Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy LA photos and video

There is a major thorn in all of our asses, whether we realize it or not: a private central bank called the Federal Reserve founded and run by criminals working to enslave the entire world.  

A good friend and fellow 9/11 Truth activist made the following video and took the above and following photographs.

No more private central bank fraudulently loaning money at interest to our government! No more bankster bailouts! No more criminals running this country! No more war! We The People have spoken and we demand justice!

If you're in the San Diego area, come join the Occupy San Diego movement this Friday, October 7th.  All the cool kids will be there. Bring your friends!  :)


Are these girls single?  :)
Graphic, but good.  Gotta love that 1st Amendment.  
That's right, criminal Federal Reserve/Wall Street banksters and crooked government officials that deliberately wrecked the economy get to go straight to jail once we're through.   
Don't be fooled, there are tons of cool people all across the United States.  You won't find any of them on TV or in the movies though... 
Can't ignore us now...
This is our country, and we will reclaim it.  There will be no room for criminals, psychopaths, murders, puppets, and sellouts in the reclaimed Republic of the United States of America.  
Oh yeah...revolution is already here folks.  Get on board.  


  1. Just made a really cool sign for the Occupy San Diego kick off on Friday! Pics coming soon!

  2. Hey John Friend,..Nice werk brother, always a treat to see your Blog. Keep a cool head among those losing theirs and you'll be the winner!

    Oh, fuck that tosser that wailed on you the other week, he's had a go at me before, I think he's got hydro issues(grin).


  3. I can't make it to San Diego or NYC, but I did donate a nice sum of money to those gutsy patriots.

    If this continues, be ready for all hell to break loose, since the super rich maniacs running this nation aren't going down w/o a fight, even if that means setting off a nuke somewhere to distract the sheeple.

  4. Yo veritas! Thanks for dropping by! The protest should be interesting and fun. You'll love my sign.

    Oh, and you must be referring to our buddy nobody. Eh, I've said what I wanted to say, so has he I guess. No worries, it was a good exchange for a while I suppose. Interesting experience, that's for sure! LOL!

  5. Good shit Greg! I've donated some dough the past month or so to a couple great sites that need the money. Any guesses which sites I donated to?

    Things are heating up for sure, everyone is fed up, you can just feel something in the air. The criminals are running out of options...may they forever burn in hell! Once we're through they're all going to be in jail! That's when we'll drink our champagne, but we'll be hangin' out in our backyards with the fellas, not sittin' around like a bunch of bitches over there on Wall St. I couldn't believe those motherfuckers!

  6. greetings john friend~

    The Nameless War by A.H.M. Ramsey.
    read it on the double before you stroll too far down this most recent revolution road. here's a link from kaminski's site:
    only a hundred pages or so. necessary brother, necessary.


  7. to wet your whistle

    from the forward of The Nameless War
    "After a brief review of the forces behind the declaration of war [WW2] and the world wide arrests of the many who endeavored to oppose them, the author describes the anatomy of the Revolutionary International machine - which today continues the plan for supranational world power, the age-old Messianic dream of International Jewry.

    "It is the author's belief that the machine would break down without the support of its unwilling Jews and unsuspecting Gentiles and he puts forward suggestions for detaching these elements."

    you won't stop reading until you're done. it is terribly riveting.

    all the best


  8. John Friend,

    Not to sound particularly disparaging, but what the hell historically has led you to believe comeuppance is awaiting those who have already plundered your country and are currently in contro of it?

    Re: your comment on the protests, and your assertion that they would end up in jail by some miracle magik.

    Do you sincerely think any of the co-opted groups that MIGHT be capable of any physical violence can do such a thing? Do you think the police and othe law enforcement, totally controlled by the illuminati, are suddenly going to come to their senses and become turncoats to their masters?

    Seriously . . . what is with the childish optimism?

    I respect what you may represent here, but . . . this is beyond unrealistic here, what you are saying. Please explain it.


  9. Hey brain, thanks for dropping by again!

    I am familiar with Ramsey's book, I originally came across it when I first started following Daryl Bradford Smith's phenomenal website, I have it saved on my hard drive, but it's been a while since I read it. I will check it out again though!

  10. And there's Slozo's comment, had to get it out of the spam folder. :)

    I genuinely think that we are living in very interesting times, revolutionary times, the Apocalypse as Visible would say. The 'Great Unveiling', so to speak, of the evil criminal cabal that has controlled the affairs of this world for far too long. We're at a point where we have two routes to take. The route you and I and many others have pursued, which is self-reflection, truth, justice, and a pursuit of higher consciousness. The alternative route is to continue living in the New World Order, obediently paying your taxes and supporting your government, never questioning your existence or seeking higher enlightenment or truth. Many people are still stuck in this paradigm, but more and more are taking the red pill every day, especially now with this Occupy Wall Street movement making headway.

    I'm merely advocating for the type of revolution I would like to see, with the hopes that my small individual efforts will contribute in some way towards bringing truth, peace and justice to this world. I'm having fun with it, and enjoying my time doing it. Childish optimism, maybe? A guy speaking his mind, talking shit, and having some fun? Absolutely.

    Will this Occupy Wall Street movement gain the momentum we need to start arresting these criminals that control our government? I don't know, but I'm certainly going to be advocating for just that. I'm an optimist man, probably more so than I should be. But I've come to the conclusion there is only so much I can do to affect the change I want to see in this world, so I'm going to continue to do my thing. And right now that is remaining optimistic about this Occupy Wall Street movement, and doing what I can do advocate for the issues we need addressed if we want real change in this world.

  11. Thanks for the honest and forthright feedback slozo, I do appreciate that.

  12. hi john -

    doing a little revisiting here...

    how is it that veritas knows that slozo has sent you a comment that has yet to be posted? isn't this a bit perplexing? what could it mean?

    veritas6464 said...
    Where's slozo's comment?
    October 6, 2011 8:43 PM

  13. hi john

    how can it be that veritas asks you about a comment slozo has made that has not yet been posted (as it's in your spam bin at the time)?

    veritas6464 said...
    Where's slozo's comment?
    October 6, 2011 8:43 PM

    angling you, john. what else can be made of it?

  14. LOL, I don't know what's up with that brian... nothing that concerns me though.

    After re-reading some of this stuff, I have to say that I was a complete dupe for this Occupy movement when it first started. Wow, I guess it does show my blind optimism.

    All these people at the Occupy protests are multiculturalists, pro-LGBT rights, Commies, and socialists. It's a joke.


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