Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who brought the slaves to America?

By Walter White, Jr., 1968


  1. Great stuff, John..

    I too have already put up articles explaining how the Jews ran the slave trade that brought the Blacks to America.. And how over the course of some 200 years of the slave trade may have been responsible for the deaths of 10's of millions of blacks... A REAL Holocaust of history!

    It is amazing how real history has been kept out of the public eye!

  2. Hey there! Yes, you are exactly right!

    I remember reading Walter White, Jr.'s book about 2 years ago. I was so floored after reading it! I had no idea Jews were largely behind the slave trade!

    And it made me very sad to think about...I remember being bussed to another school for 2nd grade when I was a child. The city I lived in was trying to "integrate" the school district through forced bussing. It was my first experience with black children. And I remember specifically feeling guilty about the slave trade and learning about the South when I was a kid. I remember hearing things like, "White people owned us" and things like that. But the truth of the matter is, almost all "white people" living in the US (especially in the city I was living in) had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVES OR THE SLAVE TRADE. In fact, my family is German/Irish decent, and didn't even get here until the 1800s! And there are millions of other "whites" just like me, who no doubt have felt guilty about the slave trade and it's legacy when these events were completely out of their control or influence.

    These Jews have written and distorted history for far too long.

  3. nice tack john.

  4. Heyo brian, just in case you didn't notice, I posted a link to Waters Flowing Eastward, an absolutely phenomenal book. Are you familiar?

  5. hi john,
    thanks for pointing that out. more proof for the pudding. i haven't read this before... but plan on giving it a hard perusal! anything to do with the protocols is a struggle to actually read - it is too horrific - but indeed necessary, i understand. i guess it ALL has to do with the protocols when all is said and done?
    kindest regards,

  6. Mr. Friend,

    Who is responsible for the genocide of the people who were living on this land at the time of "discovery"?

    The Jews?

    Who is responsible for living on an entire country of stolen land today? The Jews?

    I'm afraid you've lost me.

  7. The genocide of the indigenous people of America was a result of policies implemented by the United States government many moons ago.

    We are all living on an entire continent of stolen land, at least if your ancestors (like mine) were European.

    Is that clear enough for you? Or are you still lost? If so, you'll probably remain lost until you figure this shit out for yourself. I've provided many books and other links to sources of info that you may want to familiarize yourself with if you're still fucking lost at this point.

  8. What I said was that YOU lost ME. I'm not lost at all, except to you.

    Maybe you should study up on reading comprehension.

  9. some things are better lost...

  10. Hey tsisageya, maybe you should do your homework before coming over here and leaving ignorant comments. :)

  11. "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." --George Orwell

    What Wlter White wrote is facts laced with supposition, lies, subterfuge and downright lies.
    The Jews were of course complicit in the slave trade, but without the trade being practically invented by Arabs, and furthered by greedy Europeans, Americans and Africans themselves, there would have been no trade at all, except perhaps internally (as there was in every society).
    Lies travel fast, while the truth struggles along on its lengthy and weary journey. Such are the ways of the world and the gullibility of stupid men!


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