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Top 9/11 war criminals are Zionist Jews, not Muslims

The official government and media promoted conspiracy theory explaining the 9/11 attacks posits that 19 fundamentalist Muslims loyal to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden hijacked four separate commercial airliners on 9/11, crashed two into World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2, one into the Pentagon, and one into the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania after the heroic passengers overtook the hijacked plane.

There is zero evidence to support these allegations.

Elias Davidsson has written, "There is no evidence that Muslims committed the crimes of 9/11" :
The United States government has alleged that 19 individuals with Arab names, deemed fanatic Muslims, hijacked four passenger planes on 11 September 2001 and crashed them in a suicide-operation that killed approximately 3,000 people. In this Report, the author shows that there is no credible evidence that these individuals boarded any of these passenger planes. For this reason, it is impossible to support the official account on 9/11. As the US government has failed to prove its accusations against the 19 alleged hijackers, the official account on 9/11 must be regarded as a lie.
Other scholars, professors, and researchers have completely debunked virtually every aspect of the official government conspiracy theory regarding 9/11.

It has now been conclusively established that the official government conspiracy theory is completely bogus, and defies the laws of physics, logic and reasoning.

Since we know that 9/11 was a fraud, let's take a look at some of the top suspects involved in the operation and coverup.  None of them are Muslim.

Who owned the towers?

"Lucky Larry" Silverstein is easily one of the top 9/11 war criminals.  He is a Jew with direct ties to the criminal state of Israel, not Muslim, and should be arrested and his $4.5 billion insurance settlement should be confiscated immediately for his connection to the crime of 9/11.

"Lucky Larry" Silverstein received a bid to build World Trade Center building 7 in 1980, which some contend was built only to be later demolished, and in July 2001 acquired the entire World Trade Center complex although the buildings were full of asbestos.  Larry Silverstein later pocketed $4.55 billion from the insurance policy he took out on the World Trade Center towers. From Wikipedia:
In 1980, Silverstein won a bid from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to construct 7 World Trade Center, to the north of the World Trade Center. Silverstein was interested in acquiring the entire World Trade Center complex, and put in a bid when the Port Authority put it up for lease in 2000. Silverstein won the bid when a deal between the initial winner and the Port Authority fell through, and he signed the lease on July 24, 2001.

Soon after the September 11 attacks, Silverstein declared his intent to rebuild, though ran into dispute with his insurers over whether the attacks constituted one or two occurrences. A settlement was reached in 2007, with insurers agreeing to pay out $4.55 billion, which was not as much as Silverstein sought.
Silverstein has connections to top members of the Israeli government, and was consulting with them shortly after the 9/11 attacks.  Silverstein also has connections to the United Jewish Appeal/Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, and other Zionist organizations.  Larry Silverstein admitted on national television that "they" decided to "pull" building 7 on 9/11, which is commonly understood to mean they brought the building down with controlled demolitions.

How was Larry Silverstein able to acquire the World Trade Center complex, thus making him billions of dollars on 9/11?  The deal to transfer the WTC complex to Silverstein was facilitated by another Zionist Jew, Lewis Eisenberg, Chairman of the New York Port Authority, who also happens to be connected to major Zionist organizations that have a strangle hold over the U.S. Congress and White House.

See ZionCrimeFactory's indispensable article Israel Did 9/11 - All The Proof for more.  

Who was actually arrested on 9/11?

There were no Arab Muslims arrested on 9/11 in connection with the attacks.  In fact, the only suspicious people arrested on 9/11 were Zionist Jews directly from the criminal, illegitimate state of Israel.  Further, many of them turned out to be connected to the Mossad, and all had backgrounds in the Israeli military.  (Editor's note: military service is compulsory in Israel.  There are exceptions though.)  

Here is the police report of the 5 suspicious "dancing Israelis" arrested by the East Rutherford, New Jersey Police Department on 9/11:

Police Report

Here is a video of the arrested Israelis talking about their experience after they were transported back to Israel:

Here are a couple videos of documenting the mainstream reports showing the obvious Israeli role in the attacks on 9/11:

Gerald Shea wrote a memo to the 9/11 Commission shortly after they published their findings coverup in 2004, in which he thoroughly investigated the Israeli art student spy ring/espionage operation that was going on throughout the United States in the years leading up to 9/11.  I'd like to excerpt the first two General Preliminary Conclusions drawn by Mr. Shea in his memo to the 9/11 Commission:
1. In the months leading up to September 11, 2001, the Israeli DEA Groups1 were spying on the United States. They were at the same time keeping Arab groups in our country under surveillance, including the future hijackers and other FBI suspects in the catastrophic attacks of September 11. The base of operations for both the Israeli DEA Groups and the future hijackers of the World Trade Center Planes and the Pennsylvania Plane was in and around Hollywood, Florida.

