Monday, October 3, 2011

Slam dunk case for Israel being behind 9/11

I don't have much time tonight to comment on this information. Much of it I already have commented on in other posts anyways.  This report from Take Our World Back, in conjunction with the Gerald Shea Memo, has conclusively proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Israel was behind 9/11.  All of their operatives were in place on that day- the Israeli military/intelligence operatives arrested on 9/11, the Israeli military/intelligence operatives running the phony Muslim "terrorist" ring in Florida and New Jersey, the owners of the towers, the key players in the Bush administration (Pentagon in particular), the major corporate media.  Absolutely no doubt about any of these facts anymore folks.

Any rational arguments to the contrary? Please, I'd love to read some valid and constructive criticisms in the comments section if there are any.


  1. Hi John Friend!

    I have been meaning to get back here for a while now.... But, life happens.

    Wanted you to know I listened to you on that talk show.
    The one fellow is a bit preachy in his style. Can't recall names here, but, I mostly payed attention to you.

    Again, you conducted yourself very well.
    Articulate, well spoken. And you don't go all goony/growly ala Alex Jones.
    I cannot stand that kind of stuff.

    Anyway, very good overall.
    If you wanted to get a podcast going, I think you are totally capable. I would listen.

    On to your comment at my place.

    I went over to Northern Truth Seekers and read through the piece.

    He is getting closer, IMO, and keep in mind this is just my opinion, based on multiple posts I have done on Fukushima and the information I have dug up.

    I responded over there.

    That said, Japan has been nuclear armed far longer then 2007.

    Recall the post I put up that Rivero left a comment on, disputing my work...??

    Nuclear armed since after WW2.
    Not since 2007.
    I followed up with another post there after that original one

    "According to Sekiguchi, Japan used to host a U.S. Army school specializing in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that had been set up at Camp Gifu in 1951 -- a year after the outbreak of the Korean War -- to teach basic knowledge about nuclear weapons and how to deal with them.

    The TV program uncovers the realities of U.S. nuclear training in Gifu and across Japan through testimonies from former U.S. servicemen, as well as documents discovered by a researcher at Nagasaki University.

    Among the witnesses who appear in the program is a former U.S. soldier who was exposed to radiation during a secret nuclear weapons drill at a base in Okinawa Prefecture during the Vietnam War. The man, who was exposed to 79 millisieverts of radiation, suffers from respiratory and cardiac disorders and must have an oxygen tank with him at all times."

    This jibes completely with what I had written in the first post.

    Japan is nuclear armed, indeed, has been since after WW2.
    They are so well place geostrategically speaking to rein in China, Korea etc., The US would never have waited until the 70's to ensure Japan had nukes.

  2. John I left a comment here.
    It didn't show up!
    Why am I not surprised?
    Because this happens so often.
    Usually just at my blog, though.
    Check if it is in your spam folder, please and thanks

  3. oh and I forgot to mention

    Trivium Knowledge! right on John.
    I have been meaning to get that one up in the side bar, though I do have Gnostic Media.

  4. Hey Penny, thanks! I think it would be cool to do a podcast! I should really just start doing it and stop procrastinating! I'm scheduled to do another interview with a 9/11 researcher named Dean Hartwell in about 2 weeks. You can find his info linked on the left hand side of this page. Should be interesting!

    I think you're definitely on to something with Japan being involved in clandestine nuclear weapons via the US and, more recently, Israel. I strongly suspect Israel had some hand in what happened at Fukushima. I think Jim Stone's article makes a lot of sense, in particular what he's discovered about the alleged tsunami. I believe there is a lot going on as far as nuclear weapons, high energy weapons, alternative technology, weather manipulation, ect. that is not publicly acknowledged or known about.

  5. " I think Jim Stone's article makes a lot of sense, in particular what he's discovered about the alleged tsunami."

    doesn't northern truthseekers piece contradict that premise?

    "Guilty as Charged

    The Tohoku earthquake and tsunami were powerful enough to damage
    Fukushima No.1. The natural disaster, however, was vastly amplified by two external factors: release of the Stuxnet virus, which shut down control systems in the critical 20 minutes prior to the tsunami; and presence of weapons-grade nuclear materials that devastated the nuclear facility and contaminated the entire region."

    where as Jim Stone says the earthquake did not cause damage, not enough to cause the massive tsunami?

    Did you ever see my piece on Chikyu?

    I actually wonder if this had played a role in the tsuanmi?

    I see NTS has not let my comment through as of yet...
    I would be interested in what he has to say.

    John, I will listen when you do the interview, will you post it when it is done?
    Hope so as that is about the only way I will see it

  6. Hey Penny, Stone's points:

    1. Japan offers to enrich uranium for Iran. Israel is not happy.
    2. Israeli security companies (ie, Mossad and Israeli military) have full control of Fukushima.
    3. Israeli agents plant Stuxnet and mini-nuclear devices at Fukushima to completely wreck the place. Fukushima may be a covert nuclear weapons-related facility.
    4. Some man-made force created an earthquake resulting in a tsunami, but not a major 9.0 tsunami as was alleged by the media, but a much smaller one (around 6.6), which was used as cover while Israel sabotaged Fukushima using Stuxnet and the mini-nucs.

    Stone is just saying that the earthquake was much less severe than what we were told by the media, and did not cause the disaster at Fukushima as was also alleged by the media. Both articles provide valuable information in my opinion.

    Just quickly read your piece on Chikyu, interesting. Who really knows anymore, huh? I think we're asking the right questions though. :)

    I will certainly post the interview once it's done. If I think of it, I'll drop by and post a link at your place, too.


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