Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everyone is a suspect these days...

We the people will not be silenced, intimidated, or harassed by agents of the criminal government for speaking our minds, organizing, protesting, and ultimately bringing to justice those responsible for the criminality we're witnessing on a daily basis.

I really liked the fact that this woman engaged with these FBI agents, and asked them some pointed, direct questions.  

Know your rights.  Remain calm.  Engage and make your points-- with all people.  That's how we will make progress.  Something I'm really trying to work on lately...


  1. Mr. Friend, basically running a test here to see if I can leave a comment.

    The last 7-10 days, been having a helluva time accessing your blog and or leaving comments.

    But that's nothing new for blogs that are anti-Occupation; anti-War; anti-Zionist and seek 9/11 TRUTH.

    If the PTB are so nervous about blogs like yours and mine that their henchmen fuck with them, you know they're running scared, so keep punching away.

  2. Heyo Greg! Wow, that's weird, but I suppose it figures! I've been so busy lately with all this Occupy San Diego stuff, I haven't had a chance to drop by your place and take a look at what you've been up to. I'll get a chance this weekend. Cheers!

    BTW- I actually tried calling you last week after you left your number at kenny's!


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