Thursday, November 3, 2011

John Friend visits A Wise Old Man

I was in Los Angeles Monday and Tuesday and ended up meeting a true American patriot and truth-teller, Mr. Zan Overall. Zan has independently protested on multiple occasions in the Los Angeles area, raising awareness of the fact that Israel did 9/11 and that the Holocaust is a complete fraud. I hope to continue to work with Zan, who is certainly A Wise Old Man.

The following videos were made by Zan.  Definitely worth checking out.  Also worth checking out is his excellent interview with Dr. Jim Fetzer.  


  1. I had two interesting comments from old friends today. The first, left on my Facebook page after I posted an article relating to Fukushima and Israel's alleged role in that event:

    "John, are you joking? Israelis did not sabotage Fukushima. I read your FB posts sometimes, and I worry. Hope your doing okay."

    And the second, from a much closer, long-time friend via email:

    "John, I really do care about you and our friendship. I think you are a passionate person and appreciate how you give all of your heart into everything.

    I think you are alienating yourself through your belief in these conspiracies and paranoia. I understand why _________ is offended, as well as others. It seems that you've committed your entire life to this and have dedicated all of your time, effort, intelligence, and future into this rather than spending time with new friends and exploring what San Diego and California has to offer. You are a really smart person and have a bright future and I think this is putting a damper on your future and quality of life. I think you would make a great teacher or professor but think that this path will not lead to that goal.

    I really do hope you are okay and if you need to talk to someone, I'm here to listen."

    I knew long ago that the stuff I was going to be doing here and elsewhere online would alienate some people. But the thing about it is, NO ONE will actually take the time to check out what I'm doing here, read through some of the articles, check out the links and videos, and at least try to understand why I have taken the stand I have taken.

    I appreciate those that do so here. Because very few people in my real life give a fuck about what's going on in this world.

  2. I know what you mean, man. It is so alienating being around friends, family, and colleagues who either have no idea what is going on and/or don't care.


  3. Join the club folks.
    Alienation of what you thought
    were friends and family is sop
    when it comes to this.
    Don't waste your time on those that
    won't look.
    The brainwashing on those people is

  4. Soo... it was YOU!!!

    I am holding you responsible for breaking up my twitter buddy kim lardasshian's scammy marriage, afterall you're visiting LA when the news broke. YOU!!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist! :D

    You did excellent job with both vids, specially the one with Zan. Someone posted a vid about Zan years back at WUFYS and I still remember the vid. He is one amazing dude. Can you imagine living in LA and not afraid to tell it like it is, specially at his age?

    Oh ... I hope that you didn't gross out in the west hollyweird area (where it feels like mini israhell) like I was! Biggest mistake was going to the Grove/farmers market on saturday late afternoon, damn gps!

    I really hate to say negative things about your #2 friend but oh well ...he's beyond repair!

    I personally know a few people like him. But unlike SD's bravest citizen title winner, I am a wuss! It is not always easy to pretend everything is hunky dory & rosy whenever around people. NOPE!

  5. Hey EV and Anon, agreed. It's just frustrating doing the stuff I'm doing knowing that NO ONE is actually backing me up, at least none of my friends. No one will even consider what I have to say. Whateva. On we march.

    musique! Oh just wait, I got the YouTube with kim lardasshian comin' up next! LMAO! Thank god I didn't run into that whore in LA...

    Zan is one cool ass dude! Real nice guy, him and his wife! We talked for a looong time, went out to dinner, and then made that video right before I headed home to SD. I stay in touch with him now daily via email.

    LA is an interesting place, I'll tell ya. Nothing like SD, where it's laid back, calm, and beautiful. LA has really nice places, but I don't know if I could live there...

    My #2 friend really disappointed me. Total ignorance, especially when they said, "rather than spending time with new friends and exploring what San Diego and California has to offer." WTF?! That's all I fucking do in California! Meet people and check new shit out! Just goes to show you how out of touch some people are...even those that claim to care about me. Again, whateva. :)

  6. BTW- I was on Charlie's Truth Hertz radio program today for hour 2. I'm going to try and make a YouTube video out of it, but you can download it via iTunes or you can listen to it online.

  7. Zan's da man!

    Here's another inspiring truthteller. Jeff Rense interviews Cynthia McAllister.

  8. John you have my support and as soon as I get rich I will contribute to your/our cause.

    Why always the gentiles have to be poor... (because of the jewwwwssssss)


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