Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is the military waking up to the crooks that control the government?

Let's hope so! The criminals don't stand a chance if they don't have the military on board!

Special Forces/Operations was created by John F. Kennedy...

John F. Kennedy... knew something was up, he did talk about a 'Grand Conspiracy' and he did not say it was Communism...

[Special Forces] have a directive that goes from one team team sergeant to the next - only the enlisted guys, not the officers - and that directive is simple: if the federal government goes rogue, every enlisted team team sergeant, the man in charge, must have a plan. They must have a plan in place if the government goes rogue to deal with that situation.

Special Forces train guerillas and insurgents, and if they decide the federal government has gone rouge they're going to be all over the country training you and I how to fight back.

At this point I think it's safe to say the federal government has been rogue for quite some time now. Has it not?


  1. I think you mean "rogue," unless this is supposed to be some kind of pun against Communists and/or gays.

  2. Yes I did! Whoops! That word always gives me trouble! Thanks for pointing that out, just corrected it.

  3. It would be awesome if the military did finally wake up and take charge.

    But I wonder - maybe you should do a blogpost on this? - what do we do AFTER the Zionist menace is removed?

    If we just reset the clock and start over, then we open the door for ANOTHER small tightly-knit and tribally-minded group to accumulate capital and thereby political power.

    Capitalism - pure unregulated capitalism - leads inevitably to accumulation: some people win in the market and some people lose and the process continues. And in a totally free market, people can hire whoever they want and form business partnerships with whoever they want. That's how the Jews took over: they've got a sense of solidarity with each other that few other groups can match.

    If we don't make any changes to the economic system then, human nature being what it is, it'll just happen again. What are your thoughts?

  4. I agree, we do need a completely new system, a new paradigm to organize our political and economic affairs. What we need is truth first and foremost. We need to get back to reading, writing and arithmetic. We are such a dumbed-down society, it's no wonder we let these crooks take over. Turn off the Talmud-vision. Stop basing your outlook on life on their lies. Stop falling for their lies.

    I simply don't see the reason in having a federal government at this point. We need strong, independent local organizations arranging their own affairs. I'm all about local business, local agriculture, strong communities, good schools and education, ect. That's where we are going to have to start after we arrest the traitors. End all our overseas military adventures and get back to our families, school and community.


    Video straight out of Jewllywood's wet dream..the movie "Soldier".

  6. Holy shit argh, that is terrible stuff. I can't believe some of these guys over there doing this shit man...makes me sick.

  7. I've been looking for official documentation of the rogue govt directive? Any suggestions? Also, Im sad to admit it took so long .. But I just found out a Soldier had taken their own life everyday since we started our invasion of the middle east. My life is not worth the rogue governments agenda which haddock caused this. Today at lunch I was w a friend whose brother is a navy seal captain. His helicopter was shot down. He's ok, but there are two families who will never be the same. These heros protect us and the constitution, not a select few citizens who WE allowed to run the government. But talking is fine. I'm going to start trying to get answers, I was hung up on by the office of 29th district, CA. I had been asking about ways up to be involved. The receptionist had mentioned volunteering at the VA hospital. I said, well I kind of want to learn about the problems that result in the need for VA services. I didn't say war - death- soldier -... And the very sweet lady then said faster than an auctioneer - I just remembered I'm late for a very important meeting thanks for calling. She said that in about 2 seconds and hung up. Wow.

    1. I hate to say it, but I've discovered that the USA has been on the wrong side of virtually every war for at least the past 100 years. We are just so propagandized by dishonest, deceitful people with an evil agenda... I don't have official documentation of the "rogue government directive", sorry.

  8. is there a source to confirm this directive thats given from one sergeant to the next?


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