Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LOLing with nobody

Oh, where to begin with this one….

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the blogger nobody and I have a disagreement about the planes involved in the Zionist false flag attack on 9/11.  I remember coming across his blogs when I first started reading Aangirfan, Timster, Les Visible, kenny, Greg Bacon, veritas, Penny, A. Peasant and all the other blogs that I have linked on the right hand side of this page. I didn’t follow much of what nobody wrote on his blogs then, but I recently did read his Pedophocracy Disinfo 102 piece at Church of Nobody, and found it quite interesting.  I recently linked the Church of Nobody blog and nobody’s haiku blog on my blog under the section titled, “Original Writing” because, well, nobody certainly does provide original writing.  I did this because I think nobody is an interesting and very talented writer, and still do.   I like to link to interesting writers I find on the internet, mostly for my own purposes (it makes it a lot easier to remember and find these sites later).

I’ve read nobody’s comments at other blogs and have always found them insightful and often humorous, so I checked out what he had to say on his blogs.  I read with great interest the article Pedophocracy Disinfo 102 and went to the comments section to let him know some of my thoughts. This is exactly what I wrote, for those interested:
John Friend said... 
Dear nobody,

I should have started reading your blogs long ago. I remember running into your comments at Aangirfan's blog when I first started reading there. But I was pretty new at all this back then, and didn't know what to make of what you were writing. I told Aangirfan that when I first stumbled across his/her/their blog I didn't know what to make of it either! LOL, it was just a lot of new information I had never been exposed to. It took me a couple weeks of reading to catch on. Since then, I've learned quite a bit.

Shortly after I really started looking at 9/11 (fall '09), I found a book my folks had called "The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska" sitting on the kitchen table when I was visiting from California. I don't even think my mom or dad or sister read it, but I picked it up and was like, "What the fuck is this?" I sat down and read the whole damn book in 3 hours. I've never been so devastated in my whole life. This happened in my own hometown, when I was a fucking kid no less, that involved some of the same people and organizations I would later associate with. For instance, the Omaha World-Herald. I read that damn newspaper front to back every single day from 9th grade until I read John Decamp's book. They published every single 'letter to the editor' I submitted. They were involved in this pedophile/Satanist ring. Fuck them, they can burn in hell.

I do want to address what you said here:

"And Slozo, I have a big problem with no-planes. The John Friend cove at Kenny's posted a bunch of links and none of them did it for me."

When you describe me as "cove", what are you implying? I took it as John Friend "cover", as if that were a cover name or something. John Friend is my name. Seriously. Nice to meet you nobody.

"It still all comes down to one crucial question. Why? As in, why bother? No one has answered that in any useful fashion yet. Actually the John guy did provide a link called 'why they used no planes' or something and I thought the logic was so skimpy that if you wore it to the beach they'd arrest you."

LOL- you must be referring to Killtown's excellent post, "Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC" which can be read here for anyone not familiar:


If you wouldn't mind, could you please elaborate on how exactly the logic in the above blog post is "skimpy"? BTW- I don't know anyone getting arrested around here for wearing skimpy clothes to the beach. In fact, it's often encouraged through the media and fashion industry. It must be complete tyranny where you're living if girls are getting arrested for wearing skimpy clothes to the beach for God's sake.

Is pointing out the fact that the MIC has the ability to alter live video footage illogical? Is pointing out the fact that there is no evidence, literally, of any Boeing 757/767 debris or wreckage anywhere on 9/11 illogical?

You ask, "Why bother?" I suppose you mean why bother faking the videos, planes, ect.? Well, they had to. The cover story wasn't even physically possible, so they had to make shit up. Obviously, this was a completely staged event from start to finish. There were plenty of slip ups, which everyone points out (BBC with WTC7 for instance), but overall the operation was successful.

