Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are Muslims a threat to the American people and government?

I was recently e-mailed an article by a family member, which was used to hype the nonsensical and ridiculous notion that Muslims are a major threat to the American people, and are even infiltrating and taking over this country and its government.  Obviously, this notion is completely bogus, at least for anyone paying attention.  I decided to write a reply to this family member, and those that were also e-mailed this article.  Below is that reply, along with some embedded links and videos to back up the main points in my reply.

I've found it a difficult task indeed to get my family and close friends to look into the facts that I discuss and write about here on this blog.  I will keep trying though.  The intellectual battle against the New (Jew) World Order continues.


Hey _____ and everyone,

I am writing this to all reading with utmost respect and love, so please, hear me out. I found the article that you sent quite misleading for a number of reasons, which I'll try to lay out here for you and others to consider.

First off, Muslims are the biggest scapegoat the US government has ever created. They have been blamed for 9/11, and are constantly portrayed by the government, media, and entertainment industry as backwards, evil terrorists, hellbent on destroying the U.S. and Western civilization.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Although I have no doubt that there are indeed Muslim fanatics around the world, they pose very little threat to the United States government and the American people. In fact, many Muslim fanatical groups are frauds, who were created, funded, and manipulated by Western and Israeli intelligence agencies from the very beginning. And make no mistake about it: Muslims do not control the U.S. government, media, or private sector, and they are not infiltrating and taking over this government. Again, nothing could be further from the truth, even if there are some Muslims operating in the U.S. government.

According to the article you sent us, two Muslims were appointed by Obama to positions in the Department of Homeland Security, an illegal, tyrannical organization created after 9/11. Do you really think Muslims have any sort of power or say in American politics? Ask yourself this: who are ALL U.S. politicians, Democrat and Republican alike (except for Ron Paul), bowing down to and worshipping every chance they get?  Take a look at the video below.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the man in the video, is not Muslim.  

Who are they always promising unwavering political, diplomatic, military, and economic support for, to the tune of billions of dollars per year? Which country is the only country that can never be criticized? Which ethnic or racial group can you absolutely not talk about?

It's not the Muslims, it's the Jews.

These Muslim guys appointed to the DHS back in 2009 are puppets anyways, mere figure heads. Besides, we should be outraged there is even a Department of Homeland Security in the first place!

The government has based all of these wars and illegal, un-American policies, including the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, torture, murder, assassination, complete elimination of U.S. Constitutional rights, even suspension of habeas corpus of American citizens, off of the events of 9/11. The official government conspiracy theory contending that 9/11 was the work of Muslim fanatics led by Osama bin Laden, who hijacked commercial airliners and crashed them in to the WTC and Pentagon, with another being overtaken by the passengers and crashing into a field in Pennsylvania, is complete and utter nonsense. The entire official story is literally impossible.

Just think critically about it for a moment -- there is ZERO evidence that 9/11 was done by Muslims.

All of the evidence points to 9/11 being an inside job, done by criminals in the Bush administration, Israeli intelligence operatives, and others in the private sector (the owners of the towers [both of whom are Jews, not Muslims] and the mainstream media [which is also controlled by Jews]). I have written extensively and posted other information by professionals, veterans, scientists, and scholars relating to this on my personal blog. Please, check it out.

Take a look at this list of all the Jews that control the Obama administration.

Now ask yourself: why people are pushing this anti-Muslim propaganda? And ask yourself: WHO is pushing this anti-Muslim propaganda?

It's all about the Jews folks. They control our government. Just look at how EVERYONE, from both parties, bows down and worships the Jews and Israel. The Muslims are mainly poor, devout and pious people (like us), who have been subjected to a ruthless, unrelenting, and COMPLETELY FALSE narrative that is constantly reinforced by the government, media, and Hollywood (and thus, much of society).

By the way, if you think I'm an Obama supporter, please read what I wrote here.

The man is a bigger tyrant than Bush ever was. And that's saying a lot.

Please, think about what I just laid out, and let me know what you think.



  1. Wow. I had the same type of interaction with my Mo yesterday. Obama is a Muslim and is going to enact Sharia Law in the US.

    I laughed in her face and then told her what you just explained here.

    I could see her eyes glaze over as she was seemingly thinking, "My poor son has lost his mind."

    She is extremely religious, so when one begins explaining what the Jews have done and are doing (not to mention the fact that she grew up in Nazi Germany and still has the Holocaust guilt etched into her psyche).

