Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  GBR and enjoy!


  1. Hey John Friend,...MY BLOG IS BACK UP!! BEfuknZar! I have never seen a Blog come back from the hole, and not a scratch on 'er!

    Maybe the yids lost their patience with the admin goyim at ziogger and just hacked me to make it look like I was thrown in the hole again?

    Cooooeee! Fuck israhell!


  2. LMAO! Yeah, I noticed! I like the new site though!

    Indeed- Fuck israhell! Cheers man! Keep givin' em hell!


    Dr. True Ott compares the methods used by jewish communists in Russia in 1917 to OWS/Days of Rage in the US.

    Ott warns the Day of Rage is set for Oct. 29 when the "peaceful" occupy protests will turn violent.


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