Either way, you are an extremely talented writer, and always bring an interesting perspective to the forums we're all familiar with. Cheers buddy!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 2:09 PM
As I clearly explained there, shortly after I began to research 9/11, I ran into a book my folks had back in Nebraska written by a man named John DeCamp, who thoroughly documents an organized pedophilia network operating in Omaha, my hometown, that had links to local businessmen and officials, judges, the local newspaper, and many others across the country. Apparently, it even reached the White House. What I’m referring to is known as “The Franklin Scandal,” which I’ve discussed here once or twice, and have a couple links with more information on this disgusting episode in human history. The Franklin Scandal went down when I was a young child (I was born in ’86), and I literally had never heard of it until I discovered this book. When I wrote that I had associations with some of the individuals and organizations linked to this disgusting pedophile/human trafficking/drug smuggling ring, I specifically cited as a perfect example of this the local Omaha World-Herald, which I read front to back on a daily basis starting in high school and throughout college.  I could provide other examples, but I'll leave it at that.

I then go into the "no planes" debate, which I'll be posting on soon enough, so I won't spend too much time on that subject in this post.  After I posted the above comment, I went back and asked nobody or Aangirfan specifically (I erroneously thought nobody was from the UK, as I believe Aangirfan is) if they had any insight into the whole "Paul is dead" conspiracy.  I guess I was sort of goofing around, but I really did want to know if anyone had any information or insight into this issue, and I still do.  Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments section here if you have a take on this subject.  Apparently, nobody thought it an absurd thing to ask.  My bad.

This little exchange at nobody's blog, in addition to our discussion of the "no planes" theory at kenny's blog in various comments sections there, resulted in nobody writing an extremely weak and disingenuous post about the "no planes" theory, in which he linked to a few articles and videos.  I was certainly not impressed with his post, in particular his treatment of Killtown's excellent article titled, "Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC," which nobody didn't even address in any significant or meaningful way.  In fact, it was absolutely pathetic.  I let nobody know this in the comments section to his weak sauce "no planes" post, which you can read in it's entirety here (nobody has deleted this comment):
Dear nobody,

First off, I do hope you address the points I made on your last piece.

Second off, I'd like to address your characterization of the article you linked to in this piece written by the blogger Killtown, who has done a lot of very interesting research regarding 9/11. You write:

"For comedic value why don't I paraphrase the four bullet points he gives as to why there's no way you'd use a real plane and would have to go with CG.

- what if it missed?
- what if it didn't go into the building?
- what if it missed and didn't go into the building?
- what if it missed and didn't go into the building?"

This is utterly ridiculous man, you've got to be kidding me. You must not have actually read Killtown's brilliant article, because the main bullets in the article are:

1. Penetration is key- Killtown argues that the perps behind 9/11 needed the "planes" to penetrate all the way into the buildings to give the "planes made the buildings collapse" allegation plausibility. The four main points he makes in this bullet (which you lamely paraphrased above) are as follows directly from the article:

-What if any of the planes missed hitting the towers? Do you think the perps would have pulled both towers? What if the plane aiming for the North Tower missed, you think the perps would still have pulled the WTC 7?

-What if the planes hit, but they mostly blew up on the outside? Would most reasonable people believe that planes mostly blowing up on the outside would be able to cause the towers to collapse? Just think of how many people at first questioned how the towers could have collapsed even though they saw the planes in the videos crash and penetrate all the way into the buildings. Imagine if the planes didn't penetrate enough of the way through? As one person accurately puts it, it is this penetration that the official story rests on and the perps had to use a method that would guarantee penetration into the towers.

-What if the perps used two drone 767's and any of them missed their targets or didn't completely penetrate all the way through the towers and pieces of it landed outside on the ground thereby exposing it as a drone? Game over for the perps.

-How could the perps be absolutely certain that Boeing 767's would not miss their targets and that their relatively delicate fuel tanks in the wings would be able to fully penetrate the steel facades and concrete encased floor slabs before exploding? Do you think the perps would trust that 767's would be able to penetrate through two buildings without doing a real world test run to see if they would be able to penetrate? Or do you think the perps actually built replicas of portions of the Twin Towers' facade and crashed 767's into them to see if they would actual penetrate inside before blowing up?