    Some people are beyond reach, my friend, John Friend. But we must keep trying.

  2. A lot of it is religious based for sure. Meaning-take a look at the comments section on any story on Israel on Yahoo or other mainstream sites. About 7 out of 10are some variation of-"but the bible says we must support Israel..." while the other 3 are simply rabid neocons. All we can do is speak the truth in the face of so many lies. Let them think WE are the crazy ones while they stay manipulated by such obvious bullshit like religion and corporate mass media.

  3. Hey buelahman, some people are simply beyond reach, you are absolutely right. I've seen the glazed over look on numerous occasions, especially when I was down at the Occupy San Diego protests. Some seem incapable of even entertaining some of the concepts and ideas we are talking about. That is the definition of a New (Jew) World Order slave: an individual psychologically incapable of realizing the truth.

    Check out Aldous Huxley's "The Ultimate Revolution" speech:

    "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."

    -- Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961


  4. Hey anon, the brainwashed Christian Zionists are simply a lost cause. It's amazing these people are so beholden to Jewish power, manipulation, and intrigues, especially considering the Jews REJECTED and MURDERED Jesus and his message.

    1. Jesus was a Jew...he was not trying to spread the message that their religion was wrong, simply that he was the son of god, would you, nowadays believe someone who said they were the son of god? Who performed 'miracles'? No, it would be science, it would be explained away. So how can you blame them for not believing him? In those days the death penalty was a common thing, it still is in some places, in China, you should be executed for killing a panda. Wouldn't pretending something as unbelievable as being the son of god also merit death? They did not reject his message, as his was their own. It was the Romans who killed Jesus, and the Jews who wept for him. Do not blame 'Jews' but blame people. People from every race and every religion have killed and massacred, after all, have not Americans killed millions? If, after dropping the atomic bombs in Japan, we feel no guilt, why should we seek revenge against those who attack us? I am assuming - and I may be wrong - that you are a Christian. And that it is Jesus that you hold in your heart, so, no matter who has done what, who has sinned or killed, whether it be your enemy, your friend or yourself, try to make peace with them, within yourself.

  5. Google "it wasn't Muslims".

    If that doesn't shake they're tree..
    trust me..walk away...you're
    wasting your time.

    ESPECIALLY if it's a "relative".

  6. The penalty for breaking character (jewish myth) is death. That is why you never hear the story below.

    The chairman of the Jewish Defense League and a follower were arrested after allegedly plotting to blow up a Culver City mosque and the office of Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., federal authorities said on 12-12-01.

    Irv Rubin, 56, and a member of the militant group, Earl Krugel, 59, both of San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

    The Truth About Earl Krugel
    Re “Why Was Jewish Radical Earl Krugel Slain in Prison?” by Tibby Rothman (August 5):

    Irv Rubin did not commit suicide ... he was murdered with the complicity of the United States Government. On the morning of his murder, he was scheduled for a bail hearing and it was generally felt that bail would have been granted. Isn’t it strange that there were no guards present, no surveillance tapes and no witnesses when Irv supposedly cut his throat and threw himself over the tier? Earl Krugel was a Jewish activist and a gentle man. Earl’s assassination was also planned, and his murderers knew he was coming before he arrived in Arizona. Irv and Earl held secrets, which, if ever revealed, would cause shock waves throughout federal law enforcement and the State Department. These men were framed, entrapped and incarcerated to keep their mouths shut. Out of fear for the welfare of their families, they did keep quiet. There was, however, always the possibility that they would reveal the information that terrorized those in power. They were silenced ... end of story.

    —Comment by Bill Maniaci, Reno, Nevada

  7. JF, Thanks for asking. This is what I think. Though muslims are a much bigger threat in Europe they are not as big a threat in North America, not yet anyway, and would be no threat at all, in Europe or America, if not for the jews.

    Jews are flooding every white European Christian country on the face of the earth with millions of 3rd world non-white immigrants, both legal and illegal. Jews have done this repeatedly throughout history to DESTROY and forcefully mongrelize every great white civilization from Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome to Europe and America. Spain was a great white nation until the jews invited the Moors (Muslims) in.

    These "poor immigrants" are not innocent but active and willing participants in the jew's anti-white genocide agenda to drive the white race to extinction. "Immigrants" are co-conspirators. They know the plan. They know jews control America and why they've been invited in, again.

    The difference between immigration and invasion is a matter of numbers. There shouldn't be any doubt, especially living in SoCal, that America is being invaded and that they'll do what invaders have historically done. Right now they're just waiting for the signal from their jew bosses to rape, rob, pillage, and mass murder their way to a "better life." Sure, they want a better life, yours and mine.

