Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why are you participating in Occupy San Diego?

I went down to the Occupy San Diego camp out at the Martin Luther King Promenade in downtown San Diego yesterday afternoon.  I brought the double-sided sign I made, and took some brief videos of people I ran into asking them why they were there participating.  I will be back down there later on this afternoon, and will have more video and photos coming soon.  Stay tuned.

You could literally see the cognitive dissonance expressed on the faces of many people at Occupy San Diego when they saw my "Israel Behind 9/11" sign.  It's about time people were exposed to these issues in an major way.  :)

San Diego Assistance Chief of Police Boyd Long was downtown Saturday afternoon, so I stopped to ask him a few questions regarding Occupy San Diego.  City Beat also had a great interview with Assistant Chief Long the other day, too.  


Enjoy this one for now.  


  1. Not one mention of Israel.

    ClUe LeSs A!!
    ClUe LeSs A!!
    ClUe LeSs A!!
    ClUe LeSs A!!

  2. Great reporting with great video. Nice work!

  3. Stop hijacking our movement to spread your propaganda. I didn't get only 3 hours of sleep each night for the past week and a half working on this so you can come along and destroy it with your divisive messages. I saw you happily displaying your anti-semitic messages for the press. I'm sure there's some Tea Party or KKK meeting that would happily welcome you. This is not that movement

  4. Hey John Friend,...Excellent Vox Pop'- "Well done that man!"

    Oi vey, the yiddish peanut gallery is here, oh and yes it is "that movement", it is ALL about your tribe of thieves and child-molesters - so evolve into humans or get ready to be kicked in the arse! Once and for always!

    Whooohooo, go JF!


  5. Unknown, feel free to critically analyze some of the information on this blog and get back to me. Maybe I'll see you back down there this week? I'd love to chat.

    Folks, you'll notice these weak ones that come on here and make ignorant comments like Unknown, who also failed to publicly challenge me at Occupy San Diego. How fucking pathetic. Grow a pair and act like an adult. You disagree with me, tell me why. If you can't back anything up, shut the fuck up and move out my way.

  6. Heyo v, thanks buddy, we gotta start going to the heart of the matter. No more pussyfooting about.

  7. Hey John Friend,...This comment is from YT "John Friend addressing Occupy San Diego":

    Hey JF,..That shill just Snowed you man! So, it's OK to protest and make your beef, so long as it isn't anti-schlemitic (their opinion) and doesn't mention 911? FUCK THAT! Ya see what we were on about at the Blogs, this shit has to controlled by the people not the shills for the PTB! And what's with all that lame fucking sign language?
    When I was a kid I learned pretty quickly that "show-of-hands" voting at Union meetings was a fucking scam - the thugs would always be eye-balling everyone to make sure they knew they were being watched - that's censorship through intimidation. Oh, and who does the counting? How easy would it be for these shills to say, "oh sorry man, we didn't see you waving your hands." Bullshit, these cretins are sayanim. You have to get in touch with fellow-travellers; walk around, keep your mouth shut and listen to the debates, find the like-minded folks and organise them. Create a front row group at the dais and make damn sure they see your syncopated signing. This is how they did it at Union meetings and local branch political party meetings. It is effective it is also essential if you wish to make this "occupy" thing a success for a fair deal, truth and that other stuff. Oh, yeah, liberty.


  8. To Anonymous: The guy in the occupy #5 actually DID mention the shitty little country of israel: he said that we should stop giving them $3Billion a year in aid.

    The other anonymous apparently went out there and got 3 hours of sleep every night so that the chosen ones could capture yet another political movement and make sure they get all the benefits.

  9. Yeah, if you are critical of israel in anyway your anti-semetic. Boy what a system they have. Run away with the world through crime and nuclear blackmail and have a built in get outta jail free card by having your useful idiots scream anti-semite every time you heard nary a cross word about israhell. So if what israhell is doing is ok, then what the nazis did to the jews was ok by default.

    I get it now.

  10. liberate us from "FREEDOM"October 11, 2011 at 11:51 PM

    Thank you for standing up and spreading the truth. There are a lot of brain washed people and Zionists who are infiltrating the occupy movement.

    One tip though John, I feel that you might get a better response if you ease the mindless people into the idea. Ask them to trace the money. Explain in a logical way why the money is being directed to a country, then say the countries name and the group behind it. I feel like by putting 9/11 in front of it, a lot of people would dismiss it right away because of the panic and horrors they felt in their little worlds. They allowed the news to scar them for life on that and maybe we should ease them on that truth later on.

    focus on the point. They are upset, fed up, know generally who they dislike (the 1 percent). Why not try and spell out who exactly are the 1% in a clear simple approach.

    Good luck, and be safe. :)

  11. Yeah, you're right. But I just don't have the patience anymore I'm afraid. 9/11 is just too fucking obvious. :)

    I am definitely going to try to explain my positions on the Fed and 9/11 in detail at some point. I'll get into what you're talking about if and when that happens. Thanks for dropping by!

  12. John,

    Excellent work with the reporting, speech, and your sign. Face-to-face activism is the next phase of getting the truth out about 9/11, as well as the jewish control of our government, media, etc.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    And don't worry about these jewish/zionist trolls posting here squealing "anti-semitism". Let them post and testify against themselves. Like you, I believe in real freedom of speech, and do not censor anyone on my own blog.

    I have been blogging for about 3 years on 9/11 and similar issues that you are covering here.

    Here are my websites if you are interested:

    - Thy Weapon of War

    - 9/11 Jewish-Mossad False Flag Archive

  13. Thanks Lone Wolf, I appreciate it! I am definitely familiar with your work! The 9/11 Jewish-Mossad False Flag Archive is excellent. I'll have to link it on this blog!

  14. here in NYC is is just as thick... or thicker brother...

    There are some tough holdouts but we need some kind of critical mass. We need to get organized, the true believers, the warriors or else we will never be able to work at full blast.

  15. veritas6464~~ you took the words out of my mouth. This is nothing more than a dog and phony show. I carried a sign protesting the killing of Palestinians by Israel and I had a hand full of freaks asking me to leave because that is not what the protest was all about?

    So what is the protest about?

    Who controls the banking system?

    Who is screwing us and the rest of the world?

    What are the names of the banks CEO's?

    What are the names of the wall street bosses?

    The Occupy San Diego is so full of shit!!!

    It is run by a small group of Jews. they came in and now control this small crowd of about less than fifty people.

    These so consensus crap is nothing more than the same shit we see in politics.

    Shut up your opponent, bury your head in the ground and chant, "we are the 99%." of what?

    They should carry a sign that says "we are the cover up for the 99%."

    It is so funny how the SD protestors told the city beat that they had a group that wanted to free Palestinians and they were nazi's?

    What is up with that shit?

    I think we should start a group of real protestors in San Diego and Encinitas.

    There is nothing that would prevent a real group protesting.

    The phony Occupy SD will have to eat shit!!!


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