If any of the above postulated questions is answered in the affirmative, the entire "planes made the buildings collapse" contention from the government is completely blown. It is invalid. For instance, if a real Boeing 767 flew into a massive steel/concrete structure, it would smash into the building and fall down, not penetrate through the building and disappear (which is basically what happens in the videos we have). So, Killtown argues that they used computer generated imagery of fake planes instead of real planes to ensure penetration, and thus validating the official conspiracy theory of the "planes hitting the buildings and making them collapse." 
* * * * 
Continued in next comment.....

2. Media Warned About Fakery- Killtown goes over numerous articles pointing out the fact that the military industrial complex has developed technology to alter live footage. He begins this bullet this way:

"Airing fake scenarios on TV is known as "TV fakery" (a term that has been used back since at least 1998). The concept of simulating a fake attack on computer and broadcasting it to the world is nothing new. The military had talked about using TV fakery well before 9/11"
3. TV Takeover- Here, Killtown points out that all of the video footage by the corporate owned media on 9/11 was taken over. He argues:

"On 9/11, the military took control of what would be shown on the major TV stations (ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and MSNBC) and blacked out all the local NYC TV stations. Even though at least five national TV stations would be airing "live" footage, the military only aired footage showing a plane flying into the South Tower on three stations (ABC, CBS, and MSNBC) and only showed a total of four different clips showing a plane (the CBS footage showed two different clips of a plane)."

SImon Shack at September Clues has backed up these contentions to my knowledge. I could be wrong here though.

4. Bewilderment from the Planers- Here Killtown argues that even those that believe or contend that Boeing 767s hit the WTC towers, even they were baffled by what they saw.

5. Conclusion- Here's the entire conclusion (there are many links in Killtown's article to go through and check out that are not here in these excerpts):

"Using real planes to crash into the towers and make it look believable that the planes crashed in such a way to cause enough internal damage to collapse the mighty Twin Towers and then shower debris onto the WTC 7 to give them an excuse as to why that huge skyscraper collapsed would be way too risky (if not impossible) and that's why they didn't use real planes to hit the WTC. On the other hand, if the perps simply made people on the ground and who were watching TV think that planes hit and penetrated into the Twin Towers, then they eliminated the risk of having to crash real planes into them.

Pulling off 9/11 has given the NeoCons/PNAC (or who ever you want to call the "powers that be") their ticket to continue the build-up of the military and create their never ending war on terrorism so they could invade the Middle-East (Afghanistan and Iraq) to further their quest for global domination by controlling the population and earth's vast resources. Using real planes left too much to chance. A missed target, or failed penetration would ruin all that 9/11 has given the perps. They had to use the least-risky viable option that would not only guarantee hitting their targets, but would also guarantee penetration into the buildings and that was TV fakery."
Obviously, my primary criticism here was that nobody did not even address the main points Killtown raises regarding the "no plane" theory.  nobody then alleged that I did not even click on any of the links provided in his weak sauce "no planes" post (which I did), and proceed to liken my commenting style to that of "hasbara Jews and pedophocracy disinfo scum."  He further alleges that the "no planes" issue is the only issue I ever discuss or focus on, which is patently absurd.  I have never once posted a single blog post on this subject, at least not anything substantial which addresses this issue in any comprehensive way.  I have mentioned that I do not believe basically anything coming from the government regarding 9/11 (including the contention that Boeing 757s/767s were involved on 9/11), and have provided numerous links for why I think this, and I have commented on this subject at other blogs, and have provided links there, too.  It's an interesting subject which I have an open mind about.  I guess nobody does not.

So nobody decides to really let me have it, and wrote one of the most ridiculous posts I've ever read anywhere titled, "keywords: cointelpro john friend mr friend's blog Boys, he ain't worth the money your paying him!"  Please, go read it.

