
This is the story the Jews and the brainwashed Christian Zionists would have us believe, and saying otherwise is anti-Semitic and hateful.

Take a look at the headline of a recent editorial in the Jerusalem Post:
The Republicans

As it has in the past, support for Israel should not divide Americans, rather it should unite them – whether they be liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.
I think you get the point.

Addressing the second concern, that some of the Republican candidates were making policy statements they may not be able to fulfill, Neusner writes:
The second concern — promising the unrealistic — is more serious. People running for president must realize at some point that they might win, and if they do, their promises will become their bond. Republican candidates offering to make major changes in U.S.-Israel policy therefore have to contend with the serious charge of policy unseriousness.
After putting forth the tired, completely baseless claim that consecutive U.S. administrations have unsuccessfully attempted to re-start negotiations towards a two-state solution due to "Palestinian intransigence," Neusner asserts:
Truth be told, the Republican promises to reshape U.S.-Israel policy may be dramatic, but they are hardly unserious. If one considers the behavior of the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people, the current or next U.S. president is perfectly within his or her rights to conclude that the Palestinians are not prepared to accept the basic outlines of a two-state solution.

And just as incoming U.S. administrations feel free to abandon the commitments of their predecessors to our foreign friends — think about what that “re-set” with Russia meant to the Czech Republic and Poland — a new Republican president should feel free to abandon the diplomatic niceties of the past.
Besides, argues Neusner, U.S. policies in the Middle East are merely "useful fictions" anyways, useful only if they foster "peace, stability, and security" -- for Israel. Neusner highlights one "useful fiction" perpetuated by U.S. policies, the Palestinian right of return:
Take the so-called right of return. Palestinians believe that they will return to the towns and villages of their grandfathers. This belief has no support in reality or in precedent. War refugees from countless conflicts throughout human history are resettled in other places. Resettlement is not a pain-free process, but it is often done effectively. By allowing Palestinians to continue to assert a right of return, U.S. policy — supported by U.S. tax dollars — ruins the lives of millions of third-generation refugees and undermines the ability of Palestinians to focus their efforts on building an actual state in Gaza and most of the West Bank.
Neusner concludes:
It might be refreshing for an American president to say what is, in fact, true about the Israel-Arab conflict: that one side won and it is time for the losing side to accept defeat. The winning side wants to make peace and the losing side should accept the offer. And in war, the winning side can choose the terms of such a peace.
The extreme supremacism, arrogance, and blatant disregard for human life coming from the likes of Neusner and others in the Jewish community should surprise no one. This is their modus operandi. The sooner we recognize this, the better.


  1. Israel hates the fact that it's the only "state" that was born with an expiration date which is quickly approaching...tick tock...tick tock

  2. Novum Saeculum AdvenietDecember 15, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Are you kidding? Israel knows about its upcoming "expiration." it's all part of the plan.. Israel is going to trigger the expiration of ALL human states. The sad truth is that they think it's for their own benefit but in reality it is for Someone Else.

    It will begin round about this time next year. And at this point, nothing can stop it. All we can do is prepare for survival.

  3. The zionist perspective is an extension of their talmudic beliefs. Check Out the talmud on


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