2. During the same period, the Israeli New Jersey Group was keeping under surveillance Arab groups in Bergen and Hudson Counties, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, including the future hijackers of the Pentagon Plane, whose center of operations was also in Bergen and Hudson Counties. The Israeli New Jersey Group appears to have been aware, before they occurred, that hijackings had been planned by Arab terrorists, as evidenced by their jubilation when the World Trade Center was first struck, by the North Tower Plane. The leader of the Israeli New Jersey Group, who has fled the United States for Israel, is included, along with the names of the hijackers and FBI suspects, on the May 2002 FBI Suspect List.
The June 2001 "DEA Report" is summarized by Mr. Shea in his memo, and it offers us some valuable information about these Israeli spies arrested before and on 9/11:
In June 2001, the Office of Security of the Drug Enforcement Administration (the “DEA”) issued a long report (the “DEA Report”) describing in precise detail the attempts of approximately 125 or more nationals of a foreign country, most posing as art students, “to penetrate several DEA Field Offices in the continental United States.” Many of these individuals also visited the residences of numerous DEA officials and “other agencies’ facilities and the residences of their employees.” The DEA Report states that “these incidents have occurred since at least the beginning of 2000, and have continued to the present.” They were ongoing activities in the summer of 2001. [...]

While Israel has compulsory military service, many of those questioned by U.S. authorities had served in the military intelligence services or in electronic or communications units of the Israeli army. Thus, for example, Lior Baram of Plantation (near Hollywood), Florida, questioned by the DEA on January 22, 2001, had served two years in Israeli intelligence working with classified information; Dilka Borenstein, questioned by INS at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (“DFW Airport”) on March 27, 2001, was a “recently discharged” military intelligence officer; Marina Glikman, questioned at DFW Airport on or about May 1, 2001, worked for an Israeli software company with expertise in hand-held computer technology and had served as an Israeli military intelligence officer; Tomer Ben Dor, also questioned at DFW Airport on that day, worked for an Israeli wiretapping company and had served in an Israeli military unit that was “responsible for” Patriot missile defense.

The DEA’s Office of Security concluded that the Israelis “may well be engaged in organized intelligence gathering.” A spokesman for the Immigration & Naturalization Service (the “INS”) stated that dozens of these Israelis were expelled from the United States (from California, the Midwest, Florida and other states). “No one has tallied the total,” he said. The expulsions were usually for visa violations.

The leaders of the Israeli DEA Groups included Itay Simon (arrested on April 14, 2001 in Irving, Texas), recently discharged from the Israeli army where he had done classified work for the Israeli military. Mr. Simon coordinated recruiting for the groups and served as an intermediary between five individuals in Israel and the U.S. operation. Another leader was Michael Calmanovic (also arrested in Irving on that day), who rented a number of apartments in Irving, Texas occupied by 25 Israelis. Mr. Calmanovic was a recently discharged electronic intercept operator for the Israeli military. As stated in the DEA Report, traveling about the U.S. to sell paintings “seem[ed] not to fit [the] background” of many of the individuals in question.

A third principal was Hanan Serfaty (or Sarfati), a team leader residing in Hollywood, Florida. When questioned by the DEA in Tampa, Florida, on March 1, 2001, he had in his possession bank deposit slips amounting to more than $100,000 from December 2000 through the first quarter of 2001, and withdrawal slips for slightly less than that amount during the period. Mr. Serfaty served in the Israeli military between the ages of 18 and 21, but refused to disclose to the DEA his activities between the ages of 21 and 24, including his activities since his U.S. arrival at age 23 in 2000. Another was Peer Segalovitz of Tamarac, Florida (about 20 miles west of Hollywood—see MAP 1), an active officer in an Israeli special forces battalion who commanded 80 men in the Golan Heights. He was detained in Orlando on May 3, 2001. [...]

At the very time the DEA was setting down these words, in June 2001, just two or three months before the September 11 hijackings, 15 of the 19 future hijackers were also living in Hollywood, nine in the town itself and six in surrounding towns (see Exhibit B and MAPS 1 and 2). Hollywood, for months, had been and would continue to be the staging ground for the hijacking of the World Trade Center Planes and the Pennsylvania Plane. Among the Israeli groups, more than 30 lived in the Hollywood area, 10 in Hollywood itself. They were not only spying on the DEA but, in all likelihood, were keeping the future hijackers under surveillance as well.
Who was running the Bush administration on 9/11?