This actually made me laugh out loud (I said nobody was a talented, clever writer, didn't I?!):
And then there's John Friend of San Diego who, if he was to tell you one single thing about himself it's that there were no planes at 911. Did he mention that there were no planes? Because there were no planes at 911. It's interesting that, how there were no planes. Everyone talks about 911 but there were no planes there. Oh! Just remembered! There were no planes at 911! Ha ha ha, what a laugh, no planes at 911, he says.
LOL!  By the way, apparently nobody hates the whole 'LOL' thing, but seriously, this is good stuff!  If nobody actually read my blog, he will see and understand that if I was to tell him or anyone else one single thing about 9/11 it would be something along the lines of:
All available evidence suggests 9/11 was a false flag operation involving Israeli military/intelligence operatives (you know, all the guys actually arrested on 9/11), which was facilitated and covered up by criminal elements in the U.S. government, media, and private sector, almost all of whom are Jews with ties directly to Israel. These individuals need to be arrested immediately.
I mean, I do have a section right at the top of my blog titled, "ISRAEL DID 9/11," not "THERE WERE NO PLANES ON 9/11," but maybe nobody didn't notice.  LOL!

nobody continues:
Does anyone play that silly game Who would you invite to your ideal dinner party? I do. I'd have my faves from QI, Bill Bailey, Alan Davies, and Rich Hall, Aangirfan's schoolgirls, David Bowie, P2P, Hugo Chavez, John Frampton, and um... Vincent Cassel! Like I'd fail to invite myself to my own party? No doubt this party might be a bit stilted at first but once the Stoly started to flow we'd hit full gear. Stories! Jokes! Smutty double entendres! Laugh! What a swell party we'd have! Right up until fucking John Friend walks in to tell us there were no planes at 911. Shit! And we were having such a good time!
This is good stuff, funny stuff!  Seriously, I was laughing my ass off reading this.  Very witty and clever!

nobody then goes on to discuss the fact that I linked his haiku and Church of Nobody blog under the "Original Writing" section of my blog, which I've explained above.  Big deal.  I'll be taking those links down very soon by the way, have no fear nobody.  And no, I have not sat down and explored and read through nobody's blogs in any substantial way.  And I'm not claiming to have done so.

nobody continues to rattle on about how I didn't click on any of the links he provided in his weak sauce "no planes" post, that my behavior and comments remind him of "blank-eyed zionists and pedophocracy disinfo scum," blah blah blah. Seriously, go read the entire post yourself.

After imbedding a picture of me standing in front of the USS Midway in San Diego on 9/11, nobody concluded his ridiculous post:
Cointelpro exists. Cointelpro is not passive. It is aggressive. They do not sit at their computers playing the ghost surfer. They go out and they pile in. That's what cointelpro is. And not in any half-arsed way. Remember they are not passive. They will do their level best to become big wheels. They will clock up hours. They will dominate the discussion. They will be tireless and busy and full of enthusiasm. They will network and make links. They will be charming and complimentary and have their gladhanding down pat. Will they want to be your friend? Abso-fucking-lutely. Hell, they've studied the art of making people trust them. They have sincerity down pat. And they depend upon your credulity and unwillingness to think ill of people.

And if you think you're safe because you only get a thousand hits a day, go read up on all those peace activist groups who warranted a full-time infiltrator who would live and work amongst them for a year, and the group only had an effective membership of a couple dozen people. The internet and blogs are not going to get a free ride. If you frequent these circles you will encounter cointelpro. It's a dead certainty. The good news is they will give themselves away. And he did!
So there you have it folks, I'm COINTELPRO, working directly for Cass Sunstein in an effort to confuse the millions of people who read my blog.

Give me a fucking break nobody.

My name is John Friend, I am from Omaha, Nebraska and currently live in San Diego, California.  You can find me on Facebook if you'd like, or send me an email, or contact me through Skype.  I started this blog to speak my mind about the facts I have been learning over the past 2+ years I've been awake to 9/11 Truth, to improve my writings skills, to grow as a person spiritually and intellectually, and to prove to others that there are bold people out here speaking the truth and exercising their First Amendment right.  I've found blogging to be a productive and positive habit, and like doing it.  I also like being able to force my friends and family to confront these issues by being able to send them right to my blog for links and information regarding 9/11, Zionism, and the global power structure.  When I click on "Stats" for my blog, it says I have had 46,648 pageviews all time.  I don't know if that's correct, but that's what it says right now.  I don't even really know how to use everything on Blogger.  I don't know how to tell which links have been clicked here, or who is clicking them, ect.  But I probably should learn how to do that stuff.  Maybe nobody can give me a crash course?  

nobody is an extremely talented and clever writer.  I wish him the best of luck with his pursuits.  But he has clearly proven himself to be a complete jackass with his ridiculous "john friend cointelpro" post.


