Monday, October 17, 2011

Video from Occupy San Diego

I went downtown tonight to see what was going on with the Occupy San Diego movement.  Basically the same thing as when I left...

By the way, word on the street has it that San Diegans for 9/11 Truth does not appreciate my views, and apparently will not tolerate them.  I still haven't heard back from anyone at Occupy San Diego, or the individuals I knew through San Diegans for 9/11 Truth that were also working with Occupy San Diego. And that's fine.  They will continue to wake some people up, for sure, but that's about it.  Good luck to them.

Good sound, terrible picture in the video below. Sorry! Israel and Zionists that have complete control of the US did 9/11, and yes we need to be talking about this. They also control the banking system, which has been robbing us since 1913. It's pretty amazing how many of the people I've interacted with at the Occupy San Diego movement are completely clueless about the Federal Reserve, 9/11, and the Jewish crime network/lobby. Not all, but many.


  1. same old, same old. a "safe" protest can safely be ignored.

    how about a new sign?

    Wonder where your $ went?
    Over a trillion for illegal wars based on the lie that muslims did 9/11.
    Prosecute the perps: US Zionists & Israeli Mossad.


  2. Good one EV, maybe I'll make it and head back down this weekend! I'll make some more videos if I get a chance this weekend to get involved.

    Many of the people there are clueless about the most important issues. Some revolution, huh?

  3. I just added the caption I put on the very last YouTube video. Some guy came up and started shit with my friend Muhammed, so I came over and began filming. It was extremely dark, so the picture turned out bad.

    He talks about the "secular Jews" in Israel that just want "healthcare" and some other nonsense. I wanted to hear the guy out and see what he had to say. Obviously, not much.

    The last guy in the video was actually making some good points, but I ended up turning off the camera because the General Assembly was going on right near us.

  4. 1% against 99%

    1% aware of the Talmudic Jews controlling everything against 99% of ignorant slaved people.

    Trying to help them to see the problem is a huge job.


  5. 1% aware of the Talmudic Jews controlling everything against 99% of ignorant slaved people.

    well said! I think I will borrow that. That's gotta change. If I don't hear the ADL up in arms ain't nothing happening.

  6. Perhaps re: Israel's involvement in 9/11. It can't be proved but Israel does admit to documenting the event [ 5 dancing Israelis] thus prior knowledge. This is accurate , even if it 'obviously' means they were involved.

    Perhaps a sign ' Israel admits documenting and thus foreknowledge of the 9/11 event and seemingly did not notify the US government.

    Also is knowingly selling toxic mortgages with their resulting economic devestation , while the US is at war, an act of economic sabotage and/or treason.

    So much 'protest' is soundbite sloganeering and often just sets up internal resistances to the end of , in this case, war and usury, whilst also playing into the hands of the dumbing-down caucus.

    Feinstein's repetition a prime example.

    Demand intelligent and sensible answers!

    Perhaps the US did not legitimately declare war so that charges such as treason could not be brought :)


  7. I really don't understand the 9/11 truthers who don't want to talk about Israel, and I've run into this phenomenon myself. I mean, what is the point of investigating 9/11 if you're never going to name the perpetrator? The objective seems to be to just keep renting venues and holding 9/11 truth events from now until doomsday without ever getting anything resolved.

  8. Hey Anon and Genie, you are both exactly right!

    aferrismoon, hello there, and thanks for dropping by. It most certainly can be proved that Israel was involved in 9/11 in almost every angle. For instance, I have the Gerald Shea Memo linked on the side of this blog, which was a memorandum submitted to the 9/11 Commission shortly AFTER they published their report, that was NEVER taken into consideration to my knowledge. The Gerald Shea Memo is a very thorough and concise summarization of the DEA and FBI investigations into the Israeli spy rings operating all over the US (New Jersey, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, California, ect.), which the Israelis arrested on 9/11 were apart of. Many of these Israeli operatives were arrested for immigration violations, and every last one of them was military/intelligence. These spy rings were engaged in espionage, drug running, and other criminal activities. They were even running the Arab "hijacker" patsies down in Florida and in New Jersey! Check out that report!

    As for the protests, most are still completely clueless to the real game. It's sad really, many do not seem to want to confront it, even though they know it is staring them right in the face. They want to talk in generalities, and few talk about actually arresting the criminals and enforcing the law. We'll keep truckin' away though. :)

  9. Richard, you are exactly 100% correct. I don't know what is with these people. I'm not even going to waste my time with them anymore.


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