    Americans were never asked and will NEVER be asked if we want them here because the answer would be a resounding NO! Jews have taught non-whites to "hate whitey" and "kill whitey." They may be nice to your face now but when the time comes you'll see it was just an act to get close enough to slit your white throat. They hate you white boy so wise the fuck up and get out of Dodge before the mexican army starts pounding across the southern border with their fast and furious 'streetsweepers' blazing, provided courtesy of our great "first black prezzident" and his mulatto brofriend Holder, because a million Red Chinese army will be marching right behind them, probably gunning mexers in the back to keep the fat slobs moving. Lol. Actually, the NKVD did just that to the Russian Red Army so it wouldn't be surprising.

    The one bright spot may be that the worse it gets the more white Americans will see what's really going on. Even the zioChristards.

    Seriously John, why don't you ask your muslim friends why they're in America instead of in one of the many muslim countries where their beloved sharia is already the law of the land and working to make a better life there for their muslim brothers and sisters. I doubt you'll get a straight answer but it might be good for a chuckle.

    Go ahead and delete this comment if you want. I don't mind. It wasn't meant for anyone but you.

  8. Hey Anon, first off, why would I delete your comment? I never delete comments, unless they are personal attacks against me.

    You make some interesting points, however I do have to disagree with you on most of the things you've said. You write:

    "These "poor immigrants" are not innocent but active and willing participants in the jew's anti-white genocide agenda to drive the white race to extinction. "Immigrants" are co-conspirators. They know the plan. They know jews control America and why they've been invited in, again."

    I have seen no evidence of your contention that immigrants are "co-conspirators" against white people, or know "the plan", ect. To me, "the plan" was laid out clearly in the Protocols, and this plan has been implemented quite successfully. I would characterize immigrants as pawns (like the majority of white people), merely trying to survive, make ends meet, and provide for themselves and their families, while the top level criminals manipulate them for their own ends.

    I did deal with some of the anti-white types down at the Occupy San Diego protests. To me, they are totally missing the point by not focusing on the real power structure (which, as we know, is controlled by Jews, not "whites").

    I love all people, and think everyone has something valuable to contribute to this world, at least potentially. I have never been threatened by anyone out here, immigrant or otherwise. I shop at local Mexican/Chaldean grocery stores, eat at Mexican, Vietnamese, and Japanese restaurants, and overall enjoy the diversity in San Diego. Unlike most "white people", I actually talk to a lot of these "foreigners" and all of them are cool. They are not trying to harm me, and in fact like my business and conversation (I think anyways!).

    I assume you are a white person living in the United States. You realize that your white ancestors were not originally from this part of the world, right?

  9. Very well said, John. Excellent, in fact.

    These letters/emails to your relatives and friends . . . I feel it's the most important step on the road to truth, and on the road to our intellectual salvation as we break free of our mental chains, and attempt to take along as many as we can on our journey.

    You have my respect.

    Carry on sir.

  10. Hey slozo! Thanks buddy! We'll keep trying!

  11. Hi there. It was a convoluted series of links that brought me to your blog but I've enjoyed (or at least been intrigued by) much of what you write here. There are actually several points on which I agree with you, for example the injustices committed by Israel and the negative impact that knee jerk unquestioning support for Israel has on the US and the rest of the world.

    I'm just moved to comment about the repeated use of "the Jews." Not "Israelis" or "Zionists" but "Jews." Is this just shorthand or do you believe that all Jews are part of the same plot and share the blame? I consider myself anti-Zionist and an independent leftist critical of Obama and the Democratic establishment...but I also happen to be Jewish and my religious beliefs and practices are meaningful to me. I'm not rich, I don't have any political or business influence, I'm just an office worker in a job I hate but can't afford not to keep. I guess what I'm interested in knowing is what you think should be done to people like me. Do you make a distinction between good Jews and bad Jews or are all Jews had Jews?

    You also mentioned the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which I had understood were a Tsarist forgery). If all Jews are bad Jews, do know how I can get in touch with the Elders? Because I'm having a hard time making ends meet and I could use some financial assistance lol!

    I guess I'm just rambling and this is probably pointless, but I was just feeling very sad and felt like reaching out. You're pretty cute, btw.