  1. You have the patience of a wise man.

    I applaud your control of temper and your methodical debunking of Mr. Nobody's ad hominen attack on you.

    Congratulations Mr. John Friend, it is an honour to serve on the battlefield of truth with you.

    You brother in arms,


  2. Hey John Friend,...Chill brother, fuck the planes, or the 'no' planes - let's lynch us sum yids!



  3. Thanks Mouser, I appreciate that.

    Hey veritas, I'm totally chill man. I just wanted to respond to nobody here. I think the "planes" are an important aspect of understanding 9/11, and I will be posting on it in the near future.

    By the way, I will be stopping by later to read the second excerpt of your novel.

  4. 'Nobody' is a waste of space. Re no planes: when the general public accepts the fact that there were no planes, the whole system will collapse- the lie is too big. It's easier to pretend to believe the lies than watch your 'belief system' collapse.

    Re disinfo, the speakers intent is key. For example DB Smith talks in a recent podcast talks about planes and objects attached to the underside.
    At that point turned him off.
    Why? The photos are fake.

  5. continued from above....

    And Bollyn analyzes fake photos too. No one pushing planes at this late date can be trusted. I listened to Ugly truth last week to hear John Friend- 'no planes' was definitely the elephant in the room. Those two guys fail my 911 litmus test, which can be summed up in 2 words- no planes


  6. greetings john -

    from brian morrison in tehachapi, ca

    if these personas don't have a name (for starters) - they aren't real. they can't be real. they are the cointelpro that they complain of. it's a mathmatical (albeit depressing) certainty. I've come to look at it this way - if the hidden hand owns/controls the mainstream media to the tune of 96%... then, we must face it, it has to be something similar to that online. it would be optimistically naive to think otherwise. add to this the fact that it is an anonymity soup on the world wide web as even the real people are running scared and thinking they are hiding or somehow protecting themselves by using a stage-name, an alias... an aka. see what's going on here? there are no real people online. well, less than 4% is my guess. the real people live in san diego, omaha and tehachapi.

    young man john friend
    read everything on john kaminski website. everything.

    this so-called zionism is a newbe creation. about a hundred years old. judaism is ancient. untold thousands of years. zionism is a recent operation and a singular tentacle of the long and manifold plan of humanity's ancient enemy - judaism. the jewish. the jew. this is what they cannot abide - to be called the jew. try searching 'jew' on google and see what i mean. the zionism name thing is all about wiggle room. any label other than jew gives the jew the wiggle room he needs to escape total accountability for his crimes against humanity. you see how it works. zionism, communism, feminism, neoconservatism... the list is long and never ending and hence, the attack continues.

    john friend. beware the WWW water cooler and the nicknames and fruitless banter to be found there. sure they're clever wordsmiths... but that's what they
    get paid for! hardee har har. he who controls the narrative - controls. don't lose your time getting swept up in their dazzling bullshit...



  7. Brian Morrison, you're the shit. Thanks for that man. Where the hell is Tehachapi? OK, just found it on the map. Thanks for stoppin' by man, I love Kaminski's work. He has some very interesting things to say, that's for sure. Cheers man!

  8. I want to put the comment I just left at nobody's here others to see. This may turn out to be a rather productive conversation.

    John Friend said...

    First off, please feel free to comment on my reply at my blog. If you don't want to, that's fine. If you do, I won't delete your comment. That is unless you start talking about my family and personal life, as others have tried to do. I encourage constructive criticism.

    You still didn't answer my question: what have I ever said that has been "hateful"?

    I'm going to put up a post in the near future (I'm busy as I'm sure you are) regarding my stance on the "no plane" issue, which is a complete misnomer to begin with. I hope you at least take a look. All I've ever said is that Boeing 757s/767s, which we're told hit the Pentagon, WTC 1 & 2, and crashed at Shanksville, were not involved on 9/11. At least, there is ZERO evidence for this claim. And if my past comments haven't been as clear as what I'm saying now, I apologize.

