Monday, October 3, 2011

Another fraud to justify more tyranny

Yes, we murder American citizens such as Anwar Al Awlaki (who happened to be visiting the Pentagon shortly after 9/11; definitely Not Suspicious). No, we will not provide any evidence to prove their guilt; Our Fearless Leader Barack Obama simply declares guilt, allowing our military/intelligence agencies to murder those declared guilty with impunity. This is Amerika: endless wars of aggression, institutionalized torture and extra-judicial murders, police-state tyranny imposed across the country, complete evisceration of the rule of law and Constitutional, God-given basic human rights. Love it or leave it!


  1. I wonder how long this guy is going to keep his job with ABC.

  2. I believe that is Jake Tapper, who to my knowledge worked for before ABC. He is asking very basic questions, and Carney just stonewalls with nonsense. These people are fascists, pure and simple.

    Jake Tapper is bearable at times, for a Jewish mainstream journalist. He challenges the administration on certain subjects, but only goes 1/10th of the way, exactly as he's paid to do. He's a coward, just like the rest of them.

    Received the book a while ago now, and noticed you posted the Foreward on your website the other day. This is truly a masterpiece my friend. Haven't read the entire thing, it is quite a long book! I will let you know when I'm done with it.

  3. Where's the body? Was "Awlaki" buried at sea too?

    If Al Awlaki is "al qaeda" then he is mossad and wasn't killed. That's why they need to hide the evidence.

    The media always mentions that Awlaki is an "American citizen." Is he a dual American-Israeli citizen?

    Awlaki will get a name change, a shave, a change of clothes, and a fat paycheck courtesy of American taxpayers.

    Here's another one:

    How many millions of OUR taxpayer money is Panetta giving Egypt to bring Grapel back to the US? Does America need more dual Israel-American citizen accused spy jew lawyers?



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