  12. Hi. Me again. Just want to note that Geithner's not Jewish. He was raised Episcopalian.

    I've been compulsively reading your blog all day and I am very, very sad. I'm sad that my religious affiliation means that there are people out there who I agree with on so many things - such as the detrimental impact that Israel has on the world and that 9/11 occurred with US government active collusion and of course the tyranny imposed on us by the corporate and finance industry bourgeoisie - will lump me in with the enemy :( I knew this to be intellectually true, but I guess this is the first time I'm feeling it and it hurts :( :( :(

    It doesn't help that your a cute young guy that I would otherwise like to get to know. You're what, 25? I'm 32.

    It's bad enough that so much of the Jewish community supports Israel unequivocally. I feel so alienated from the institutional Jewish world bc I don't want to spend every moment caring and worrying and agonizing over a country I've never been to and have connection to and have issues with. I think Israel has as much right to exist as any other nation-state (which isn't saying much) but I hate that we have to support it. Why can't they fend for themselves? I also LOATHE Israelis. They are SUCH a**holes!!!

    Anyhow, I just feel stupid now for holding to my stupid beliefs and doing these silly rituals. I used to think they meant something or at least gave done semblance of holiness to life but instead it's all Israel Israel Israel all the bloody time :( :( :(

    And when I read such an intelligent young guy like you write so persuasively about how my "people" have ruined the world I just feel like crying all over again.

    I wish I could pick a different religion but I don't believe in any others (I only barely believe in Judaism- the Orthodox - the people I wish Hitler HAD wiped out think of me as a goy) but at least it's familiar. I'm really attracted to High Church Anglicanism, but i just don't believe in Jesus. If I think even Moses was mostly made up, the Jesus doesn't stand a chance lol.

    I read articles about Israel everyday and it makes me so depressed. I wish it never existed. The world would be so much better off!!! The Zionists thought Israel would make Jews safe but it makes cool people like you hate people like me because of it!!! I hate it do much :( :( :(

    I don't know what to do. Life just seems so pointless :(

  13. Hello Ms. Anonymous, thanks for the thought provoking comment. I think I can clarify some things.

    I don't think all Jews are apart of the same plot and share the blame. I use the adjective "Jew" or "Jewish" to accurately describe the criminals I am talking about.

    If you take a look at geopolitics and international relations, in my opinion it's best to analyze it as a web of often overlapping networks, organizations, businesses, ect, operating and contending for power and influence, at an international level, national or nation-state level, and even local level. Using this analysis, which sort of piggybacks off G. William Domhoff's study of the power structure in the United States, only at an international level, you notice there are many different factions and networks in the playing field so to speak contending for power and influence. Of course you have major corporations, media conglomerates, the nebulous military-industrial-defense contracting complex, the bankers, the insurance companies, agribusiness, oil and other natural resources, political parties/factions/public policy organizations, lobby groups, ect. And we know many of these factions have overlapping interests, and often work together to promote a common agenda. These top tier players and factions form the global power elite network.

    And when you take a look at the most powerful faction in the global power elite network, it's an organized network of Zionist Jews that sits at the top. Zionist Jews with a particular agenda control the banks, media, Hollywood, and have key operatives all throughout the United States government, Congress, and White House. The Zionist Jews have the most powerful lobbying organizations, think tanks, and public policy setting organizations. I think you get the point: it's the Jewish crime network we need to focus on, because it is the most dominant and influence network on this planet. And it's the one you aren't supposed to talk about.

    I make distinctions between people based on where they stand on the facts, not whether they are Jewish or not. For instance, if you are still unwilling to confront the fact that 9/11 was done by this Zionist Jewish crime network, you are a New (Jew) World Order slave, and I judge you as such, because you are. Now, I'm not necessarily saying this to you, I'm just using it as an example. It's about where you stand on the issues, on the facts, and if you're intellectually and emotionally ready to confront them and try to get us out of this mess.

    The Protocols are legit my friend, read them from start to finish and come back and let me know if they've missed anything. Everything that is happening now and has happened is described to "t" in that document. Also, read "Waters Flowing Eastward" if you haven't.


    I'm not lumping you in with the enemy at all. If you are unwilling to confront these issues and go along with the status quo, then yeah, you may as well join the enemy camp. :)

    Cheer up! There is a lot of beauty in this world, and you have the power to resist the lies, tyranny, and madness! We are only here for a short while, better make the most of it!

  14. Check out G. William Domhoff's work here:


    I don't agree with him on much, but he does have a good analysis on how to understand political and economic power structures.