    I am not saying there were "no planes" on 9/11. I'm saying, specifically, that there is no evidence that any Boeing 757s/767s were involved anywhere on 9/11. I've repeatedly emphasized at kenny's and other places that I don't know what hit the WTC or anywhere on 9/11. Maybe it was a missile that hit the towers? Maybe a drone? Maybe a remote controlled airplane that Dov Zakheim's company made? I don't know.

    I'm also saying that there is pretty good evidence that many, if not all, of the videos in New York on 9/11 were faked, and that there is evidence that many of the victims, passengers, and hijackers were faked as well. 9/11 is a complete fraud, from start to finish, in every aspect you take a close look at.

    I think this is an important angle in figuring out the most monumental PSYOP/crime in human history, the crime that has ushered in the New World Order, or whatever you want to call it.


    Please listen to that. It's great, even if you don't like rap (which, generally speaking, I don't).

    I think it's an issue ("no planes") that should be rationally discussed and debated in the forums we're familiar with. Not many want to I've discovered. That's fine. But I'd like to. And I'm going to engage with those that have an open mind to this subject, and challenge those that rebut it. That's what you did nobody. And it was an extremely poor effort at that. I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just saying.

    continued below.......

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 4:22 PM

  9. John Friend said...

    I'm not sure if you're aware, but I do actually talk to a lot of people about 9/11, in my personal life, professional life (when I can, of course), and through the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth Group that we have here. And no, I don't bring up the planes. I keep it basic, extremely basic.

    nobody, the last adjective that describes me is incurious. I've always been skeptical about things, and when I figured out 9/11, I was fucking floored man. Well, I guess I haven't "figured it out" (no one has, which is why we should keep talking and learning about it), but I do know that it is a major lie that has completely destroyed any credibility the government that rules the land where I live has over me. It was the event in my lifetime that has completely shaped who I am as a person, and what I stand for in this short period of time I have here on this earth. At least for now. Who knows what these fucks have up their sleeve.

    Since I've been awake to 9/11 Truth (fall '09), I've learned a lot about the world, history and the global power structure. It's basically the exact opposite of what I had just learned in university (graduated Dec. '08). Fuck me, how much do I owe those assholes for teaching me a bunch of bullshit, when I could have learned the real truth on the internet long ago?

    When I decided to start blogging, I wanted to be open and honest. That and the fact that I have zero creative abilities led me to use my real name to start blogging, John Friend. I write comments on blogs that I think are interesting. I say exactly what is on my mind, and I am honest about what I say. I want the world to know where I stand on the most important issues facing humanity. Plus, I want those assholes in Langley and Tel Aviv who are reading this to know that there are still real patriots, real men, out there that aren't afraid to tell the psychopaths to FUCK OFF.

    Finally, I really do think you're a phenomenal writer man. Just reading the comments here and the few articles I have actually read on your blog clearly show you're extremely witty, humorous, and sharp. I'm just telling you how I see it. That must be a new concept for you here on the internet? Or in life generally? You think I would suck up to you, or Timster, or anyone, by offering fake compliments? Sorry dude, that's not my style. Everything I wrote I meant. And still do.

    Anyways, you can take or leave what I just said here. I hope you at least heard me out. Peace bro.

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 4:23 PM

  10. John Friend for Congress!


  11. Until the REAL perps behind 9/11 are arrested, made to talk using now lawful torture practices such 'enhanced interrogation,' and confess, all we have is our pet theories about what happened... and a bunch of circumstantial evidence, but I've see people stuck in jail for life, convicted with less circumstantial evidence.

    But I'm writing about that day, specifically, what 'Junior' was doing when his sleazy NeoCon and Zionist scumbag friends were pulling off that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB.

    He was first hidden at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, then shuttled to Omaha's Offut AFB, which is only about 10 miles from one of the pedophiles prime hunting areas, Boy's Town.

    Was GW being treated to his choice of boys on 9/11 to keep him out of the loop so he wouldn't do what he's done all his life, fuck things up?

