Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy San Diego Kick Off

Last night, I attended the kick off of the Occupy San Diego movement. There was a march around downtown San Diego, followed by a rally and General Assembly at the Martin Luther King Promenade, where occupiers camped out last night. I did not camp out. I am heading back down there in about an hour though.

Today, everyone is gathering at the Martin Luther King Promenade and marching to the Civic Center to begin the occupation. Here is a map of the general area:

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Last night was great! This movement in San Diego is huge. There were easily 1000 people- when I left at 10:30pm! As you will see in the pictures to follow, this is an extremely diverse movement. I've found everyone that I've interacted with to be genuine, passionate, and dedicated to this movement. There are lots of good pictures here.

Occupy San Diego is extremely well organized. There are various committees organizing food, water, logistics, outreach, and many other activities. What I found extremely interesting was the Education Committee, which will be organizing and setting up an area at the actual occupation of the Civic Center in which individuals can make presentations, give lectures, and talk about issues important to them. They are completely open to all subjects, including 9/11. I was immediately interested in joining the Education Committee, so I got in touch with the main organizers with Occupy San Diego, and a presentation is in the works! Still trying to figure out all the details, but I'll keep everyone posted! And yes, I will definitely try to video tape it and get it up here as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is a video I shot last night in which an organizer with Occupy San Diego explains the General Assembly structure. Great atmosphere, great energy, great people all around.

And here is a short video I took of a gentleman explaining why he was at Occupy San Diego. The lighting is terrible because it was so dark, but the audio is definitely worth listening to. It's short.

I will be trying to make a few more of these short little interviews to give everyone a feel for the type of people involved in this movement. As I've said, from my experience this is movement is genuine, people-led, and for real. Occupy San Diego has clearly stated they are open to all ideas and subjects. If that changes, then I may worry. For now, check out these pictures. Much more to come.  


  1. The sign on the left in the last photo is a classic.

    Kudos to all of you in San Diego.

  2. Yes sir, kenny! It was great!

    Videos and pics from today are coming. Also, I'm tentatively scheduled to give a presentation tomorrow at the Education Committee. Israeli, Zionism, and 9/11 will be the topics. Stay tune. :)


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