  15. This is a tanker truck of grade-A awesome sauce.

    However I have some questions that I've been pondering for some time. I'm totes 100% serious and am curious about your opinions.

    If your worldview is correct, it raises first to me the question of how a massive global conspiracy can be both omnipotent and incompetent
    Let's start with the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." If you were an evil overlord, would you really commit your evil secret plan to writing and let it slip to the people you're trying to conquer and enslave? I wouldn't. I'd keep my evil plan oral and share it only with my trusted henchmen on a need-to-know basis - I wouldn't even share the whole plan with any one individual person. That's a major snafu right there: and the Protocols were "discovered" before the Evil Zionist Conspiracy controlled the media and the consciousness-creating industries (which didn't exist yet) and so one would think that secrecy would still have been essential.

    Now about that evil plan: the EZC has had a long time now to put it into effect. What is the hold up? They control the US so thoroughly you think that only a military coup or a popular revolution can overthrow them and you dismiss both as unlikely. They apparently control the media and finance and big business and everything and effectively rule the world. Why do they need to go through all the rigmarole of secrecy? Why hasn't Israel just exterminated the Palestinians, conquered Lebanon and Syria and Egypt and imposed its Greater Israel empire yet? Why are they still wasting so much time and energy on building dinky settlements and hosting talks and all the farce of the "peace process?" If the EZC is as powerful as you think it is, why do they still need to hide?

    I have he question for Zionists who think Iran is some kind of existential threat to Israel and the world and that the mullahs have some nefarious evil plan for global conquest and/or destruction. They've been in power since 1979 and have somehow failed to do anything with that opportunity.

    If I were an evil overlord and I had an evil master plan and I had all my pieces in position, I wouldn't sit around twiddling my thumbs. I'd strike when the iron is hot!

    Then there's 9/11 which is illustrative of my whole problem with this theory. It obviously required a great deal of planning and investment, but if the EZC is so powerful, it's hard to understand why it would even be necessary. If they want to stir up anti-Muslim hate, they already control the media. If they wanted the US to go to war in Iraq, they could have easily continued the WMD fraud that was already in play.

    Let's pretend, though, that that would have taken time and maybe the Evil Zionist Conspiracy thought time was of the essence and needed a big catalytic event - a new Pearl Harbor - ASAP. OK, but the initial reaction to 9/11 was the bombing and then invasion of....Afghanistan, a country which looks pretty far down the list of Israel's strategic concerns. The war in Iraq didn't start until 2003! And we all know too well how the Iraq War was not planned well for the purpose of regime change and the imposition of a stable and reliable client state government. I've read your arguments and the ones you link to, and I'm just not seeing how 9/11 significantly benefitted Israel or the Evil Zionist Conspiracy enough to be worth it. If there's one things Jews don't do, it's invest without a profitable return.


  16. Cont

    Finally, if the EZC so competent and powerful to make 9/11 happen, the how could they be so careless about covering their tracks? How is it even possible that the enlightened few such as yourself could stumble upon the proof of their guilt? Take the "dancing Israelis." I would celebrate my terrorist success over champagne in my secret bunker rather than in the full view of civilians. And if the EZC doesn't care about secrecy, then we're right back at the question of why 9/11 was necessary.

    These are questions to which I would love someday to find satisfactory answers.

    2. How do you know you've reached the bottom of the rabbit hole? You think you have uncovered the truth about the grand global conspiracy of Zionist Jews to rule the world. Isn't it convenient that you have been able to detect this? Shouldn't it raise just a teensy bit of doubt that you were able to see through the lies and disinformation to the truth?

    What if the Evil Zionist Conspiracy were itself a "false flag" operation, perhaps one orchestrated by parties who are interested in keeping human beings distracted and looking amongst ourselves for enemies when the real threat comes from another angle? A scientific analysis of the evidence might be one way to sift out truth from lies, but if the conspiracy controls the media and the production and flow of information, how can one even trust that evidence is authentic? Does it really come down to a leap of faith?

  17. Cont
    3) The practical question: why not join the winning side?

    If the earth were invaded by reptilian aliens who wanted to deplete our resources and eat us, then there would be a long-term disincentive for collaboration. Maybe they'll let you live a while longer before eating you or maybe they'll even leave you alive when they depart - alone on a lifeless and strip-mined planet. Either way, aside from the betraying-your-species part, there just wouldn't be a way to "win." Most people wouldn't know the truth, but for the enlightened few who do figure it out, resistance is a rational choice and collaboration is effectively delayed suicide.