  12. P.S. I applaud your ballsiness for using your real name.

    More people need to come out of the closet and start using their real names, so the PTB can see 'We the People' are on to their BS and are rising up to take back our nation, which has been hijacked by a gang of sadistic thugs; liar; mass murderers thieves and traitors.

    I realize some, perhaps a lot can not do that, since they fear retaliation at work or worry about the physical threats posed to them and or their family.

    But those that can, must and do it soon.

  13. Hey Greg, thanks for the feedback, it's always very much appreciated.

    You're exactly right- until we arrest these assholes that we know were involved, we won't know exactly how 9/11 was done. As you know, I am interested in exploring all areas of 9/11, even the more 'controversial' ones like "no Boeing 757s/767s", fake victims, mini-nucs and DEW. I don't know why this type of talk is so controversial, or worse, "disinfo", as many are quick to describe it. I have an open mind about almost all subjects, especially 9/11. I think others should, too.

    9/11 happened when I was a frosh in high school. I was at football practice when GW's Air Force One plane was leaving Omaha after his stop at Offut Air Force Base, and it flew right over us! I have a feeling that some of the people involved with Warren Buffet's fundraiser that day were involved in 9/11, too. Just a hunch. I think they had GW debriefed at Offut or something, to make sure that assclown wouldn't go running his mouth and say something stupid, as he has been known to do.

    I applaud you for using your real name, too. I agree with you- I think people should use their real name, too, or at least have a screen name.

  14. love the site and your writing but some of your links are to some of the most obvious disinfo places.

    keep up the good work.

  15. I have finally had time to come over from the link Nobody provided, to come and explore your blog. Intriguing.

    I'll echo the last poster's sentiments: that you link to a few disinfo people IMHO. Certainly nothing to condemn you for, as everyone has diferent opinions, and especially upbringings and environments which make us see more clearly this or that. And none of us, including yours truly, is right all the time, sad to say, lol. Nobody is not disinfo, I will definitely attest to that though.

    Disagree about the "real people on the net" number. IMHO, it's actually much bigger than most people think, but the powers that be want us to feel alone, defenceless, powerless . . . so it is easier to spread that message of a dozen poor strangers spread acros the globe fighting millions.

    It is not that at all, far from it.

    And you have shown - if John Friend is your real name, and that whole thing is not bullshit - that there are brave people too. Very brave.

    The line the other poster here said about having something to lose - as if you didn't - was not calling it as it is. We ALL have something to lose, even if you are a loner, single man whose parents are deceased . . . we all have something to lose. And it is indeed brave and commendable to speak real truth, starting with your name.

    I'll read more now, cheers.

  16. Hey John Friend,...Which sites are these jokers saying are disinfo? Also, is it merely their OPINION or do they have some evidentiary material they can supplicate to PROVE their statements?

    Just askin'

    cheers buddy...


  17. Hey slozo, thanks for the insightful comment. A few points:

    1. I've had a few people tell me that they like the blog but I do link to disinfo websites. Thus far, Veterans Today and What Really Happened.com have been the only ones anyone has ever considered "disinfo", which I completely disagree with, and will explain why at length if that's your opinion as well. Which sites do you think are disinfo?

    2. I certainly do not think nobody is disinfo. I think he's great actually. He's got me all backwards, but I think he basically fessed up to that one in his last comment on that article. Maybe I just came off wrong, and I do suppose my question about the "Paul is Dead" controversy was a bit corny. But he really took me the wrong way. Oh well, it happens.

    3. I think many more people are awake now than ever before. Especially on the internet.

    4. Yup, John Friend is my real name.


  18. Hey veritas! Thanks for askin', I've been askin' since day 1!

    Most say VT and What Really Happened are disinfo. Gordon Duff has been writing some real shit lately, and his entire stance on Libya is completely foolish. But they're putting out lots of other good work.

    I strongly believe that everyone, literally, should be speaking their mind on these subjects, and we'll just let the true free market of ideas (the internet!) take over from there and see who wins out!

    Cheers veritas! Thanks for stopping by!


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