Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A couple quick notes

The University of California, Santa Barbara is hosting their Global Studies Conference "Crisis" in February 2012:
The University of California, Santa Barbara is holding an interdisciplinary global studies conference on a wide range of topics for scholars, both established and in the graduate stage, from the West Coast and beyond, under the general theme of crisis as salient feature of current global conditions. Crisis may thus be understood at every level, from the economic and financial to the environmental to problems of legitimacy and human security, to name a few. The conference invites papers and panels that engage with crisis from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives from across the humanities and social sciences. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

Legitimacy crises of global/national institutions; crises of governance, the role of civil society

• Crises of hegemony, global rebalancing

• Whose/which crisis? Crisis and perspective (West and East, Global North and Global South)

• Crises of economic globalization/financialization/labor

• Immigration/human rights/security crises

• Biorisks and pandemics

• Energy/environmental crisis

• Forgetting/remembering histories of crisis

• The rhetorical and narrative dimensions of crisis

• Crises of religion/secularism/religious nationalism

• Identity(ies) crisis/cultures of crisis
I decided to submit an abstract for the panel presentation relating to the first bullet underlined above.  I have written this rough draft, and would like anyone reading here to offer their constructive feedback. The abstract is limited to 300 words maximum, and the rough draft is right at 250 words or so.

Abstract: Social Media Challenges the Legitimacy of World Order

Over the past ten years, the rise of social media outlets – websites including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Google Blogger, and Wordpress to name just a few – have allowed individuals around the world to upload, gather, store, analyze, and present information through the internet and other high speed telecommunications devices in a manner unparalleled in human history.  Individuals have the ability to not only by-pass traditional sources of information, including mainstream newspapers and print media, online corporate media outlets, and corporate cable television, but fundamentally challenge these institution’s credibility, legitimacy, and, most importantly, profitability.  Indeed, traditional global and national institutions around the world are facing a crisis of legitimacy, largely as a result of the rise and advancements in social media that have allowed marginalized or suppressed opinions and facts to be presented to millions of people connected to the internet.  In addition, social media outlets have allowed individuals to become much more proactive in challenging the prevailing authority, which has resulted in the rise of the alternative media and radio, independent websites, and personal blogs or websites.  Advancements in telecommunications technologies have also allowed interested parties around the world to organize and network more effectively and efficiently, resulting in the rise of a variety of organized interested parties and networks concerned about an entire array of issues.  Has the rise of social media completely altered the prevailing world order?  What obstacles face individuals using social media outlets to challenge the credibility and legitimacy of the prevailing world order?


Glenn Greenwald has just written a new book thoroughly exposing the fact that the justice system in the United States is two tiered and completely tyrannical. For decades now, we've seen complete immunity for top level criminals operating at the highest levels of politics, finance and banking, the military, and the corporate world. There have been some exceptions, and many investigations coverups and media fiascos, but essentially, if you're a top level criminal in the United States of America, you are free to rob and pillage as you please. In fact, many times, you're rewarded for engaging in this type of behavior.

In stark contrast to highly paid and well connected top level criminals, average Americans are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in most every instance. It's a commonly known fact these days that the United States imprisons more people than any other country on the face of the earth. There are so many instances of police brutality and corruption, it's difficult to even know where to begin. The fact of the matter is that the United States of America already resembles critical elements of the nightmare scenarios laid out by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley in their extremely prescient books, 1984 and Brave New World respectively.

I bring up Glenn's new book because he was a big reason why I wanted to start blogging. I basically discovered what blogs and the alternative media were when I began reading his blog. Glenn is a phenomenal writer, one of the best in the business in my opinion. What I soon learned was that he never addressed the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, carried out by criminal elements that have control of the U.S. government, media, and private sector in conjunction with the illegitimate Apartheid state of Israel. I've criticized him before. I've called him out and did the whole back and forth thing in the comments section of his blog at Salon.com. I've sent him numerous emails, only one of which he actually responded to (and it was related to Wikileaks, not 9/11).

Whatever. Everybody goes about their business differently. Glenn is a mainstream voice saying some very important things right now. And that's about all we're going to get from him and the crowd he runs with. They're all making a nice salary, traveling, writing books, you know, cool stuff like that. Why bother with the whole 9/11 and International Zionism stuff, right? That certainly would get them fired in a heartbeat! And they wouldn't want that, now would they?