A number of individuals ensconced in the power structure of the federal government worked in tandem with local actors in New York and the Zionist owned media to cover up the crimes of 9/11, and destroy the evidence at the scene.  In addition, powerful players in the Bush administration were clearly involved operationally in 9/11, including Vice President Dick Cheney, who was actually in control on 9/11 and was involved in the drills taking place that day.  These drills involved various elements of the military, including NORAD and NEADS, various federal agencies (FAA, Department of Transportation, FBI, White House) and officials, and involved scenarios exactly like those that allegedly played out on 9/11.  Once again, none of these individuals are Muslim terrorists.

Air Force Lt Col Karen Kwiatkowski has exposed criminal Zionist elements in the Pentagon, Vice President's Office, National Security Counsel and State Department as clearly being involved in lobbying for the Iraq War:
Air Force Lt Col Karen Kwiatkowski, who worked in the office of Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith until her retirement in April.

"What I saw was aberrant, pervasive and contrary to good order and discipline," Kwiatkowski wrote. "If one is seeking the answers to why peculiar bits of 'intelligence' found sanctity in a presidential speech, or why the post-Saddam [Hussein] occupation [of Iraq] has been distinguished by confusion and false steps, one need look no further than the process inside the Office of the Secretary of Defense [OSD]."

Kwiatkowski went on to charge that the operations she witnessed during her tenure in Feith's office, and particularly those of an ad hoc group known as the Office of Special Plans (OSP), constituted "a subversion of constitutional limits on executive power and a co-option through deceit of a large segment of the Congress". [...]

Little is known about OSP, which was originally created by Rumsfeld and his top deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, to investigate possible links between Saddam and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist group. While only a dozen people officially worked in the office at its largest, scores of "consultants" were brought in on contract, many of them closely identified with the neo-conservative and pro-Likud views held by the Pentagon leadership.

Headed by a gung-ho former navy officer, William Luti, and a scholarly national-security analyst, Abram Shulsky, OSP was given complete access to reams of raw intelligence produced by the US intelligence community and became the preferred stop, when in town, for defectors handled by the Iraqi National Congress (INC), led by Ahmed Chalabi.

It also maintained close relations with the Defense Policy Board (DPB), which was then chaired by Richard Perle of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Feith's mentor in the Reagan administration. Perle and Feith, whose published views on Israeli policy echo the right-wing Likud party, co-authored a 1996 memo for then-prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu that argued that Saddam's ouster in Iraq would enable Israel to transform the balance of power in the Middle East in its favor.
I'd argue that many of these same individuals were involved in the planning and realizing of the events on 9/11.

Zionist war criminal Michael Chertoff is another individual clearly involved in the attacks on 9/11.  Here is a brief bio from Wikipedia:
Michael Chertoff (born November 28, 1953) was the second United States Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush and co-author of the USA PATRIOT Act
He previously served as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, as a federal prosecutor, and as assistant U.S. Attorney General. He succeeded Tom Ridge as United States Secretary of Homeland Security on February 15, 2005. 
Since leaving government service, Chertoff has worked as Senior Of Counsel at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Covington & Burling. He also co-founded the Chertoff Group, a risk management and security consulting company, which employs several senior officials from his time as Secretary of Homeland Security as well as Michael Hayden, a former Director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.
Michael Chertoff was the head of the criminal division of the Department of Justice on 9/11, exactly the sort of insider the Zionist Jews needed to have in power to carry out and cover up 9/11.  He was involved in the destruction of evidence on 9/11 and allowing the arrested Israeli spies connected to 9/11 escape back to Israel.  This man needs to be arrested immediately.  
Christopher Bollyn has written extensively on the role Chertoff and other Zionist criminals played in destroying the physical evidence on 9/11:
The preceding chapter explains how the structural steel from the Twin Towers, crucial evidence of the murderous demolitions, was destroyed by a network of Zionist agents before it could be examined. From the Israeli Michael Chertoff, the Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice and the senior official responsible for investigating and prosecuting the crimes of 9/11, to the Mossad-controlled traders and owners of the New Jersey junkyards that managed its destruction, the steel passed from one Zionist agent to another until it was completely destroyed in the furnaces of Asian steel mills. What does this fundamental part of the 9/11 cover up tell us about who is really behind the crime? If Osama Bin Laden and 19 Arab hijackers truly brought down the World Trade Center, why was a network of Israeli intelligence agents engaged in a concerted effort to destroy the evidence?
This is just a small sampling of the more high profile criminals involved in carrying out and covering up the events of 9/11.  For the full cast of characters involved, please see the excellent documentary, 9/11 Missing Links.


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