    But if the Evil Conspiracy is (presumably) human and if they do not intend to exterminate their enemies and if their long-term goal is stability and peace and a single benevolent despotism over the whole world - and if the evil conspiracy already controls so much of the world and is so powerful that they can dictate the policies of superpowers and carry out 9/11s apparently just for fun, it should give one pause for rational assessment.

    The world is essentially a sh*thole and has been for quite some time. Most people already live under some form of malevolent despotism so we're talking of little more than an exchange of masters. By all accounts, those of us in the "free world" are already secretly under the rule of the Evil Conspiracy so the completion of the evil plan would in fact mean the dawn finally of an era of honesty in politics. Would the One World Government of the Elders really be substantially different from that of the other emperors, kings, f├╝hrers, general secretaries and supreme mugwumps that have ruled the world before it? The EZC controls the world's money and so collaboration could potentially allow one to cash in big if he plays his cards right.

    Becoming a New Jew World Order slave could potentially be rewarding. Remaining neutral carries no benefits or costs. Resistance doesn't seem to carry any costs or benefits either, except I guess the personal psychological benefit of believing oneself to be "right" and thereby superior to those who are deluded or wrong. That's an intangible and subjective value, I guess, so I don't think there's any easy way to make the outcomes commensurate.

  18. Final
    But I can't help but think of it this way. What was really so bad about the Empire in Star Wars? Yes, they were racist and preferenced humans over other species and yes, Grand Moff Tarkin did blow up Alderaan and killed billions of people. But:

    The Republic was corrupt and incompetent and deserved to fall. The Jedi, too, we're arrogant navel-gazers who liked to preach platitudes to the galaxy but failed to focus on what was ostensibly their job. They deserved to be swept away, too.

    The Empire brought order, discipline, stability, and prosperity to the Galaxy. It ended a generation of war. Yes, Palpatine was a creepy theocrat but he was an efficient creepy theocrat - and he mostly kept his creepy theocracy behind the scenes. The best rational choice was for Luke Skywalker to accept his father's offer to join him, to overthrow Palpatine, to end the destructive conflict, and rule the Galaxy as father and son. As the Expanded Universe makes clear, killing Palpatine didn't bring automatic peace and justice to the Galaxy: it just opened up another few centuries of civil war and left and opening for extragalactic enemies to invade.

    If the Protocols are true, the the OWG of the Evil Zionist Conspiracy will be a damn sight more efficient and less corrupt than most other governments we have had, including the present regime in the US. I assume they are monitoring your blog and can trace this comment back to me, so if you're out there, Evil Overlords, sign me up!

    All I ask is a cool Hugo Boss uniform with nice shiny boots :)

    Unless of course you really are agents of the Grays from Zeta Reticuli and you plan to colonize and exterminate us.

  19. Hi VL, I'm tired but I do want to address some of the points you raised.

    First off, this isn't some grand conspiracy being plotted and instigated behind closed doors by a small circle of evil men. It's much more complex than that, which I try to make clear in my writing and when I explain my perspective. These people operate out in the open largely, although there are certainly covert aspects of the agenda. As I described above, I think of the global power structure as being made up of networks of individuals, corporations, organizations, ect., with the most dominant and powerful faction being the Zionist Jewish crime network. This network has control of the major banks, media, and governments of the West. This seems very obvious to me. Is it not to you?

    As for the Protocols, I take them to be the summary of the Zionist agenda set up back in the late 1800s at the various Zionist Conferences taking place at the time in Europe. Whatever you think of them, they certainly ring true.

    You ask "what is the hold up?" for implementing the "Evil Zionist Conspiracy," and I would reply: it's already been implemented. They do not hide anymore VL, they are largely operating in the open, pushing their agenda in the open.

    Your 9/11 statements and questions are silly to me. It's been conclusively documented that not only was 9/11 a complete farce, but that Israel and Zionist Jews in the US played the leading role in it's realization and coverup. And so you know, the entire War on Terror is a Jewish racket. I wrote about this subject recently on Veterans Day, check it out. They are making all the money off this fraud, and are benefitting geopolitically more than any other political entity in the world today.

    As for point #2, I don't know I've reached the bottom of the rabbit hole, and have never claimed to. I do try to use my critical thinking and analytical skills when I read and digest information, and think I've developed a sense of what's going on in this world, but I certainly don't claim to know everything, and never would. I try to learn as much as I can every single day.

    3. I will not "join the other side" because I care about the truth, justice, dignity, and honesty.


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