One thing I'm pretty certain of is that until 9/11 Truth (amongst many other important historical events) is an accepted fact in mainstream political and even social discourse, the scenarios painted by Orwell and Huxley will continue to develop and unfold unabated. I hope Glenn realizes that.



  1. I'm going to link this here in the comments section because I didn't want to focus too much on it in the post.


    Please read the above article. It's not that long. Here is an excerpt that stood out for me. Disinfo? Or Glenn being Glenn? I go with the latter.

    "Although there have been episodes of unpunished elite malfeasance throughout American history, the explicit, systematic embrace of the notion that such malfeasance should be shielded from legal consequences begins with the Watergate scandal— one of the clearest cases of widespread, deliberate criminality at the highest level of the U.S. government."

    Glenn, give me a fucking break man. Have you not heard of the fucking JFK assassination?! That was PRIOR to Watergate.

    Oh yeah, we can't discuss real history with Glenn Greenwald...

  2. John:
    apologies for the off topic, but I got over zealous with my email and deleted your response.
    Books you have vs what you may be interested in?

    drop me a line

  3. John,
    Your abstract was nicely written, but I suggest that you litter your abstract with the word "crisis" here and there, since the entire conference is about crises.

    A crisis is an opportunity, no?

    By the way, do you know how many wars we are currently in? Try to name them all:

    1) Afghanistan
    2) Iraq
    3) Pakistan
    4) Somalia
    5) Yemen
    6) Uganda
    7) Libya



  4. Strangely enough some of those (the plumbers) involved in Watergate were also involved in the Kennedy assassination. Though we're closer to the truth about who killed JFK, the truth behind watergate is still covered up. Spying and hookers is SOP in both camps.

    Your submission is well written and I think it has a good chance of being accepted. I second EV's suggestion, you could even call it Crisis of Truth.

  5. Hey EV, 250-300 words is not a lot to work with. I wanted to keep it concise, and not go over the line. I want them to hear me for a while before they start booing me. :)

    You're question about how many wars these psychopaths that run the government are currently prosecuting reminded me of a song I've always loved.

    War by Bob Marley

    Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
    And another
    Is finally
    And permanently
    And abandoned -
    Everywhere is war -
    Me say war.

    That until there no longer
    First class and second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a man's skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes -
    Me say war.

    That until the basic human rights
    Are equally guaranteed to all,
    Without regard to race -
    Dis a war.


    BTW- I just deleted some shitty spam comment. I don't have access to this blog for most of the day, so I wasn't able to delete it for a while. When I got home to use my computer, my internet browsers are completely fucked. I've been at this here comment for 20 minutes now. I don't know if that spam comment had anything to do with this, but WTF? It makes me wonder...

  6. Hey Anon, the Mossad, CIA, LBJ, the Secret Service, the Dallas police, mafia elements, FBI, ect. -- everyone was involved in the JFK assassination. The Zapruder film was faked, and it appears that there may have been planted witnesses, just like the faked passengers, flights, videos, hijackers, ect. on 9/11. There has been so much written on the JFK assassination, it's ridiculous! Some of it excellent, most of it absolute garbage! 9/11 is going to get like that one day, unless we arrest the obvious criminals behind that false flag psyop and set the record straight.

    Watergate is a mind fuck. I've listened to Jim Hougan's interviews with Black Op Radio about this subject. FYI, Black Ops Radio is a completely compromised outfit, run by Len Osanic and Jim DiEugenio who absolutely FAIL to even address Michael Collins Piper's book Final Judgement which thoroughly documents Israeli/Mossad involvement in the JFK assassination [duh, they're involved in everything].

    BUT- Jim Hougan's interviews there are really good when it comes to Watergate. He goes over all the prostitution stuff, the blackmail operations going on, the set up of Nixon, ect. He gets into all the details EVERYONE fails to mention regarding Watergate. Check it out and check out his book, Secret Agenda.

    You are exactly right when it comes to a crisis of truth. I will certainly bring that up if I am approved to participate in the conference. Quite frankly, I don't know why they would deny that proposal.


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