Thursday, September 22, 2011

A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel

By now, most that frequent this blog will have already read Les Visible's piece, "A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel."  For those that haven't, please read it.  This man is writing and speaking some of the most powerful words ever communicated at any time in human history, in my honest opinion.


  1. greetings john friend

    i won't keep a pesterin' you with this. honest. just see it for yourself. but did you notice a certain word that was missing from the whole of les visible crook's post?
    it would be the ONE and ONLY common denominator of this list from the latest dog poet piece:

    talmudic israelis (my favorite. out loud laughable!)
    synagogue of satan
    satanic rothschild family

    ... so all of these things originate from one thing and yet the one thing goes unnamed. all of these things have the same source and yet the source itself is set aside as if innocent of any association. why is that? how could that be? the truth of the matter it ain't pretty.

    you are probably aware but to be clear, the talmud is simply a running, updated interpretation/re-interpretation of the torah by rabbis who aren't too busy with other things such as their mohel kidsmeal.

    there's a lot of truth at les' place. to be sure... it is the truth that you bring with you. it is your truth you see in his writings. for they are merely letters on a page. they are words spoken in commanding gravelly voices. it's pale and now, for sale.

    when you mentioned your age recently i immediately thought of brendon o'connell. when you're young and awake and have a gift for exposing the talmudic israelis lie and conveying truths... the talmudic israelis will deal with you. first, to likely surround you with flattery and to shape your path by those they surround you with. if that doesn't work the game plane will incrementally change from there. in an inflamed worst case scenario they kill you... but like all successful blackworld operations, they would rather do it with the least amount of risk and exposure as possible. to do it quietly. if you won't let them do it quietly - which is why i thought of young brendon o'connell and how the talmudic israelis ultimately went after him - they get out the playbook and crank up the algorithms. if young goy talent comes along that warrants it, the talmudic israelis will customize a plan just for you and put you on the fast track.

    what i'm getting a round to is this. i think you're probably going to be fast tracked. if you haven't noticed it already. i'm saying heads up. you've got to assume real live people are assigned to your case. i wouldn't know how many or if they would be a proximity concern... but you're not just numbers in a database anymore. you've tripped the algorithm gate fantastic. i'm sure you're way ahead of me and already have brilliant back-burner thoughts and strategies brewing in the grey matter. turn up the heat!

    best regards


  2. Brain, thanks for the thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it.

    Les rarely says Jew apparently. Lots of people are still afraid to say the word Jew, but many are breaking this psychological shackle that has been placed on humanity. I don't have a problem with that necessarily, as I think Les is doing a phenomenal job with what he is writing, speaking and singing. I don't think he's afraid to say anything, even the word Jew.

    I don't know who, if anyone, is assigned to my case, but it wouldn't surprise me. I was actually thinking of filing a Freedom of Information Act to see if the FBI or any other agency had a file open for me. If anyone reading this knows how to go about doing that, please get in touch with me. The Israelis have a lock on all communication systems anywhere in the world, so they have the ability to monitor everyone basically. That's fine. I'm trying to be as transparent as possible, and I think I've done a pretty good job with that. I want these people to know what I've got to say.

    If they do have someone assigned to me, they are wasting their time. I'm going to speak my mind and exercise my First Amendment God-given right to freedom of speech until I am 6 foot under. I decided long ago that this was a risk I was going to take by taking the stances I have. Once you know what's up, there's no going back. We'll see what happens. Their time is about over anyways. The good guys are and will prevail in my lifetime. I am sure of that.

    I think what's more likely is that they will just shut down the free internet, rather than target the millions of bloggers and activists just like me saying these things. There are too many of us now, and more and more are waking up each and every day. I post a lot of info on Facebook, and I've had so many friends thank me for posting this stuff because they have no way else of finding it!

    If anyone is targeting me, I want everyone to know that I have no plans on committing suicide, getting in an accident, wiping out on my bike (or getting hit!), or any other disaster that may await an individual saying the things I am. :)

    Enjoy your weekend man!

  3. Another way they can get to you is through donations. I've noticed that Les has a prominent donate button.

    Imagine if one or two or a half a dozen donors start sending fat donations on a regular basis. Soon the website or blog is dependent on the extra cash. Maybe the owner upgrades their system and hires an assistant or two. Then suddenly some or all of the donations stop. The donors have a problem with the word jew.

    If the word jew is used it must be followed by the qualifier "of course I'm not talking about all jews."

    Sometimes if a site becomes too popular they just make an offer to buy it out. Then a team comes in to run it so that no one is even aware it has changed hands.

    Yahweh protect you, John Friend.


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